Best and Worst Drugstore Foundations | Roxette Arisa Drugstore Series

Best and Worst Drugstore Foundations | Roxette Arisa Drugstore Series

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hi guys today I’m SuperDuper excited because I’ve been wanting to do this city forever best and worst drugstore foundations I have a lot to talk about because I you guys know this I love trying new foundations so I’m always you know over at Target over at CVS trying to look at new foundations at the drugstore and I feel like I’ve really narrowed it down and found the best foundations that I’ve ever tried at the drugstore but also some really bad ones unfortunately but I thought I would just tell you guys I’ve really been wanting to do this video for a long time so I’m super excited and let’s just go ahead and get started I don’t know what I should start off with this or worse that’s worse that’s worth I’m super excited as you can tell very hyper today which I don’t know why because I haven’t even had that much sugar so I’m gonna start off with this guy be it Maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation this foundation if you watch my videos you probably already know because I’ve talked about it a million on one times I always revise but it is the best foundation I’ve ever used from the drugstore but also like in content in contending in contingents in running for all-time favorite foundation I just love the coverage I think it’s very buildable it blends out easily it has a beautiful color match for me I wear the shade 230 natural buff this is my tan shade and then when I’m at my fairest and I’ll usually use 228 so that’s kind of like my shade range if you’re a similar shade to me if you have a similar skin tone and that’s probably going to be a good match for you but I really like the actual match to my skin I feel like it matches me really well and looks very natural it has like almost on all of the undertone which you really don’t find very often at the drugstore so I really appreciate that and it has the most amazing staying power I don’t know what they put in it it’s like iron or concrete or something because it will literally stay on my face all day all night I can wake up the next morning which I do way too often but I can literally wake up the next morning and it will still be on like pretty good pretty darn good so yeah I love this foundation so much as you can tell also I want to mention it doesn’t have flash back and the thing about this foundation I know it’s called the matte and poreless and they do have like a dewy skin one this is one that I always reach for and the one find works best for me I have oily skin by the way but I don’t find that this is like super matte you know I mean it does definitely smooth over my skin I will say that but I don’t think that it’s like dry and like has that tendency to tendency to get cakey like a lot of matte foundation so I think they did such a good job creating this foundation and that is why I love it by number one 1.1 hundo peas um yeah I love it so we’re off to a bang right now I think I’ll just go ahead and continue on with drugstore saves or like the best of the drugstore foundation so the next one is L’Oreal True Match Lumi now this foundation is if again if you watched my videos a lot you’ll know that I do like a luminous finish which is why are like a lot of people are surprised that I love this foundation so much but really I don’t feel like this is like dry or cakey or anything like that I feel like it is amazing but I’m sorry back to this guy this is what I will reach for if I am going for a very glowy very luminous finish because it is exactly what it says it does have that very healthy luminous glow to it it doesn’t make me look greasy at all which is very important especially because I do have oily skin and especially down the t-zone and I find that this doesn’t you know doesn’t do that for me it doesn’t make me look sweaty or anything like that it really does just give you like almost like a lit from within kind of looks cool it’s lit no it really does have a very you know flawless glowing finish I will say that this foundation has a bit more coverage than this one this one is a little bit more sheer but if you have dry skin this is going to be your best friend I can tell you that right now because it really does just like glide on it stays on really nicely it doesn’t patch off anywhere it doesn’t get cakey anywhere it has that beautiful glowy finish and this one does have sunscreen it has SPF 20 so it is pretty good for the summer time although I do find that this one does get a little bit flash back II just because it does have that sunscreen I don’t think this one has sunscreen in it which I mean is good for me because I wear this every single in my life so and I wear I wear sunscreen underneath my foundations anyways but if you’re the type of person that likes to have a sunscreen inside of a foundation and you like a glowy finish and this will definitely be your guy and overall I just think it has good coverage I feel like I already said that but I’m getting excited y’all last foundation really going back and forth with my matte and glowy matte and glowy natural finish radiant finish what do I want I don’t know it changes up for me every single day to be honest but this foundation I have to talk about this is the L’Oreal infallible Pro matte now they do have like a couple other types of foundations from the infallible line now but this is by far my favorite and the one that I reach for the most so this one obviously has a matte finish this one is definitely true this one is definitely much more mattes than the Maybelline fit me in my opinion so if you want to go from like glowy to Matt this is like DM this is the kind of like you know do you know what I’m trying to say this is the order glowy natural matte so this one it says that it has a demi matte finish I think it has a very matte finish when I wear it at least and the thing that I love about this guy is actually the power of it as well the staying power should say because this one on it it says that it’s going to stay on 24 hours I actually do believe that I’ve never really tried it with this foundation I don’t think but I do think that it really does stay on a long time and this one it does have I would say it has full coverage in my opinion and it is very lightweight on the skin so it doesn’t feel like it’s very matte and dry and cakey and like a lot of matte foundations tend to get so if you’re looking for a matte foundation by far this is one hundo the one that I would recommend to you from the drugstore and another thing that I like to do with this because it does have the best staying power I like to actually kind of like mix this with another foundation so a lot of times I’ll mix these two guys or sometimes I’ll even mix this with like a higher-end foundation like Giorgio Armani luminous silk and I just creates such a beautiful little foundation cocktail for me because it then has the state power it has the mattifying effect it has that lightweight finish but I’m still getting like a healthy luminous glow from the other foundation so that is my top three best foundations from the dresser now I do have to talk about a couple that done dimma dirty okay so the first foundation that I find just like really really really really didn’t work for me and I hate to say this because like I honestly do love this brand but this foundation was it’s like a no-go for me so this is the NYX HD studio photogenic foundation now this foundation I don’t know if they even have it anymore because they’ve come out with foundations since I’ve tried this one that are a lot better so they have definitely improved you know what they’ve been doing with their foundations but this one for sure was not good for me so the thing that I really didn’t like about it oh my god I haven’t even been swatching these but I don’t know two foundations require swatches I’m not sure but all starts watching from here on out so this one is the thing that I didn’t like about it is that when I blend it out first of all it has like a creamy consistency but it does feel safe for some reason for me at least and I don’t know why that was but when I blended it out it oxidized on me really badly so you can see it actually does like match my skin tone pretty well here but as soon as I had it on for a bit it just got OH so not the right shade for me and then it started to get really streaky like after the fact like I had already blended in I had already set it with powder and it started to get streaky on me so I’m not really sure why that happened I was pretty excited about this foundation to be honest back when I first tried it so I tried this a couple times just because maybe I thought it was like user error but really like genuinely every single time I tried it it just like didn’t work out for me and I don’t know I mean have you guys tried this one I really do love NYX so it’s hard for me to say that I hate a product from them but you know full transparency this one didn’t work out for me but I’d be interested to know if if it did work out for you guys or you know what your thoughts are if you’ve tried it and that was like the biggest problem that I had was that it really did have like that streakiness and the oxidation so I don’t know I’m sorry next I love I still love a lot of the NYX products I’ve tried this is another brand I just I you guys know me um if you watch my videos like I actually don’t do like the negatives that much because I don’t like today you know I don’t like to put that much negative content out there but sometimes it has to be said and obviously these are only my opinions like if something that I say doesn’t work for me works for you then like power to you you know like you’re doing something right and just for some reason it didn’t work out for me but this foundation again it’s just like it really really really did not work out for me and again another drugstore brand that I really love and I love how affordable this particular brand is so this is elf else oil free SPF sunscreen 15 that’s not the name of the foundation for sure but I don’t actually know what the name of this foundation is because on the back it just says oil-free SPF 15 sunscreen but I believe it’s just their foundation I don’t know we’ll go with that and so who let me gather my sauce this one what I didn’t like was first of all the covers which is very personal I like full coverage that’s just my preference so because this one had you know a light to medium coverage right away I knew that it like wasn’t really something that I would be wearing on an everyday basis if you do like lighter covers then you might like this but even further than that I felt well you know I picked up the wrong shade that’s totally my fault but I really yeah I done goofed on that one but when I was using this one I felt that as I was blending it out and I was trying to build up the coverage because it was so light that’s when it started to get almost like patchy as I was blending you know what I mean so like I would be blending it out and you can see almost like when I’m doing on my hand here it’s like you’re not seeing the coverage but then once I started layering it and layering it and layering it it just got worse and worse and worse it was almost like the product was sticking to it salt and not to my skin and not really like laying flat if that makes sense other than that like this one I did wear for that day that I tried it on and I did take some photos like in flash photography I really didn’t find that it had like horrible flash back even though it does have SPF 15 so my main problem with this guy was the texture I guess when I was blending it in because it was not buildable and because it wasn’t full covers to begin with I had you know trouble wearing it myself but again these are all like just my personal opinions and you know if I say something that I didn’t like that doesn’t mean that it’s the worst thing in the world obviously not that just means that you know like I don’t see myself wearing it and I’m just putting that out there putting out my you know my honest feedback on these products so I never want you guys to think that like you know I’m just you know I don’t know being super negative or anything like that because that’s not really who I am you guys I just noticed that my liar was messed up this whole time I’m so sad right now oh that’s life my friends sometimes a whiner you test up and you have to do what you got to do you know what I mean but that is actually it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed and I hope you guys are looking forward to the little drugstore series that I’m going to be doing on my channel definitely let me know down below if you love any of these foundations if you hit any of these foundations if um you know if you have other foundations that you think are the best or the worst alternatively and comment down below because you know let’s get this conversation rollin let’s spread the word about our favorite and least favorite drugstore foundations so yeah that’s gonna be it from me remember you orbital inside out I will list the foundation down below if you want to check them out online I mean I feel like it’s almost easier just like go to your you know local drugstores that at that point but I will list like the names and everything so you guys know and yeah let me know what do you want to see next for our little drugstore series here on my channel don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you


  1. Yes I love her. Before I even started watching her I used Maybelline fit me matte +poreless I still wear n I was so happy to know someone as beautiful as her has the same opinion.

  2. Must be nice for the maybelline matte and poreless foundation to last on you ! It never lasts on me and that's what I hate ! Throughout the day it'll wear off , even with primer ! It's seriously not one of my favs .

  3. First video I've watched from you and i subscribed right after the video finished, love how honest and lovely you are! 😍❀️

  4. I hated the elf foundation because when I would have it on for at least 5 mins it would start rubbing off and get on my hands and clothes 😭

  5. You were deliberating if to start with the best or the worst. How about next time you alternate: one good, one bad, one good, one bad etc.

  6. i love the Revlon 24hr color stay foundation!! it's really great, i've been using it for a couple months. i prefer it more than the Fit me foundation. You should definitely give it a try and let us know!

  7. I don't understand that whenever a foundation oxide everyone tells that the foundation is bad, but no that's not true oxidation happens because our body reaction changes that's y it happens…

  8. The Maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation is the worst foundation I've ever used. It oxidizes like crazy and looks really cakey. It turns orange after a few minutes and you need a lot of product to get decent coverage

  9. What foundation are you wearing in this video? I'm always curious what products you use when talking about other products. Love your videos nice to hear from someone who also has oily skin! πŸ™‚

  10. Ahaha I watched your videos thinking we had similar skin tones and it turns out we have the same foundation match πŸ˜‚

  11. Hi. I wanted to say that a few of the names of products you said so fast I had to rewind a few times. Other than that you are lovely and I thank you!

  12. 1.L'oreal True Match
    2. L'oreal Infallible
    these two are the best for me, I have an oily skin and Agree completely with everything you said. I have to try the Maybelline Fit Me though, I've heard a lot about it..and I can't wait to try it

  13. Can u do a best drugstore baking powders? Please reply suggestions for drugstore baking powder ppl!πŸ’—πŸ’—

  14. this is really helpful cuz im planning to buy a new foundation and now im gonna go for maybeline fit me cuz the fit me concealer is also really good if your going on a natural look

  15. for primer, I would test out the e.l.f ones that come in the clear bottles. They have so many shades that you can choose from depending on if you have redness, dryness, ect

  16. The fit me foundation is actual crap, it doesn't stay on my face all day I'll be lucky if it's still on my face after an hour of wearing it, I will say It does stay matte-ish but it's really drying on my forehead and makes my skin look so textured, I do not like this foundation.

  17. When she said the 'L'OrΓ©al lumi' foundation will be your "bestfriend" if you have dry skin, I disagree. When I wear this over the parts of my face where it's more dry, it leaves horrible dry patches after like 2 minutes of wearing it.

  18. I love the maybelline foundation but it irritates my skin if I wear it too much ☹️ cause of how strong the smell is but my foundation looks amazing when I wear it 🀘🏼

  19. I have a question for everyone here, i have that maybelline poreless whatever foundation, but the other kind of tube and it's the worst thing I've ever tried while so many rave about it. Has anyone experienced the same thing?

  20. both the fit me and infallible are horrible for me πŸ™ they separate and look very cakey and i have combo skin. they made my skin look horrible

  21. I use the fit me foundation and I LOVE IT!!! I played a 80 minute soccer game in the rain while sweating and it was still looking great after.( I wore it for school and couldn’t take it off before my game.) By the way I just stumbled on your videos and I already love you.

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  23. Why does it say in the captions that it’s not a sponsored video but under the video there’s a β€œsponsored” ad ?

  24. i love the matte & poreless !! you actually got me hooked on that one so now I'm def going to try the other 2 β™‘β™‘ you're so sweet & your never one to put hate out there , i love how real you are β™‘ its what makes me always come back to your channel !!!

  25. I could not wear maybelliene fit me because it oxidizes and I'm already at the lightest color option so it makes my face so much tanner then my body πŸ™

  26. Oh my Love 😍
    I am hitting this video just to know what Rox think about my daily go to fondation
    Glad we’re in the same boat 🚣 πŸ’•

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  29. Being overly apologetic took away from the video for me. You're giving your opinion… you shouldn't have to apologize for it. Lol especially THAT much.

  30. What foundation would anyone recommend because I have the lumi foundation and it doesn’t stay on very good with my type of skin my skin is also kind of oily

  31. I love the loreal lumi and my neutrogena healthy skin. I jus wished they dried down so i dont have to set with powder because the powder makes me look dry..any suggestions on a setting powder?

  32. I’ve been wearing orange and splotchy foundation for a YEAR. After watching this I bought the fit me foundation and I feel and look so much better. I had to come back to this video to thank you!

  33. I love lumi even though I’m quite oily but I don’t understand what is wrong but maybelline fit me looks cakey on me even only 1 layer and I found my skin looks almost flat and too powdery after apply.

  34. Okay yaas preach about elf I love most of elf’s things like mostly their primer and highlighter but the foundation just gets clearer and clearer as I layer it. I hate it sm

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