Best and Most Disappointing Makeup Products of 2016 | JkissaMakeup|

Best and Most Disappointing Makeup Products of 2016 | JkissaMakeup|

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel! If this is your first time to my channel, hello my name is JKissa and I love Brooklyn 99 it is such a good TV show Rosa is my personal favorite character Today, I’m gonna be talking about my 2016 favorites and my most disappointing products Yeah, oh by the way, happy 2017, I can’t believe it’s the new year already I’m so excited to be back home. I have been in London and I am still completely jet lagged I’m so tired Anyways, hopefully I can compose myself to do this video so I have a bunch of stuff to kinda talk about and show you These aren’t all of my favorites of 2016, I just kinda picked out the ones that really stood out in my mind and also the disappointing products if you love these products, that’s awesome but personally for me, they did not work So please don’t take offense if I hate them and you absolutely swear by them because I know a lot of people do swear by the products that I just wasn’t a fan of Before we get started in the video, pause the video comment what you think my favorite products are gonna be and then let’s play a little game and see who can guess the most and I think that’ll be really fun I’m really interested in seeing how many you guys can get right Yeah so, let’s get started So we’re just gonna get something out of the way that I feel has been in EVERYONE’S 2016 favorites and it is the Tarte Shape Tape concealer I am in the shade Light This is WELL worth the hype I feel like everyone talks about it, and it is well worth the freaking hype. When I traveled, I forgot this, I couldn’t find it when I was packing, and I was so sad and the first thing I did when I came home was I like scoured through everything to find this again It’s really gorgeous I’ve been super tired recently so this kind of covers up the darkness under my eyes and it’s really nice You can blend it out really nicely and it doesn’t take a lot at all The tiniest bit goes the longest way So if you have been feeling like this has been hyped about but you haven’t picked it up, definitely go grab it. it is so good, it’ll change your life, it’s just the perfect concealer Up next, this eyeshadow primer has taken over my life This is the Urban Decay Enigma Primer Potion I feel like this is a different formula or something’s different. The color is beautiful I had looked for a dupe for MAC Painterly Paint Pot when I went cruelty free and this was the closest thing I could find You cannot buy it in stores. I’ve been scouring like Ulta and Sephora But I actually just repurchased this on the Urban Decay website I have to get a backup, because this is by baby and I can’t go without it I’ve been using this all year long and I’m sure you guys probably guessed this because it’s no dang surprise that this is in with my yearly favorites This was in somewhat of a recent discovery that I feel like no one really talks about I am always on the hunt for cool toned brow products because my brows they can pull orange, they’ve played me in the past and they’ve gone so orange or red and so I’m always on the for the coolest toned brow products and I found this Tarte Amazonian Clay Volumizing Brow Powder in the shade Grey And this has been my go-to. They also have a brow gel that I really like in the shade Grey too It is so lovely to find a grey brow powder (bleh) couldn’t get that out So I’ve been using this and I’ve gone through quite a bit there’s a little bit of a dent, but there’s a lot of product in here and I was shocked And I do feel like it does volumize it a little bit, you know? I feel like the powder does work really nicely And it pairs really nicely over brow pencils as well I feel like all of you are gonna guess this one. There’s no surprise here This is the Pixi Glow Mist by Petra I love this. It’s not hyped about enough, you guys, and I don’t understand why It has argon oil in it, which is really moisturizing I love to use this. If you’ve ever used Fix+ and you adore Fix+, I would really recommend checking this out And it is available at Target so that’s awesome At first I didn’t like this because I just sprayed it on before I did my setting sprays, kind of soak up the excess powder And I was like you know what, I used to use Fix+ as my first step in my skincare routine and then I would do it after the powders And then once I applied that technique to the Pixi Glow Mist, it turned into the greatest thing ever I j-, I lost count of how many bottles I’ve been through this year It is so good. And it’s also great if you like to foil your eyeshadows which just means dampening the brush. It is great for that as well This is an all around just beautiful product that I feel like everyone needs in their lives Again, this is another product I feel like is in everyone’s favorites for the year This is the Anastasia Moonchild Glow Kit I have been wearing duochrome highlighters forever it seems, oh my gosh and finally Anastas-, well finally duochome highlighters are cool now, so that’s really awesome I’ve used every shade in here. Pink Heart is definitely my favorite and to be honest, I was a little bit scared of Star, which is the silver color right here Once I applied it, it was so beautiful. It looks silver but it comes off as the most beautiful kind of just stunning white shade. I don’t know how, I don’t know why it looks so different in the pan but it looks beautiful, especially for the nose if you are into nose highlighting it is such a great color There are so many shades in here, I could go on Pink Heart though. Pink Heart’s everything But yeah, so I pretty much have used, I have used all of these once And I take this traveling with me wherever I go Up next is the Kat Von D Metal Matte palette I’ve heard people say that they don’t like this and I don’t understand why This is such a sick palette, oh my god It has the perfect, you can do a neutral look, you can do more of a vampy look I created two tutorials with this palette because I adored it so much and that’s saying a lot because normally eyeshadow palettes just get one kind of go since I’m always having new eyeshadows to play with and new stuff like that, I’m such a makeup connoisseur that really, palettes tend to only get one chance because there is so much stuff that I have to try out and play with So yeah, so the fact that I made TWO tutorials dedicated to this palette really says a lot I mean, I love all the foiled shades too. There, there’s just nothing wrong about this palette to me These gorgeous, you have a matte white, you’ve got some transition shades, you have a black you have your more cool toned shades if you’re more of a cool toned gal and then you’ve got the maroons, purples… it’s just everything and the golds are really pretty. I could go on and on about this guy. It is so good and I, and it’s limited edition which breaks my heart, so if you can still get it, definitely try to hop on this guy because it’s so awesome With that being said, I’m moving on to another eyeshadow palette All of these are eyeshadow palettes, my bad This is the Sugarpill Pro palette. It looks like this they finally came out with it a few years ago. They had it only available to trade shows and the packaging was a LOT different and they still have that old school one kicking around somewhere But this is the brand new one, and you can customize all the shades so you can pick what of their pressed eyeshadows you like If you haven’t tried Sugarpill, they’re really awesome A lot of the shades are vegan and they are cruelty free as well Good in my book They are the best bright eyeshadows I’ve ever tried. The red is beautiful I find that red, matte red eyeshadows are really hard and sometimes they don’t work out but Sugarpill has definitely, definitely worked some magic to get that red to be as beautiful as it is Tako, this white shade, is the most beautiful matte inner corner highlight if you’re pale like me They’re just all so gorgeous and you can really create a variety of looks I love this Sugarpill palette If you want me to do like three looks, one palette, I did one with the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics But if you want me to do one with the Sugarpill Pro Palette, let me know down below and I would love to create that for you just because I think all of these shadows are so awesome But I feel like some people kind of get scared by the price, but the pan size is gigantic So definitely, definitely let me know if you wanna see that down below Up next we have the Jeffree Star Costmetics Ice Cold highlighter. It’s what I have on my cheeks today I normally judge products and if they are my favorites by if I’m willing to travel with them and wherever I have traveled this year, Ice Cold has gone with me. The pan size is gigantic, it is huge, oh my gosh And I’ve done pretty, you know I’ve kind, I’ve kinda put a little dent in it if I will say so myself It is so metallic, so high shine, it’s so gorgeous. I just, I can’t say enough about this and how much I adore it Sorry, I know a lot of these products are eyeshadow palettes. I just adore eyeshadow The next one is the NYX Ultimate Brights palette If you are looking for bright eyeshadows on a budget, this is a great palette I was really skeptical when I saw this in Ulta because I’ve seen other drugstore brands try to do bright eyeshadows and it just hasn’t worked out. They haven’t been pigmented, the color payoff is utterly horrible But, the NYX Ultimate Brights is SO gorgeous. There are a few shades here that have some shimmer in it but you definitely could buff those into the crease. This is such a gorgeous palette That, that little mac and cheese shade really has my heart right there They have some oranges and some pinks and I think it’s definitely great So pretty, and the fact that it is affordable makes it even better So Melt Cosmetics really stepped up their game this year and came out with a bunch of eyeshadows And I depotted all mine’s, so please ignore that they are not in their right little stack. I depotted them; it was such a hassle to depot them. We busted out a drill and everything. Oh my gosh. Anyways, I digress. One of my favorite eyeshadow stacks from Melt this year has definitely been the rust stack.


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  4. thank you for being honest, it means everything to me. you all need to go watch I'm just here for the tea new video. y'all are being LIED to about affiliate links I'm seriously disgusted how many are lying and using review style and not disclosing it. jkissa and Kathleen lights seem to be some if the few that aren't lying to us. this video was so eye opening but so disappointing at the same time. sorry to put this in your comment section but as subs I feel we should all know about this, I can't thank u enough for caring about us and having integrity

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