Best Beauty Products of 2019 | Makeup, Hair, Skincare

Best Beauty Products of 2019 | Makeup, Hair, Skincare

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hey everyone this is Sara from the style
blog I’m back again and today I want to do a video of my top ten beauty product
favorites at the moment so I have like 4 makeup beauty products three hair
products and then three body products these are the products that I use over
and over again most of them every single day and I recommend them to everyone I
know because they’re my favorites so let’s just get started my first beauty
product favorite is the benefit they’re real mascara I get this in black this
for me creates the most volume and length through my lashes of any mascara
I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried like so many mascaras because I’m obsessed with
having long lashes without false lashes or extensions so if you can see it
creates awesome length and volume and it doesn’t make them super thick and clumpy
I bought this probably I don’t know 10-15 times in a row because I love it so so
so much so I highly recommend this mascara if you want super long
voluminous lashes okay my second beauty product makeup favorite is this makeup
sponge it’s a certain version from Amazon I’ll be sure to link it below because
these are my favorite and they’re really inexpensive they’re so soft and they
blend really really well they hold just the perfect amount of water I’ve tried
some that just are like a brick they just hold on so much water you can’t get
it out and some of them don’t hold enough water and they’re super dry some
are really too soft and some are too firm for me this is the perfect one so
these come in a pack of five and all different colors and I think they’re
less than ten bucks for five of them they last for a long time you can wash
them as well I just used this for my makeup this morning as why there’s some
makeup on these are awesome and I can’t say enough good things about them next
up I have a drugstore concealer that is awesome
this one’s by Maybelline it’s called the instant age rewind eraser dark circles
I’m always looking for products to get rid of these dark circles I always have
underneath my eyes and this does it oh my gosh it’s amazing I have this in
shade light and it provides so much coverage I love it I use it every single
day next up I have this tinted moisturizer I got this about a month ago
from colourpop it’s really inexpensive and honestly I’ve never tried a tinted
moisturizer that I love and this one I do love it provides not just sheer
coverage but you can sort of build it up to a medium coverage which I like I like
to just throw this on if I have to run out the house and I don’t have time to
get all the way ready it’ll give me a little bit of coverage especially in the
winter my skin is a little bit drier so this provides a little bit of moisture
during the day which I really enjoy I got this in shade fair 4N there’s
lots of different shades and I’ll show you here provides pretty decent coverage
for a tinted moisturizer which I really like and it comes in lots of shades so
you can match your skin and I just have really been loving this a lot ok next up
I have a really fun product these are the best hair ties I have ever tried in
my entire life I’ve used nothing but these hair ties for the past I don’t
know a year or two they’re amazing they’re super thick because I have thick hair
I think they would work super well on thin hair as well they don’t pull or
anything they come in a pack of eight for like ten bucks and they last forever
they don’t stretch out and they hold your hair super super well they come in
really fun colors you can get black or you can get like a pack of I think this
was like a festival party pack and they have a couple colors that match my hair
really well they have dark colors that will match your hair these keep my hair up
super well during like high impact workouts running all day long they will
keep your hair where you want it you notice how they’re pretty thick they
don’t pull they don’t snag they don’t break my hair these are the bomb I love
them my second favorite hair product is this
living proof perfect hair day dry shampoo this is my favorite dry shampoo
I’ve ever used ever I have it in my hair right now can you tell that I haven’t
washed my hair in a whole week it’s Saturday and I washed my hair last
Saturday and the only thing that is holding this together and I don’t look
like a greaseball is because of this dry shampoo seriously it’s the only thing
I’ve used my hair all week it’s awesome so with this dry shampoo it’s just a
little bit different than other dry shampoos so you’re gonna shake it up
really well like you would any dry shampoo then you’re gonna take some & spray it from a little ways away oh it smells really good too and then
you’re gonna wait I think it says 30 seconds yeah you wait 30 seconds
and then you shake it out so it has time to absorb the oil
whereas I know other dry shampoos you just kind of rub it in your hair this
says it absorbs the oil and then you shake it out of your hair so the oils
gone so we’re waiting here alright so now I’m just gonna sort of shake the
product out and it gives me really awesome volume and my hair looks like I
just washed it it’s awesome so I definitely keep repurchasing this over
and over again because it makes my hair last all week long with only having to
wash it once especially in the winter when the air is dry I know that sounds
crazy and it sounds like my hair super gross but really it isn’t I get way more
compliments on my hair toward the end of the week than I do when my hair is
freshly washed so alright my third beauty product favorite for hair is this
Kenra Platinum blow dry spray it’s a thermal protectant and like a leave-in
conditioner for your hair so I spray this on my hair after I wash it when
it’s still wet probably from here down focusing on the ends and then I blow-dry
so this leaves my hair super silky soft and it prevents breakage and split ends
I really hardly ever have any breakage or split ends and I have this product
probably to partially thank at least and then it leaves my hair smelling
awesome don’t you guys love a product that just smells so good
I know I do. Also this keeps the frizz away and it helps my hair stay super smooth
and silky I really like it okay here’s my first favorite body product that I
really really I don’t want to say couldn’t live without but I wouldn’t
want to live without it is this St. Tropez bronzing mousse this isn’t just
their regular it’s a self tan express so this one’s kind of special in that if
you put it on if you leave it on for one hour you get light tan two hours you get
a medium tan and then three hours you get a dark tan I always leave it on for
three hours because I’m really pasty and I like to look tan but I don’t want
to go to a tanning bed so this I usually put it on like three hours before I’m
gonna go to sleep at night just as I’m like watching TV cleaning the house
catching up on some work stuff and it sets in and then I shower before I go to
bed and honestly it doesn’t stain anything after I shower and it doesn’t
make anything smell like my sheets or my clothes or anything after I shower and
then it doesn’t ever stain my clothes I’m wearing with it or anything like
that I personally just don’t like to sleep in self-tanner because I don’t
like when my sheets smell gross I don’t know if anyone else feels like that so
this is good that it works for three hours before you go to bed or even one
or two for the light or medium tan and then you just wash it off and you go to
sleep and you don’t you aren’t sticky and you don’t feel gross I am a big fan
of this because it gives me really good color in only one application
I don’t like applying self-tanner over and over and over again to see any sort
of tan so this I keep buying over and over again too I apply it with a mitt
you can also apply it with a brush I want to do a video about how I apply my
self tanner so be on the lookout for that one so my second favorite body
beauty product we’re getting into the mouthful of lines here is this elta MD
skincare UV pure broad-spectrum SPF 47 that’s a mouthful but honestly I like
using physical sunscreen instead of a chemical sunscreen I feel like it works
better and studies show that it’s safer for us especially if you’re pregnant or
breastfeeding so I started using this when I was pregnant and I just kept
using it because I really love it I use it on my face every single day
underneath my foundation and this one’s waterproof for 80 minutes so this is
kind of the highest coverage you’re gonna get for your face they’re not
really rated over 50 SPF and water-resistant at 80 minutes is the
highest that can be water-resistant rated so this is gonna stay on obviously
you need to reapply if you’re gonna be in the sun all day or something like
that but this keeps my melasma at bay I don’t know if you’ve watched my other
makeup tutorials but I do have a little bit of melasma on my forehead from
pregnancy and breastfeeding so this keeps it from getting worse while I do
my skincare products to kind of fade it so you can apply this to your face and
body I honestly just apply this to my face and neck every single day even if
I’m not wearing makeup before I I get out of bed I go to the bathroom and wash
my face and then put this on & my skincare on no matter what even if I’m not going
outside even if it’s raining for the day because it will protect my skin this is
not greasy it doesn’t clog my pores I can’t even tell that it’s on unless I
put a ton on then it’ll be a little white but if you blended it in well I honestly can’t tell this is on & it works super well it’s kept my melasma
from getting worse I really recommend it and last but not least is my favorite
lotion so I’ve been trying to sort of when I run out of a beauty product
explore more natural options so does anyone else use Environmental Working
Group I like that site a lot so anyway I just switched to this Aveeno lotion
and it’s the unscented because honestly everything has a scent I don’t need more
scent on me in my lotion and it is a daily moisturizing lotion and this works
this works super well even in the winter months when my skin gets a little bit
drier I apply this any time I take a shower and I really don’t have scaly or
dry skin so I recommend this one also it’s not a super expensive you can buy at
the drugstore grocery store or wherever I promise everything will be linked
below and if you have any questions let me know and I will try to answer your
question also find me on Instagram Facebook Twitter and let me know if
you’ve tried these what you think of them
I highly recommend them so if you go try them please let me know what you
think of them and if you have any favorite product recommendations from me
please leave them below I always like to try new things and I would love to try
your favorites so anyway thank you guys so much for tuning in and I
hope to see you next time bye bye from The Style Blog


  1. I missed you so much these past years! I am happy that you are back and hope that your life has taken as many positive turns as mine has ☺

  2. I wish I could get away with not washing my hair for a week 😂 thanks for the demo as well – I always get in such a state with my dry shampoo haha!

  3. I have really really oily hair. But I'm looking for a dry shampoo to use after I wash it. That's what they did at the salon, and it made my hair really silky feel.

  4. OMG! I have your sweater from Amazon but in black 🙂
    Love your recommendations too!!
    One of my favorites is the Honest Company.
    Here is the website. They also have baby products 🙂

  5. I just found out that you’re back and just binged your recent uploads. I remember first watching your videos when I was 10-11 and now I’m 18 (heading to uni soon). So glad you’re back!!! Your videos helped me when I was younger and didn’t really have any friends at school and you were kinda like my internet older sister. You seem really nice and genuine, your videos still make me happy 😀 Hope you’re having an amazing day!! Your brother would be so proud of you!! Also belated congrats on having your baby!! It’s crazy how much time flies by, I remember when you’d upload videos from your old room. Also you’re literally a natural in front of the camera, if I was a new viewer I wouldn’t be able to tell that you didn’t make YouTube videos for 7 years. You’re actually my favourite YouTuber again 🙂 Honestly I wanted to make YouTube videos when I was younger because of you!! Sorry this is super rambly. Lots of love from New Zealand 🙂

  6. OH. MY. GOD. WHAT?? every couple of years i come back to ur channel just to watch some of ur old videos and IM CRYING RN, UR BACK, IVE WONDERED FOR SO LONG WHERE YOUVE BEEN. AH IM SO HAPPY UR BACK AHHH

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