Beauty Expert’s 9-Step Morning Skincare Routine In Real Time

Beauty Expert’s 9-Step Morning Skincare Routine In Real Time

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  1. By the time you finish your morning skin care routine. You’ll be late at work 😂

    You need to wake up at 4am to do this

  2. I’m sorry but she cleansed her face for like less than one second. She barely got the cleanser on her face before washing it off. That does absolutely nothing! And what foam??? She said the cleanser foams, where?! Lmfao…

  3. The entire routine is just way too expensive, unnecessary, time taking, many products being lathered one after another and highly unrealistic. Does she get all products for free or did she actually invest around $1000 alone for her morning skincare routine. I absolutely love skin care routines and videos but this was plain boring and not informative.

  4. Thank You for sharing your routine and products. Although I can not afford $899 worth of products (I did the math) , I will definitely use this as a guide to finding less expensive alternatives with similar results 🙂

  5. But the amount of sunscreen she applied???? That was not even close to the 1/2 tsp recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology and so many others…of course there's no white cast if you're barely using any!!! dermatologists also say a lot of skin cancer occurs on ears, eyelids, and lips so they should never be neglected!!!

  6. First of all, totally unrealistic in the products she used and the whole vid, second of all, when she was washing her face she only rubbed her cheeks and forehead and no other places

  7. So much negativity… Yes, most of us can’t afford these exact products but take some of the routine tips/ steps on board and find products in the range you are comfortable with. The woman is 44 and looks as if she is in her late 20s.
    Besides what did you expect? The editor of Allure to use cosmetics worth a “tenner”…?

  8. Sorry I’m too much of a peasant for your skin care products 🙄 I feel like I’m treating myself with a $3 freeman face mask

  9. Sure she using all the free products that she gets. All these boogie stuff are so unnecessary. Don't take advises by these wannabe or illustrates on skin & it's makeup. Follow dermatologist. You can follow Dr Dray. Free , genuine, authentic, sponsor free advice.

  10. Whoever thought that putting that many layers of product is good for your skin is dumb. Its not. You dont need that many products. Your skin is designed to take care of itself with tiny maintenance. A gentle cleaser, a moisturizer, and an spf. Is all you need on a daily basis. If your skin has an issue that can be helped with a serum use one once a day particularly at night. And exfoliate once a week. Baking soda is really good. And a face mask every other week if your feeling fancy.

  11. LOVE the peach and lilly glass serum I got it on sale from ulta but i will continue buying it for sure! I've recently discovered soko glam and I cant wait to start using a few products from there I am getting the Benton snail bee and cosrx vitamin c! I love skincare.

  12. My cleanser two types depending what I like that day for $14, toner $2, serum $13, moisturizer $2, and SPF $11 that cost me all $42 for morning routine. Well she mentioned Luxurious so hers are really expensive. That rich crazy asian right there! DAME.

  13. Why do they always show ugly Asians. We are beautiful!!! She’s not. Not sorry I said this. I can’t even relate to her. 😬

  14. This Dr Barbara Sturm must be making a killing!!!! Every celebrity uses her products! Lip balm for $55???? How? No man

  15. The title is her routine, not suggestions, so it’s fine if she uses luxurious products. She’s editor of allure so she can afford it. Stop criticizing her.

  16. My skincare routine consists on oil cleanser (i made it all by myself and it is GREAT), acne cleanser, toner and acid (by night) and in the morning I only cleanse my acne cleanser, hydrate and apply sunscreen.
    This works really well on my skin (acid prescribed by my dermatologist) and my acne problem is almost solved

  17. I know this comment is gonna get lost but I have ماشاءاللہ better skin then her and all I do i wash it twice( day and night) for 1 minute. At night I apply Aleo vera gel and the magic trick Is

    I perform wudu 5 times a day. So Yeh… Stick with this

  18. Pretty sure wrinkles on neck isn't due to looking down on phones…. I've had this since a young age even without a phone. I guess it was my homework.

  19. Nobody said you have to go out and buy these products. All these videos are show and tell. She’s 44 she can spend her money however she likes. Y’all stick to cvs, nobody is forcing you to shop at Neiman Marcus.

  20. She’s the editor of Allure; skincare is her passion so it makes sense that she would want to spend a lot of money on it and have the means to do so. Stop hating jeez

  21. This video came as a recommendation on my YT chanel. I did watched and the products you use are interesting for me. Would it be possible to list the products where they can be found? Can they be found in a specific store or you order online at a specific webiste?

  22. If you cant afford the products, find cheaper alternatives with the same ingredients she mentions. She did not say yall must go get same products 🤦🏽‍♀️

  23. Don't use niacinamide and vitamin c together!!! They cancel each other out and you are sending so much money to rub nothing on your face!

  24. I hate when ppl in these tutorials don’t wash their face properly. Also who would use a new, unwashed towel on clean skin? 😫😫

  25. I use the Wander Beauty eye masks on the weekend, too!

    I'm pretty broke, but it comes with 6 sets of masks, so they'll last for about a month and a half. It's $25 (but you can get it down to $20 with a coupon) so it works out to about $3-4 per set of masks.

  26. I cringed a bit when she was rinsing her face in a bowl! putting that diluted cleanser and crap the came off of her face back on

  27. Great video! Gives enough info to keep things interesting but not too much to make it drag on. The way it's filmed also makes it calming. Oh and her skin looks fantastic.

  28. Sometimes I wonder if a lot of people who say they have dry skin are just stripping their skin and they’re actually normal or oily naturally

  29. thats a lot of serums, but you spend you're money on what you're passionate about. if you've got it like that by all means go crazy, I hope i get to that level with my skincare.

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