Blackpink Jisoo Inspired Makeup ft. Ivan Lam

Blackpink Jisoo Inspired Makeup ft. Ivan Lam

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Hi, everyone!
Welcome back to my channel. And, yes, I have purple hair. And if you’re not following
my vlog channel, I vlogged
the whole experience where I went to MIJU VAN Salon. And they transformed me. And today, with my purple hair, I thought it would be
appropriate to try BLACKPINK Jisoo’s makeup with the help of… – Ivan!
– Hi! Hi, guys. – This is our first collab ever.
– I’m so excited. I know. We’ve done like
the Christmas swap. – Yeah.
– But we’ve never filmed – a video together.
– Never. – So sad.
– So, I’m so excited. – Yes.
– Yay! So, he’s gonna transform me. And we’re gonna go all out. Like my hair is purple. I’m gonna wear contacts
for the very first time. – Yay!
– And we’ll see how it goes. He filmed a Jennie
makeup tutorial. – So…
– I did, I did. Click up there. – I’ll teach you how to open it.
– Okay. So, a lot of them
come in vials likes this. Sometimes they come in like
little plastic packets. So, you see where… Captions provided by Usually, there’s like an arr…
Oh, see where the arrow is? Just like peel upwards. Okay. – Ugh.
– You never opened this before? – No, I’ve never done this before!
– You’re so funny. Oh my god, can you? – I’ll open it for you.
– Okay, cool. Oh, wow! It peels off like that and then
the contacts are inside. – And then you just like go like this?
– Yeah. – I’m just kidding. No.
– And stamp it. Okay, oh, let me grab you
a fresh contact case. Okay. I’m gonna try
to open this on my own. – Okay.
– I think I can do it. Careful. – I can’t do it.
– Nails, no? – I can’t do it.
– Okay. – What color is this?
– Pink. – Pink lenses.
– For BLACKPINK. Black, oh… – And I’m wearing black.
– Yeah, we’re going for… Yeah, we’re going for
a very specific look. – We are.
– I think her stage makeup. This one right here. I even brought
my BLACKPINK cushion. Because I thought it would be
appropriate for this tutorial. Okay, so, – You have nails on, huh?
– I do. Oh, you’re gonna make me do this. – I’m gonna do this.
– Oh, I have to put it in for you? No, no, no. I don’t know,
I’ve never done this before. Does it hurt? – No.
– Is it glass or is it… – This?
– Uh huh. – No, it’s like soft gel.
– Oh, okay. I can put it in for you if… – Maybe…
– Oh my gosh, it’s so pink. Yeah. Twenty minutes later,
here we are. I now have, pink brown? – Pinky brown
– Mhmm. Yay! Okay let me pull up
the picture that we’re tryna… – Yes.
– recreate real quick. Ah, okay. Yeah. All right and then
I’m actually gonna… – I look so different already.
– Yeah, you do. – I’m gonna remove your eyebrow.
– Okay. What did you use today? – Benefit Browcara.
– Hm. It’s pretty good. Wow! Joan has a really good skin so she doesn’t need
that much stuff. No, I don’t. – She doesn’t need much of everything.
– No, compared to Ivan, no. I’m breaking out right here.
So please ignore these two. It’s not even big. – I’m gonna use a sponge, a puff
– Mhmm. and then your favorite cushion. – Yes, the Moonshot BLACKPINK.
– I’ll start with the face. – Shall we take this out? Okay.
– Yeah. I’ve never
used this before so… It’s a mesh cushion. – Oh, so there’s product inside?
– Mhmm. – And it’s like…
– Can I tap it? Yeah. Do you wanna use the puff? I’m so curious
to see how this applies. Is it your favorite right now? – Right now, yes.
– Mm. Oh, this is kind of going
for the dewy look. Is it? It feels dewy
’cause you’re using a sponge. Captions provided by Yeah. Sponges apply it
just like very, very evenly. Finally I get to do your makeup. I know! You know Eddie’s
never done my makeup either. – Really? Why?
– Yeah! It’s fun.
You have a good face to work on. No, I have an unchanging face. – But Ivan’s up for the challenge.
– Yes. – We will change your face.
– Mhmm. Okay. – I’m gonna put this back for you.
– Wow, people were also
commenting, like, oh, my gosh,
it will be so awesome to see like, you, Eddie, me
and Sunny in one frame. – I think it’s gonna happen.
– Yeah, sure. – This summer.
– Let’s do it. – ‘Cause we’re all going to KCon.
– It’s gonna be a big frame though. It’s gonna be a big frame. – For all of us? Mhmm.
– Yeah. I don’t like too much coverage
under the eyes. I find that makes it look
even more tired than… – Mm.
– Yeah. And then for the guys,
my parents always said, it’s okay to put, to have like, dark circles
because it just shows that you’re working
hard in life. Good one. Captions provided by So old-fashioned. Mm. Do you like getting your makeup done? – Yeah, it feels good.
– Yeah? But I can never do it for other people. It’s easy. For you! No. Okay, so then I’m gonna use
the same, the same concealer but a lighter shade. This is 1.5. So usually for pimples,
you wanna use… a shade that’s either
a little bit darker or… – Lighter?
– Darker. Or regular skin tone because what it does is
it hides, it hides the acne. – Mm.
– Yeah. Ivan has perfect skin. It’s all right, thank you. All right, what’s next? What is next? There’s so much makeup you know what, we’re gonna film
his first vlog on his channel where we show his makeup collection. So if it’s up, I’ll link it if not just wait for it – Yeah.
– just subscribe to his channel. He’s really talented. I’m okay, thank you though. So I’m gonna use
a powder to set. What is it called? It’s by MAC,
it’s the light, light, Lightscapade Powder. So… if you want that very dewy look but you don’t want to use
like those – liquid highlighters…
– Mhmm. these are the best because… You’re using full face. – For the full face?
– Hm. So then you get that like
highlighted look but not too Okay. And then I’ll just
lightly contour – she doesn’t need that much.
– Contour all of it. Jisoo’s face is so small. Is she? Yeah. I feel like all of their faces
are really small. Yeah. I love BLACKPINK. I like BLACKPINK, too. – You like their new song?
– I do. Actually, when I was getting
my hair done yesterday we played
all of BLACKPINK’s songs. – It was great.
– Yeah. It’s so good. It’s the “Too Cool for School”
you like. I do. I like the contour. I feel like, as a beginner,
that one really like… It’s just so easy to use. And it’s cheap. Like, you won’t like, like when you apply,
you won’t over apply. It’s so nice to use. Joan has a baby face. Facetime. Baby face. – A baby face?
– Yeah. It’s like she’s not,
she looks like she’s never aged. – Oh, what?
– Yeah. No, I… I’ve definitely aged. Oh, my gosh,
my license photo. Oh, my god. Did you ever show them? No, I did not. I just look so dark. Yeah, because – California is so hot.
– Mhmm. Okay. I feel like I look the same since I was 15, but like you know, I was just… – many shades darker.
– Hm. I think you lost weight. – Did you?
– Yeah. Because I walk everywhere
in Korea. Ivan works five minutes away
from his apartment – and he drives.
– And drives. I’m really scared of the sun. She has like a really tall nose. Your nose is pretty tall. No, it’s not. People always comment saying
asking like, “Where did you get
your nose job?” I was like, “This is super flat,
like I did not get it done”. So, for me, like
I have a dent right here. That’s where I apply
a highlighter. – Oh!
– Yeah. So if you want this part
to look higher, you just pat on the highlighter. And… Wow, the nose looks
so different already. It’s high. How did you do that? I don’t know. But usually like I like to use,
like a clean brush to sort of like buff,
buff it out – Okay.
– So, it doesn’t look like… Too contoured? And it just makes everything
look more like seamless. And using a clean, dense brush you can take off
excess like powder since we layer it like
highlighter, powder layer, light concealer, it’s just nice
to take off everything because then when…
when you hug people and stuff you don’t want like, a lot of – to transfer.
– Shirts! Yeah. Oh, so just use a clean brush
and just buff it. So I’m gonna use
this Narsissist palette and then I’m gonna grab – maybe this…
– No, she is wearing blush. You can see. – Oh, yeah.
– Yeah. Yeah, she is, okay. Like it’s like a pinky,
peachy blush. Usually people do blush a lot. Mm. Actually it doesn’t matter. – Right?
– Yes. Up to you. Oh, disclaimer, too.
I’m not a makeup artist, okay? I’m not a makeup artist. But he is really good. – I’m gonna use the same blush
– Okay. On just the lid also. – Mhmm.
– To warm it up. Sometimes when use the same
contour shade onto your eyelids, it’s just hides
everything together. And makes it, more like… I don’t know
what the word is, like, in synergy,
everything is like the same. I don’t like it
when I see people, look like
different color contour. compared to the rest of their face, which is weird. I mean that’s why people
also use like lipsticks for their blush – and their eyeshadow.
– ‘Cause it’s the same color. Right. How does she… – a lot of eye shadow
– Actually, yes. Don’t worry, we’ll get it. I will put
a lot of eye shadow today. I saw your video
where you did… Sunny’s makeup. And she titled it,
“My Boyfriend Does My Makeup” – And she… Everyone thinks
– That’s so funny. that you guys
are actually dating. – That’s so funny.
– No. No we’re not. – It’s so funny though.
– And everybody’s like, “I ship them, I ship them.” Yeah, I get that with every guy
that appears in my vlog. – Yeah.
– I’m like, “Oh, no guys”. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Not happening. Her eyes are really brown
for her hair color, but.. – Her?
– Hm. Yeah, they are. ‘Cause, usually, with cooler
colored hair – like purple is a cool color.
– Hmm. Usually, people go for a topy… A topy color.
And then when you have red hair, then you can use
like a warmer color brown. Hmm. What brown mascara
did you used to brand? I use Up You. But currently,
I’m using benefit. I like them both actually. Up You has like
a really thin applicator, which I like. Like it’s like kinda pinky… Pinkish, reddish… – It’s like rose gold.
– Hmm. Let’s do that. Okay. So I have the
Meet Matte Trimony Pallete. These are all matte colors. – Ooh.
– Um, let’s do… Like this red one
right here? Lightly though. Oh, theBalm. I like theBalm… Same. It’s theBalm. – It’s theBalm.
– Oh, sorry. The probably wear longer makeup
than this huh? When they’re performing and stuff. Yeah probably. – They look so perfect on stage.
– They do. You wanna look up for me. Tilt your head down
and look at me… How does it feel wearing
contacts for the first time. – It feels weird.
– Yeah? Like every time I look at myself
I’m like, “Whoa.” Who are you? Who is she? What color do you usually do
for your own make-up? – Brown. Hmm.
– Brown? Like a warm brown or cool brown? – Um, both.
– Hmm. I’m not very adventurous. – But it comes to makeup.
– You have a good face, – to try makeup too.
– Thank you! No, you really should. I definitely need to practice more. But I’m just so lazy. Look good. I’m gonna line the whole bottom
with the pink color, too. Let’s see, okay, and… It’s cute because whenever
I’m watching your videos, – your cat is walking
– Yeah. behind you, but… – Today she’s sleepy.
– Yeah. So we’re gonna use
the combination of these two colors right here. And we’re gonna create
like a fake, fake wing sort of. Oh, okay. Oh, cause she doesn’t use
that much eye liner. – She doesn’t, that’s why.
– Must be nice. I know right. What do you plan to do
when your in LA right now? Today? Like in general. Hang out with you. I’ve been hanging out with Ivan
like everyday. It’s fun. We either…
We’re pretty chill though. -We don’t like do anything…
– Yeah. – I know.
– Look up. – Just stay at the salon.
– Yeah. And we just clicked. Our personalities
are very like similar. – for some reason.
– ENFP, ENFJ. – Yeah.
– One letter apart. And then after
you’re done with that. Just grab this, like a,
like a clean blending brush. And then just like
lightly go over everything – so it looks more blended.
– Hmm. Hmm, she has some… Let me… She has liner… So for her liner, she lines the inner corners,
so look up. The bottom. And the corner. Going to the middle. I’ve never done this before.
Like this? Yeah, that’s good. – And just wing it, like…
– Like small wing. Like this? Yeah. I’ve never used… I don’t really use pencil,
I just use like a brush liner. – Oh?
– How’s that? – That’s good.
– Yeah? And then, the other side too. Yeah. It’s easier to do like
eye liner on your own eyes, than somebody doing it. It’s like really hard. – Okay.
– Yeah. Let me see. Okay. And then, I’m gonna
clean up the sides and make it a little bit sharper Like sharper? Yeah. I noticed that. Yes. That’s normal. It’s not easy to make that. Look what he has. All the swatches on my hand. And then use a concealer. – Ah! Smart.
– Yeah. And then sort of like… Captions provided by – Whoa.
– And then for the outer corner of the lower lash line, use a neut-tone pencil. And look up for me. Just the outer third,
right here. And it just really
makes the eyes look longer. – Like gold…
– I feel like she’s not even wearing lashes. – Is she? She is?
– Mm. She is. But we don’t have to
wear lashes though. – Yeah.
– You don’t have to. And then like,
this pickman from… What’s it called? E.L.F.? – ELF?
– Yeah, that… – I saw. Someone was like,
– I know. “Why does he call it ELF?
It makes it sound fancier.” That’s good. I like it. I really like E.L.F.,
some products. – ELF.
– Like a half half. Okay, look up. So then we’re gonna make the… What is it called, the fat pads? – What?
– The fat pads under the eyes. Eye pillows? The fat pads. I think everyone calls it
something different. Eye pillow? Is this what they’re called? I thought it was called
an eye pillow. – That’s cute.
– I don’t know. Okay, we’ll make
the eye pillows better with this shimmer color. You know like all
of Girls Generation have like really cute ones. – You hoard so much makeup.
– I do. Like what the heck. You know like I hate
putting on mascara because it’s such a pain
to remove. So I only apply it on the bottom – to make look like it’s full.
– Yeah. – I think that’s all you need.
– Yeah, right? You don’t need to apply on top. Yeah! – All right, lipstick time?
– Yes. Do you have technique
of doing lipstick? I really don’t. So for lipstick
I’m gonna use NARS Kia This is one of my
favorite colors – because it’s so vibrant.
– I think I have… Really? Hang on, it’s back here. Captions provided by I just like tap it
and like layer it on. Do you need to… Do you too use lip balm? Not really. I don’t. Right? It’s like her color. Yeah, yeah. Same. – Wow!
– You look so different. I can’t believe… She has a very pronounced like
cupid’s bow. I think she’s using
one of the Moonshot lip feats though. Yeah, she would. Yeah. Their makeup artist probably
uses all like Moonshot, right? ‘Cause I see on the
Moonshot Instagram, they have like, – what they use and everything.
– Yeah. Your lips are pretty small too. They’re a little bit tiny lip. I’m gonna bring
Moonshot for him. – When I go to Korea.
– Yeah, so I can try it. You haven’t tried anything? So, like to…
I usually like to use a layer of powder
just around the lips just to like make sure
like everything stays in place – Okay.
– And if you wanna like a smaller lip, you probably will conceal, so it just makes it like, it’s just extra insurance,
basically. Captions provided by I’m gonna highlight. Again I’m not a makeup artist. So, please, please be kind
in the comment section. Yes, please be kind. I’m using the Artclass
by Rodin highlighter. And I’m using
the pinky-er parts, to highlight the cheeks. She’s very highlighted. Here, here, here. Okay. And then the golden part, you just highlight the nose and the brow bone. And then we did it. Right? We finished! Oh, let me put… – Okay.
– I want you to wear this. What should I wear? Oh, you look so BLACKPINK. – Ah, I wish.
– Yeah. No it’s really cute. – Oh, my gosh.
– This was a Jisoo inspired
BLACKPINK makeup. I know a lot of you guys
want like close-ups – but we only have one camera.
– Yeah. So, I hope you guys
enjoyed watching. Thank you, Ivan
for transforming me. No problem. I had a lot of fun. – Yeah.
– And um, we’ll probably do more
videos in the future. We will. – Yay!
– Yeah. Check out his channel
for the Jenny tutorial. – On my face.
– It looks so good. Yeah.
It’s not really like a collab. I was just sitting
right behind you. She was sitting next,
like behind me, talking – Yeah.
– We were just chilling in the salon. I’ll try my best
to link all the products in the description box. I’m gonna ask you to… Or you could just link
similar ones. Yes, similar ones. Okay. And, yeah, I’ll see you guys
in my next video. – Annyeong!
– Bye! Captions provided by


  1. I am a beginner as far as contour, highlight,bronzer, eyeshadow etc.
    I am really not sure what brushes to buy, if anyone could give me some advice about where and what brands they recommend that would be super helpful.

  2. 원래 자막 없이 보는데 한국어 자막하신분 남자분이신가봐용 없는 말 지어내시네…ㅎㅎ 다크써클 있어도 괜찮다는 부분에 굳이 남자인 경우에만 괜찮다고 쓰셨네용…굳이^^ 여자도 괜찮은디용ㅎㅎ

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