BEST OF 2019! Makeup, Skincare, Bags | Things I Love The Most

BEST OF 2019! Makeup, Skincare, Bags | Things I Love The Most

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Hello everyone, welcome back! Unknowingly, it’s almost 2020 This year, like usual, flies away in a blink of an eye So in this video I will share to you The products that I totally love in 2019 Not only beauty stuff, but also fashion and some random stuff. So without further ado, let’s get started! First product, Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum. It’s not a new product, but I just started using it this year It is very good because it really helps to hydrate my skin so that it will slow down the process of having texture You use this as the first step of all the skincare routine Aside from hydrating, it will also help for the rest of our skincare routine to be absorbed maximally So this is so gooodddd If you often watch my IG stories,
you’d know that this is my favorite too and this is..Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence Aside from hydrating, it helps my skin
to get plumped and glowy Becoming radiant, glowy and even healthier too so I’m totally in love with this one. and also the price is not too expensive,
so I’d say it’s worth it Next up is face masks I often try many brands of masks but the mask that I’d say the best of all that I’ve tried is.. Dr Schatz Stem Cell Mask This is really very good After using this, the next day my skin is
veerrryyy soft and smooth The effect that I feel is that
our dead skin cells all removed so our face becomes smooth, clean, brightened! The price is pretty expensive, one sheet is about IDR 70k and I don’t use it everyday
because I think it’s a bit too much I only use this when there’s an event. The last skin care that I want to recommend is… …Heimish All Clean Balm. This is a make up remover, can be used for eye and face I’ve tried a few brands this year,
even those more expensive ones but I prefer this one, it’s cleaner and more effective. This can remove our make up very well,
even heavy make up as well so I really love this one! This year I started to dye my hair again.
I often bleach and dye it. and I just darken my hair too. Actually it is dark brown, but don’t know why
somehow it turns into black though they say it will fade and because of the constant bleach and dye,
tip of my hair becomes dry and stiff so that’s why I really need hair care products. This year, I tried so many hair care products but I’d say the best one is this Olaplex. If your hair is bleached, or super dry/damaged,
I highly recommend this product. I have 2 kinds, first one No 3 Hair Perfector. Use this during shampooing and it really helps
to make our hair very smooth This works even better than hair mask. After using no 3, when I want to hair dry my hair,
I’ll use No 6 Bond Smoother This is a smoothing cream, so it helps for our hair to be smooth and pretty straight too in my case So yeah, both of these are excellent
for home use hair treatment The product mentioned just now is to repair Now for the vitamin, I really love this
Dancoly Argan Repair Oil So as the name goes, it contains argan oil in it It helps to repair damaged hair, give nutrition and also make it smooth. My hair is pretty soft and loose,
so I can’t use hair oils that are too thick Oils that are too thick will drench my hair I really love this Dancoly oil because it helps to make our hair soft and smooth but not oily and drenched So this is also my favorite, almost finish it now! Also this year, I’m really into body care. I used to not care about my body’s skin at all But now I’m really taking care of my body skin too Because not only our face, but our body skin
is also very important If our skin is clean and smooth, it helps to make the clothes that we wear, or even the whole look is better So for the body scrub, I really love this
Frank Body Coffee Scrub Right after using it, our skin will be
super moisturized and really smooth and it claims to help fading our stretch mark’s colour After giving birth, our stretch mark’s colour tends
to be pretty black If we use this regularly, it can brighten our skin We can use this on our armpits, knees,
or other dark area of the skin This is very good, so love this! For hair tools, I use this hair curler the most The brand is Salonia and I bought it in a Japan’s store called Big Camera Do you believe it when I say that this is
one of the cheapest product in that store? But quality wise, this is veryyy good This is very..I don’t know how to describe it but it is.. ..very smooth If we curl our hair using this, it will not
make our hair becoming crispy or dry but instead becoming soft and shiny It’s heat is also very good. So if you’re going to Japan and wanna buy a hair curler, I really recommend this one Okay now for make up category! This year, I use VT cosmetics
most of the time and I really love it Especially the ones in purple packaging like this Like these ones If you watch my video in Korea,
these are the products that I use and these all are really very good! Back then when VT first launch its cosmetics line, people were giving poor reviews for it. But they changed their formula and improve a lot now, so all the products in this series are very good! I even use it for my daily make up until now. The one I recommend most is their Eyeliner Crayon It is really creamy, and the colour reeeaaalllyyy does not fade at all There are many eyelines that are
easy to apply, creamy, and pigmented but after a few hours, our eyes becoming like a panda With this VT eyeliner crayon, you really don’t have
to worry because it is that long lasting! So I totally love this one! Then the eyebrow pencil is also very good Their palettes are also very good,
from eyeshadow palette to contour palette and also their cheek palette the colours are all very pretty and also
quality wise it’s very good Their products are not super duper pigmented, but instead it’s very usable for daily make up as it’s not too flashy and it’s very suitable for beginner who loves natural make up This year, I use Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
95% of the time I use “custard” shade First when I bought and tried this,
it felt just okay, very natural.. and its coverage is not very full. But the more I use it, the more I like it too because it’s very natural, not drying,
the coverage is not too much Everything is just nice and it’s easy to blend too This is my second bottle The colour is also very pretty, so yeah I don’t wanna try anything else because this is very good This year I travel a lot and one of the thing
that I always bring is.. SASC Magnificent by Malvava
Perfect Eye and Face Palette What I like is because this is already complete It has contouring, blush, highlighter and eyeshadow in it and it’s multi function This can be used as eyeshadow too This can be used to highlight our inner eye corner, etc This product is highly pigmented so just apply a little and the colour already pops out The colour selection is very good, very usable so I always bring this palette with me
because it’s all in one For beauty sponge, I like these 2.
This one is already dirty haha This is from Real Techniques, it’s not a new product
but still comfortable for me This is very pillowy and helps to achieve flawless look for our foundation This one absorbs our product pretty much But instead because it absorbs the product, and our foundation will not be too thick Instead becoming very smooth This one is from Tish Beauty I don’t know which volume is it, but it’s the pink one And you don’t have to wet it before using,
it’s already very soft So you don’t have to wet this one before using,
but you have to wet this Real Technique one Both of these, my favorite! For false lashes, I always use the same one
because it’s very comfortable for me I use Miche Bloomin No 12 the most I am using it right now, and I have restocked a lot too So yeah, in these 2 years, I really love this brand It’s very natural, especially for slanted and
small eyes like mine If I use false lashes that are too long, it will be too much and not looking good on me instead So for you who have slanted eyes and thin eyelids like mine, I highly recommend this one Looking very natural right? If you want a wow look but not too much,
I really like this.. Artisan Professionel No 6776 This is very good because it’s tapered immediately so when using this, our eyes are opened in an instant It’s pretty long but not very dramatic so it’s still pretty natural. Yeah, this is very good too! In my opinion, the important factor to give the wow effect on our make up is contact lenses It really makes us look different and this year I reaaalllyy love using this one from Revia This is the product and it’s for one day use My eyes are highly sensitive,
hence I can’t use the monthly ones Indeed, I accept some monthly contact lenses for endorsement but I only use it for taking photos and filming and I took it off straight away Because my eyes are that sensitive indeed So I can only use one day lenses I can’t use it everyday too, only 2-3x per week or else
my eyes will turn red and irritated This one is very good because its diameter is
neither too big nor too small for me O-Lens is a bit too small for my eyes It has a ring around it and it’s pretty natural So our eyes will look like caucasian, but not pale You get what I’m saying right?
Nah, this Revia is very good Last one for beauty is make up brushes This one is from Aeris Beauty This is really very good
because the bristles are really that soft This is really really that soft and fluffy Also this is not very expensive But you have to be careful,
my powder brush falls very often Then it falls off, so I have to glue it But the bristles quality, the best! Recommended! Next, fashion products! My favorite product
and the one I love the most This pair of shoes are from Keds Triple Decker,
if I don’t get it wrong This is leather and not canvas, it’s also white in colour I really love white sneakers but most of Adidas or Nike sneakers are pretty sporty So it doesn’t match my casual or cute outfits This Keds is pretty feminine and it’s pretty high so it makes us looking taller and I don’t know why it makes our calves look smaller than it actually is This also needs low maintenance, you only need to wash it if it’s dirty and the leather is not easily damaged too My feet never hurt at all whenever I’m using this shoes It never hurts even when I walk all day long.
It will only sore which is normal So yeah, highly recommended! Okay, last category is bag! You all know I love bags and the bag that I love the most this year, and the one I use the most is.. Celine Nano Belt bag in dark grey The bag is very light and there is adjustable strap so it will not be too long for Asian’s height It’s very spacious so it’s able to fit a lot of stuff in it This bag really matches my outfits and my simple minimalist style So yes, I love this bag not regretting at all and the quality is excellent too. The next bag that I like is LV Metis in reverse colour It has two tone colour here If you wanna know whether a bag is likeable or not,
just try using it while you’re travelling. and you’ll definitely know the answer afterwards. I used this for travelling last time and it’s very comfortable, the same as Celine bag because this LV, when it’s opened..oops! There is a shawl here When it’s opened, the inside is like… …it can stretch and not rigid It can fit a lot of stuff It can also fit a book in it So you can pack in all the stuffs
that you need while travelling There is a back pocket with zipper
and this is very functional so that we don’t have to open and close the bag often If we open and close the bag very often,
the metal part here will scratch pretty quick For my handphone, lipstick, powder, and passport I will put it in the back pocket and it can fit all This bag is very good and there is a handle,
so you can also take off the strap The last ones of course Marhen J bags I really love using Marhen J for daily because.. has many compartments inside This kind of bags is the ones
that you don’t have to worry and take special care for it because it’s made of canvas It’s also comfortable to use and one of the designs that I love most is this Ricky bag Because of its long shape design,
it can fit laptop any many more and also it’s very lightweight. So these all are my favourite products in 2019 You can also comment below What is your favorite products this year And before this year ends, I just wanna thank you for supporting me
and for you who always watch my videos To be honest, I started this year
with very low expectations With no goals, and just carry out day to day life But thank God, everything went pretty smooth Career wise, it’s pretty good too I tried a few things and there were a few achievements Everything happens the way it is,
definitely because of all our supports So thank you so much! Next year I will make better and fun videos for you too! So don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t,
because many of my viewers haven’t subscribed yet That’s all for today’s video.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. Ce rekomendasi ootd ala kamu dong untuk natalan atau sekalian haul shopee lagi hehe tp bs untuk jumbo ce plisss luvv πŸ˜˜πŸ™

  2. Dulu aku snring nntn kk karna masih sederhana enak.. tpi ketika skrng lebih ke gaya sosialita saya udh gk pernah nntn .. make up skincare , baju tas udh masuk katergori kalangan atas ..

    So.sepertinya konten sakrng kurang pas di aku yg masih biasa2nya πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  3. Yeaaay yg ditunggu2.. tp masih nunggu tips memanage uang ci bentar lg kan tahun baru, biar di 2020 goals ku tercapai 😍😍

  4. Semenjak hidup di Korea jadi suka sama Marhen J tadinya nggak tau produk itu dan gak sengaja nemu pas lagi jalan ke downtown. Affordable juga meskipun buat mahasiswa part time kek gue wkwkwk dan awet banget kena panas hujan warnanya stain :)) – yg ori ya wkwk

    Soalnya kemaren adik gw di Indo ketipu sama produk Marhen yg KW kena hujan terus dicuci warnanya langsung berubah, dia nangis wkwk karena beli harganya gak jauh beda selisihnya :v

  5. Produk mentioned:
    1. Inisfree green tea seed serum
    2. Secret key starting treatment essence
    3. Dr schatz stem cell mask
    4. Heimish all clean balm
    5. Olaplex ( no 3. Hair perfector, no 6. Bond smotter)
    6. Dancoly argan repair oil
    7. Frank body coffe scrub
    Hair tool:
    8. Salonia 32mm curling wang
    Make up:
    9. VT cosmetic eyeliner crayon
    10. VT cosmetics eyebrow pencil
    11. VT cosmetics eyeshadow palette
    12. VT cosmetics contour palette
    13. VT cosmetics chic palette
    14. Nars radiant creamy concealer
    15. Save magnificent by malvava
    16. Sponge Real tecniques
    17. Sponge Tish beauty
    18. Miche bloomin' no.12
    19. Artisan professionel no 6776
    20. Revia contact lens
    21. Aeris beauty brush set
    22. Ked triple decker leather
    23. Celine nano belt bag
    24. Louis vuitton metis reverse
    25. Marhen J bags

  6. Aku juga pake yg innisfree dari 2016 ampe skrg baguss dan heimish cleansing balm ada size yg kit bolehlahh bagusss πŸ’•

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