Best Makeup Remover – How to  Take Off Stubborn Lipstick

Best Makeup Remover – How to Take Off Stubborn Lipstick

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Hey guys! Thanks for tuning into my channel!
Today I’m going to be showing you my favorite makeup remover for long-wear lipstick. You
might’ve seen that COVERGIRL uploaded a video of my favorite bold lip colors from their
collection, and that was probably one of my favorite videos that I’ve ever done, but it
was also one of the most difficult videos I’ve ever done because I was having to apply
and take off about four really high quality saturated lip colors back to back to back
to back. Now, that just goes to show that you can find an awesome long-wear lipstick
at the drugstore, they are so high quality, I love them so much, and it would be awesome
if I actually wanted to wear each color all day long, but I was trying to create some
magic on film. I needed to get stuff on and off right away. And after time number three,
time number four and using cloths that were just not doing anything, it hurt. I have had
to apply and remove lipstick EIGHT times. My lips look like… Fiery, hot pink, stained,
raw. And then to top it off, it was freezing in New York City, my lips were already dry
and chapped as it was, so that night, the next day, my lips were on FIRE. I was determine
to find something that easily, effectively, GENTLY removed long-wear lipstick. I tried
soaps, I tried wipes, I tried cleansers, I tried creams. Nothing even came close. And
I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. ALMAY is my go-to when it comes to removing stubborn
eye makeup, especially eyelash glue, which is the WORST to remove. So sure enough, it
worked awesome on my lips too. And the active ingredient is mineral oil, so it also left
my lips feeling really soft and smooth afterwards. Right now, I am wearing one of COVERGIRL’s
long-wear two-step colors. This stuff stays on actually all day. It does not come off
on anything. This is date-proof. This is kiss-proof. This is drink-proof. Nope, not going anywhere!
And I’m also wearing a waterproof lip liner all over my lips underneath – this helps color
stay even longer and will make it even harder for it to come off. This is a Neutrogena makeup
wipe. This is what I used on shoot day to try to take off my lip colors each time. Ouch.
And really what it’s doing is taking off any little bits of excess, but it’s not really
doing much to remove the color. And I’m really pressing down. Now watch what happens when
I use my ALMAY eye makeup remover pad. The oil breaks down the color and the pad helps
to smooth out my lips, so that they’re even softer than before I put the lipstick on.
That was so so so easy. And – NO – this is not a sponsored video. Thank you so much for
watching this video. Please let me know if you have any makeup remover tips or favorite
products in the comments below. I know other people would appreciate it. And if you like
this video, want to see more, comment with a request, give me a thumbs up, share and
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Bye! If there’s anything weird or strange that we have in common, I definitely want
to get to know you a little bit better, so let me know below.


  1. I recently bought some long wear lip colors and they are a pain in the butt to remove. Awesome tip, gonna buy them.

  2. Extra Virgin Olive oil works great….rub in one drop on bottom and one drop for the top….no waiting, wipes off so easy.

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