BLACK FRIDAY TRY-ON HAUL! (everything on sale now!) | 2019

BLACK FRIDAY TRY-ON HAUL! (everything on sale now!) | 2019

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Everyoneís Morgan Yates and today I’m doing a giant haul for you guys in honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up very shortly I’m also happy Thanksgiving. This is going up on Thanksgiving So hope y’all have a wonderful day Comment below something you’re thankful for but as we get into the crazy weekend of so many sales and trying to sort through Everything going on I thought I would go ahead and do a haul to show you guys a ton of stuff that is currently on Sale when you’re watching this Everything is from cotton on there having a huge 40% off sale and they’re also sponsoring this video. So thank you to them Because we’re getting a little bonus video this week Saturday. I’m also gonna have my huge holiday gift guide video going up So you’re not gonna wanna miss that either all of the following items are 40% off. You don’t need a coat or anything It’s just the whole website. So I’m gonna have continent calm linked below. You can check it out every item I will also have linked in the description box If you’re wanting to check out certain one as always, so yeah, that’s it for this little intro Will hop right in also though. December is starting which means blog missus is starting I’m going to be putting up daily blogs over my blog channel. So make sure you’re subscribed over there So we’re gonna go ahead and hop in you will start out with the one that I’m wearing This is called the Archie cropped to pull over I sell in a ton of styles and basically it’s just a little crew neck like knitted light medium weight sweater perfect length sleeves They’re like semi fitted which is nice because you can push it up and it’ll actually like stay there and it’s just a cropped length So this is perfect for any kind of high-waisted gene or like skirt or anything like that and I picked it up in several colors including this like cream white color It’s just exactly the same and then I also got it and this really pretty like I’ve almost to be a good Festive color because it’s a red shade but it’s not bright red. I don’t know. It’s a little bit more muted So I thought this would be really fun for Christmas, especially even with like a blue. Jean I have some jeans as well in here. I’m going to show you and all these feel like good quality They’re not too thin. None of them are like see-through for it to be knit. Especially that white one I always have like the bra test we can see your bra through a white sweater Then it’s like just made out of too thin material or something, but this passes and it is only $24.99 So then with 40% off will be approximately $10 also $15 next up another knit item I got is this little like beige cardigan? I was picturing wearing this I was like a high-neck white top and then like some white jeans or like white pants or something and write booties So it’s a really light outfit but with a little bit of contrast So again, it’s kind of like a wait knit cardigan sleeves are fitted and then it’s a little bit longer than the booty So I just think that’s nice. So I thought this would be super cute for that all-white outfit idea And again, they have this in a bunch of colors as well also for sizes I hear you guys didn’t ask me for sizes and I try to always remember to do that and I never do it But I’m doing it today. So for these cropped pullovers, I got mediums and this is in a large in the color marshmallow chateaux Great wist and it’s normally $30. So it will be 18. This is testing. My math skills next up We’re different our tools in the men’s department because adrian my roommate got me hooked on cotton ons Like men’s extra-large hoodies. We both have this black one That’s like the coziest office thing ever like fleecing inside and it says weekday studio I think that one’s sold out, but they have in the exact same style just so many like some solid colors, but also a bunch of cool like Graphic hoodies, I guess so this is literally an immense extra-large There’s just this pocket on the front this one at the front says chaos Collective and then I liked it for the back. That just has like a bunch of big city names on it And I thought that that was super like LA Street wear cute type thing But in terms of sizing I normally just wear those with leggings because it’s like huge light comes down to like Mid thigh on these so those are super cozy super fleecy on the inside big big fan. These are $30 as well So it will be 18 in the sale next up I never tried a jacket from cotton on and I am extremely pleasantly surprised or not surprised. I guess that I’m just pleasantly pleased so I got this coat in a size large and it’s this just like Obviously faux fur like super soft material the inside is nice and satiny so you’re not gonna overheat It’s not like fur on the inside Let me just have a little like slightly folded collar around and then it zips up the front and it’s a good length That’s not like to giant so you can still wear this with like pants that you’re wanting to see a lot of em And I really can’t put into words help soft it. Is it retails? This is probably the highest item in this video for $70. So that will be 28 off so it will be 42 I have three pairs of jeans. I’m gonna start with one I’m the most obsessed with in terms of my favorite items in this haul if I were to recommend like one or two things out of everything that I recommend you check out it would be that jacket and oh, This is so hard that jacket This is so hard I don’t know if I want to include the sweater or the cardigan that I just showed whatever I like those both and then a Black top that I’ll show you next after these jeans, but of the jeans, this is my favorite pair It is just their stretch. Mom Jean So I didn’t really know what to expect got a size 8 in these and they’re just this really like rich blue denim color I feel like I don’t have like a true like Medium blue Jean I guess you can tell down here. I folded them up. I always guess things a short girl friendly because I’m short With these I definitely need to roll them. They don’t offer like short or long sizing I don’t think at least on what I saw but for this pair and the fit it like there’s no big deal to just roll It a couple times I kind of like that look anyway, because I normally like my jeans to hit like right above the ankle But again, this is called the stretch mom Jean and I like it because it’s really fitted like through the But I feel like a lot of times mom’s jeans are just like kind of like baggy, which is cool Like that’s the look But I like that these are actually like fitted and like the thigh and but for the most part But then they’re like a little loose from like the knee down. So there’s still kind of that like relaxed like straight leg Look rather than like a skinny. Jean. I’m really over that cut all skinny jeans down my closet so I feel like this is a cool like in-between of like a really fitted Jean and like a Baggy mom Jean and it’s really flattering. I don’t know these fit extremely Well, they have some great stretch going in as you might assume and I think I may have accent I think I may have taken the right side off I think I ripped the price tag off and I was trying it on but I’ll have it linked of course next up two more Pairs of jeans. These are a little bit of a lighter wash First of all again in a size 8 I picked up their straight stretch Jean. This pair is just again a little light blue I rolled them up again, and these are a little bit looser, but we have that pair That’s just like no rips or anything going on and then I got this pair and a tent but They’re too big so I should have gotten an 8 but these are the original mom jeans and this pair has got some rips going On and again rolled up these I think if they had been my proper size I would really be a fan of can I get a price tag moment? Okay. These are at $40 which means it would be 24 typically for jeans, I have my go-to places. They’re Expensive stores for $24 jeans like these are like heavy-duty denim. They’re not a Super-thin jegging or anything like that. They don’t feel like they’re a $24 Jean. I’m actually really impressed They feel quite similar to my $90 jeans normally where and then next up I’ll show you the item that is potentially tied for my favorite thing and it is the Chloe crew Luxe pullover in black they have this in some other shades as well. This is some size medium. And basically it is the just picture Picture the word, luxe in a fabric. I think that was very accurate name. I would say this is like a mix I mean, I guess it is no it’s a full sweater I was gonna say mix between the sweater and like a sweatshirt, but no, it’s full sweater material but it is like a pullover style and fit so it’s kind of cropped which is great and it’s just the softest like Like just fuzzy enough fabric this feels super expensive I feel like this came from Zara for like $90 actually when I go back and get this in other colors and then the sleeves are just kind of baggy which is what makes me think of like a sweatshirt I guess and then yeah just Like so stretchy and cozy and like the inside super soft. Not itchy at all, which is awesome None of these items have been those sweaters We’re not either I am this baby retails for $40, which I think is my nerves which means she’ll be 24 So wait next up I picked up a couple of graphic tees because we know I’m a sucker for t-shirts what I wear most days So first of all, I love this color It’s just kind of like a beige or like nude tan color gray It just says Twin Cities we have our little Eagle going on I feel like I have so many t-shirts that are just like biker slash America inspired But this has a ribbed neckline which I feel like is a cool detail I got this in a large So it’s big enough to either wear just like over jeans or over leggings or something like that or I could tie it up in the front if I wanted a bit of a more fitted look, this is a supersoft shirt and Secondly, I just got this Rolling Stones one and I would say is a bit thinner than the other one and the sleeve is shorter as well they actually have a ton of band ease on the website tons of designs for both of these if you click the link to each Of these items it’ll have like all the designs within that style. So Lots of band options. I just happen to already have most band names on a t-shirt So this one I got in a large as well. It’s more fitted for sure than that other style. And this is only $15 so with our discount we’re talking nine really is this one’s $20. So she would be 12 then lastly We’re on to our final four items. I guess they actually need to rearrange because they are matching sets at separate items So first of all, I picked out these two items with like a cozy cool airport outfit in mind I guess so first We just have this cuff track pant and the shade Bartley Morrill which is the same as this little sweatshirt machine in a second so they’re just a pair of Joggers, they have a drawstring waistband and they’re just a really soft like he kind of fleece the inside Yeah, really comfy fleece inside jogger. They’re only 20 dollars So again, those would be 12 with the sale and they match perfectly with this little like crewneck sweatshirt It’s in the same shade again It’s not cropped, but it’s not too long Which is nice the back has this line stitching that goes down the middle and it’s not fleecy on the inside So if you’re worried about like overheating you won’t with this the inside looks like this if you’re wondering these joggers have pockets Which is awesome and it’s just think that’s a cute little like matching Traveled a set or loungewear around the house or anything like that and then very similarly I just got the pants in the exact same style but in black so just have a plain black jogger and then for this one I paired it with this mock neck oversized Sweatshirt, I guess in a size large So rather than being like a crewneck It does have a bit of like a raised neckline in that mock neck style And this time it’s a much like bigger bag ear sweatshirt as well. Super long light comes down past my booty so I think that could even be cute with like leather leggings or something in like booties to like really dress that up if you don’t want to wear that as part of like a Loungewear outfit and with those pants and sweatshirt options again. They come in lots of colors as pretty much It’s been the theme stuff. So yeah, that’s everything I got Hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you are new and you found this searching for some Black Friday sale deals Hope you’ll subscribe again. Make sure you keep an eye out for my gift guide coming up on Saturday Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving again I’m so glad we’re finally officially in the Christmas season and I will see all of you guys in my next video


  1. yay love seeing these hauls early because it helps to see whats for sale and what to look out for so excited to shop tonight happy thanksgiving everyone

  2. Morgan is cute, nice, great, excellent, awesome, amazing, pretty, gorgeous, kind and I will love u forever even when u leave Youtube, you grow old or whenever you need me. I'm always there for you, till the last breath of my life. You are the best and you are my angel my golden girl ❤️😇🙏
    So lucky and proud to have you in my life.
    Btw, I specially made something for you on my channel community post and I hope you will love it.

  3. Ahhh This is tripping me now… I am watching this and each item that you are holding up, i am thinking "oh, i have that!" (Including the mens hoodie)😂… I guess that is what happens when Cotton On is a Australian Brand and the start of our Winter was 7 months ago… I love those Archie Knits soooo much! I have every colour too.. Basic, but gets the job done. 💕

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