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hey everyone its Michelle back with another video and today I'm going to be doing kind of like a part two to my last portion video it was titled how to make your poor ship's work better you haven't seen it I will link it in the cards I just want to make this video to kind of clarify things I know people had a lot of questions in the last video I used the orange regular white strips but this time I decided to try it with their charcoal strip so I'm going to be showing you a little tutorial on exactly how I make these poor ships and work better so that you can get more guns out of your nose also if you love watching people peel off no strips then this video is for you another thing that I really wanted to mention is that the little straggler things that the poor ship is pulling out are actually called sebaceous filaments those aren't actually blackheads as most people call them so if you want to learn more about the difference I found this article on this website – that explains it perfectly and I will leave a link to it in the description box below also I am bare face right now I have no makeup on and that's simply because I did not want to wear makeup today I just wasn't feeling it and know this video is not sponsored the last video was not sponsored I just tried to share my experience and the things that I have learned and try to help some other people out also please make sure that you watch this video entirely before you go and try yourself there is going to be a lot of information in here there's a lot of necessary information it might be a long video but you can fast forward it and some other necessary information that I want to mention is that I'm not a dermatologist I'm going to doctors any kind everything that I'm sharing with you guys is based on my own experience my own knowledge my own research without further ado let's just get on with this tutorial so to begin the thing that I do that makes a huge difference is exfoliate my nose with a baking soda paste before putting on the strip I like baking soda because the grains are so fine that it gives a very deep exfoliation to make it easier for the strip to cling onto the dirt and oil in your pores so I always use a strip after I take a shower and wash my face but because I don't take very hot showers I hold a hot towel compressed to my nose for about a minute because the heat will loosen up the dirt and oils and make them easier to remove but if you already take really hot steamy showers you can probably step once I do that the next step is to make the baking soda paste so to make the paste I take my spoon and scoop a tiny bit of baking soda you don't need a lot I'm not sure if this will work with baking powder I haven't tried it myself then I take a drop of water and mix this with the baking soda to create the pace if it's still powdery add another drop of water but if it's too liquidy add more baking soda it should look like this then I rub this paste on my nose gently do not rub too hard because the baking soda can be abrasive also if the paste is irritating your skin or your skin feels like it's burning rinse it off immediately I'd recommend doing a patch test beforehand if you're worried about it reacting badly but if you're okay after about 15 seconds of massaging it into your skin rinse it off with warm water after this as you can see the sebaceous filaments are really popping out of my pores now I do have very large pores due to genetic so yours may not look as bad as mine in which case consider yourself lucky now I completely dry off my hands and do not dry your nose keep your nose dripping wet because that's the only way that the pore ship will stick to your nose then you can take your portress and separate the slits so that the strip has an easier time fitting to the shape of your nose right after that peel it off in a clear plastic and place it on your skin smooth it down and especially make sure to push it into the size of your known dry off the rest of your face and wait about 10 to 15 minutes or until the strip is completely dry so one big difference between the black charcoal strips and the regular white strips is that the charcoal strips have a menthol in it so after you put it on your face you might feel a slight tingly minty cooling almost burning sensation but don't worry it's not actually burning that's just the menthol doing its thing so you know that it's time to chill off the strip when it becomes extremely stiff to the touch like paper mache if it's still not dry after 10 to 15 minutes wait in a well ventilated area maybe with a fan on or something to make sure that the strip dries now it's the fun part peeling it off so grab the ends of the strip and slowly peel die and only upward toward the center and doing this will really help to lift the sebaceous filaments out of your pores I love using the charcoal strips because the black background makes it so much easier to see all the gunk that came out so once you remove the strip you can see all the dirt and oil that was removed your strip-mine obvious filled as mine but hopefully it took out a bit more than using the strip without the baking soda beforehand so after you're done examining your strip you might have some charcoal residue left on your face but you can easily rinse that off and what I like to do next is use an apple cider vinegar toner someone in my last video recommended this to me because it can kind of help to tighten up your pores again so I took a spray bottle and mixed one part apple cider vinegar with four parts of water saturated a cotton square and I swipe this all over my face making sure to focus it on my pores I noticed that using this really helps to keep my pore size to a minimum the only thing is that it does have a very strong vinegary smell but don't worry you won't smell like vinegar for the rest of the day after the toner sinks in I use my usual moisturizer but I make sure that it's non comedogenic so that it won't clog my pores right back up and that's it I discovered this method years ago when I was looking up ways to get rid of blackheads and came across numerous people saying to use baking soda so I tried it but I noticed that it only made the sebaceous filaments pop out even more so I figured that this would actually help the poor ship cling onto them better also I don't want any comments on my skin or acne I am totally aware that my skin is not perfect I do have hormonal cystic acne and I am seeing a dermatologist but a lot of my issues are genetic so I can't do a lot about it so please keep any negative comments to yourself so hopefully you guys made it this far into the video now that you've seen this tutorial there are some things that I want to clear up in some important information that I want to share with you guys first very importantly these tips are not meant to be used every single day using the baking soda and these strips every single day will be extremely drying on your skin and that will just cause more problems are you support your usually about once a month I also have very sensitive oily acne prone skin but using this once a month with the baking soda totally works for me and the last thing that I wanted to mention is that please remember that this method may not work for everyone some of you may be more lucky and you may have very small pores if you try this method and you don't really get a lot out it may be that you don't even have that many sebaceous filaments to pull out which is a good thing I'm just here to share my experience and my insights in hopes that it helps someone else and that's pretty much all I have for you guys today I hope this helps you out – make sure to share it with your friends give this video a big thumbs up if you love porscha and you love peeling it off and staring at all the gunk that came out of it if you say you don't then you are lying I'm just kidding leave me a comment below on your thoughts of this video check out my other videos follow me on social media and I will see you in my next video bye


  1. Honestly I love when she takes it off Bc it’s just so satisfying to watch it come off, I have the same strips and I usually use them 1 a week but I don’t use the baking soda method, I just use the strip by itself, the only reason I do it is bc I want to have a clean soft face and it’s just satisfying to take them off, lol

  2. Wow. I feel like this video is so much better than the others. Cuz the other vids is just clickbait and yah. But nice video tho.

  3. I don't understand you have a little bit of acne but you still manage to be beautiful I have some acne on my forehead and I'm so uglyyy

  4. ? What do you mean hate on my skin? Acne? Where? I dont see acne on your face? Your skin looks more beautiful than mine

  5. Omg this works really well😱❤️ also whoever is giving you hate is just jealous of your natural beauty🥰

  6. you skin looks really smooth and pretty for someone with cystic acne, i was surprised when you mentioned you have it! (esp compared to myself haha ㅠㅠ)

  7. Ok but why is it that most people with acne either has a lot of acne on the u zone or t zone… I'm literally that one with both

  8. Probably one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen. Like her eyes, man, you can get sucked in. Gorgeous

  9. Girl yours beautiful just the way you thats why I Love you even though I cant feel the way you feel cuz I dont have black heads but I do Love seeing people get there black heads out

  10. Hey, Michelle. Thank you so much for the tips. It has been very helpful. I have something to inform you tho.
    i saw an ads using this specific video on Instagram. And the ads is selling another brand, not the one you were using in this video. I think you should be aware of this.
    . here's the link to the post.

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