BIG HAUL Z KOREI! ~ kosmetyki, biżuteria, kawaii gadżety!

BIG HAUL Z KOREI! ~ kosmetyki, biżuteria, kawaii gadżety!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel! As you may know, I went to Korea two weeks ago, and in this video I want to show you my favorite stores that I discovered there! By the way, I will show you what I bought in them. So… I invite you to watch ♡. I’m a fan of romantic, girly & delicate jewelry. I love rose gold and small diamonds, not too big. To be honest I think that European jewelry is not my style. Usually, this jewelry is or too heavy, or too big or mature for me. And usually I’m not buying jewelry in Europe. In Asia, it’s easier for me to find the jewelry I like. Especially, korean jewelry is closest to my heart. Korean jewelry is different than the others. The design is more delicate, feminine and minimalistic. In stores you can find jewelry with a floral theme, hearts… butterflies are also very common. collaborations with Disney characters are popular. I mean brands like for example: MINI GOLD, CLUE, and my favourite LLOYD. As far as I remember, I followed the profiles of these brands on Instagram and I admired the products they offer. I always wanted to visit their stores and see their jewelry, if really suits me. It was a first time, when I went to jewelry store and I fell in love with over 80% things! I was charmed by the beautiful, delicate watches from MINI GOLD, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ collaboration from CLUE, But I deeply feel in love with LLOYD and I did the biggest shopping there. LLOYD made collaboration with Disney Princesses, each set is made of 10k rose gold, decorated with zirconia. I bought Belle collection because I think that the rose theme with pink zirconia will match my outfits the most ♡ Each set includes a necklace, bracelet, earrings and two rings. I bought one ring with rose in the center because I already own similar crown ring. LLOYD has stores only in Korea, which makes me sad and surprised… and because of maybe it was the last time I was there, I bought something more… 14k ribbon earrings, beautiful ring with bow and an anklet. I’ve never had such a bracelet, it was hard for me to find a beautiful one. But when I saw this one… I knew that I need this in my life! Korean jewelry is the best!!!♡ Where to buy cute things in Korea? The best idea is to visit ARTBOX! This is a very popular stationery store, which offers gadgets not only with korean characters, like for example LINE FRIENDS, but also Disney and Sanrio ♡ You can find pens, notebooks, hairpins, mascots, figures, pencil cases… Everyone will find what they like! ARTBOX is a perfect place to buy gifts for friends! ♥ I also bought some cute stuff for tchem but I’ll not show them here, because I know that they are watching this video! There are the cute things I bought myself ♡. I love paperdollmate, so I bought some gadgets. Beauty pouch, stickers and a pen. Metal badge with Babichon, pink marker, floral stickers, cute letter set and snack for my dog! DAISO in Korea is very different than in Japan. Very interesting fact is that Korean DAISO sells over 80% things which are made in Korea! przepraszam za muzykę, musiałam ją zmienić przez roszczenie. * sorry for the music, I needed change it because of a claim * I bought stickers, letter set, rose decoration, fake eyelashes, tea forks, cream perfumes and something for my daughter: socks and hairpins. I wanted to buy some clothes for Adelia so I went to Nandaimon market and I spent there whole day searching something beautiful! I will show you outfits which I made! Let me know in the comments, which outfit is your favourite! Face contouring and visible eyeshadows are the features of American beauty. But Korean beauty is very different than American. Korean girls prefers to look natural, they are using more subtle eyeshadows, they think that light, pale skin is perfect. So that’s why in Korea is very easy to find light foundations for people with pale skin, There are a large selection lot of BB and CC creams… Koreans love to pamper their skin. A lot of Korean cosmetics have whitening and moisturizing properties. Face mask sheets are extremely popular. Makeup, as I have mentioned before, is unique. Koreans want to look natural. Eyebrows color is usually the same as hair color, and the eyetshadows are less pigmented. Korean girls like to wear a special shiny eyeliners on the bottom line of the eye. They think, that this make them look brighter and younger. Colorful lenses are also very popular there. The most popular cosmetic brands in Korea are for example: INNISFREE, HOLIKA-HOLIKA, MISSHA, ETUDE HOUSE and SKINFOOD. the last two are my favorite! ♥ ETUDE HOUSE is a very popular brand, which offers a large variety of make-up and care cosmetics. ETUDE HOUSE recently collaborated with a popular beauty guru-Pony. I’ll leave link to her channel in the description. Because of I used up my eyeshadow palette, I decided to buy new one from this collaboration. ROSE BOMB is a 15 colors eye shadows palette with motif of various rose petals. and BAKE HOUSE is a ’10-colors eye shadow palette expressed bakery filled with freshly baked bread every morning’ I also bought one of most popular ETUDE HOUSE palette, PLAY COLOR EYES – CHERRY BLOSSOM. and pink MIRROR HOLIC Eye Glossy Coating, mascara fixer (mascara top), eyeshadow brushes, TEAR EYE LINER (liquid liner for lower eyelash line) eyebrow pencil, lip tint, and DOUBLE LASTING foundation. face mask sheets, eyelash serum, and a sweet-smelling body spray! SKINFOOD brand is very unique and different than the others because they believe that healthy food is also healthy for our skin. Their products contains fruits, vegetables, rice, eggs… Skinfood does not test its products on animals. ♥ They offer a wide range of products of plant and vegan origin But they’re not completely vegan (a handful of products contain milk, eggs, or honey). This time I was searching for good foundation which matches my skin, and I decided to try light ‘BLACK SUGAR’ foundation. I’m satisfied with this product, now is on my favourite list! I also bought PEACH COTTON finish powder, ROYAL HONEY essential toner, and ‘ROYAL HONEY PROPOLIS’ face care set, which contains an essence, eye cream, mist and some free testers. I’m very happy with my purchases, my favourites are: jewelry, eyeshadows palettes and face care set from SKINFOOD ♥ That’s all I wanted to show you today I hope that you like my video! ♥ Please leave a thumbs up and a subscription to don’t miss any new videos! I will be very happy If you could check my Instagram @NAYENNEEE, I hope to see you again, thanks, bye bye!♥


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