blair waldorf “gossip girl” makeup & hair tutorial

blair waldorf “gossip girl” makeup & hair tutorial

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hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel for today’s video I’m recreating an
iconic Blair Waldorf look from season two of Gossip Girl
we got the makeup and the hair and you might notice my hair is a little bit
darker and typically in my videos I switch up my hair color by just using
basically spray in hair paint that washes right out or I use wigs but I
haven’t actually colored my own hair for like a year and the state of my hair
prior to dying in a little bit darker was very brassy and quite dry from the
Sun so I thought it was time for a change and I’m so excited to be working
with Moroccan oil on this video and I’m showing you guys how to use at the color
depositing masque this is in the shade Coco as you’ll see but what I love about
this product is they combined at care and color so you’re getting a gradual
fade out color while also getting the nourishing benefits of argan oil which
is in all of the Moroccan oil products and more about the mask before I show
you how I applied it there are seven different shades and a really helpful
guide that lets you know what’ll work best for your starting color for me is
starting with light brown I was choosing between a Coco and Bordeaux and I
decided to go with Coco because I thought it was more Blair and I think
it’s a great fall color since I’m going with a subtle enough change I didn’t go
ahead and do a strand test but if you’re starting with lighter hair and you want
to try out a shade like aquamarine or hibiscus then I definitely recommend
doing a small section and seeing how your hair responds a but here’s me and
doing my full head start off with clean a towel dried hair and next section your
hair to make sure you’re covering each section thoroughly with the mask I split
my hair into three sections on either side I started with the back strands and
then moved forward and you can just use your hands up because the color totally
comes off skin which is awesome just first evenly and comb through with a
wide toothed comb then just wait five to seven minutes I did the full seven rinse
out and here’s the color comparison starting from light brown to this coco
rich medium brown also this mask while having color in it still manages to
smell really nice and exotic and I’m just super happy it would tell this
whole look turned out so if you enjoy this video make sure you give it a
thumbs up and subscribe for more pop culture videos also there will be linked
down below too masks if you’re interested and let’s
just get started with this makeup and then we’ll move on to the curls I
started this makeup look with my favorite foundation already on the
Charlotte Tilbury at light wonder foundation in shape – I do have a
chemical burn that I took a while to cover really gently off screen so that
part was skipped but this foundation is beautiful and I’ll start videos from the
beginning soon I promise and then to highlight I’m using touches of the Tarte
shape tape in the lightest shade I’m accenting the chin to be a bit wider and
rounder brightening up around the nose and also on the cheekbones flare has
very prominent cheekbones and apples of the cheek so we’re gonna have fun with
that in today’s tutorial and I am just blending out and one of my favorite
powders that I can’t forgot about is the hourglass veil powder and my skin does
have some texture where that burn is but the rest of the skin it looks a really
nice with this powder it’s super silky and in my recreation photo at Blair is
quite pale but she does have some color so I’m using the benefit hoola light
bronzer and starting to sculpt the apples of the cheeks by bringing this in
a rounded motion all the way to the side the nose and bringing in that color to
the forehead to now deepening up that cheek contour are
still in a rounded motion with my favorite the Kevin Taquan sculpting
powder for a Blair inspired nose contour Layton has a cute tip with two divots
and then a thinner nose bridge than I do so I’m starting by adding a small shadow
to accent the tip there I’m really just looking at a photo and adding in subtle
shadows that I see if you want to do like a recreation photo I recommend
finding a really great photo of the actress like a headshot and just working
off one image because in different lighting shadows change so it’s just
easiest that way and I’m deepening up between the eyes and nose for more of a
deep set I look and I love Layton’s deep sultry big brown eyes so I’m adding a
small shadow under the lash line and a rounded shape as well blush I went with
this buxom wonder it wunderlist one wanderlust I don’t know I have
trouble saying that primer infused blush and Blair usually has very flushed
cheeks so I’m going to kind of hand with this you can always tone it down but
when the whole look is together it does balance out I promise
and also I always use the Charlotte Tilbury at Beauty Light one to make the
skin glow and add more dimension it’s a very well-loved product of mine as you
can see but on the nose it just really it helps make the contour it look more
realistic and I thought it was really cool that in this look Blair had a
golden highlight and it wasn’t a lot lighter than her skin tone it kind of
blended into the deeper blush so I went with Ibiza by NARS filling in my brows a
tiny bit to give them more shape this show featured more thin brows than super
full brows but hers were still very natural-looking had a bit of an arch so
I just went with shade 3 and am using benefits of goof proof brow for a change
I’ve been using precisely my brow a ton recently but I forgot how quick and easy
this one was to and throw back let me know if you guys watched my channel when
I did all the live-action Cinderella videos this matte collection was my
everything I remember I like ran to the store first thing in the morning and
they have all these shades that sold separately still so you can use whatever
you have in your collection but I started with Cory and a bit of
megha in the inner and outer crease on the outer crease I’m fading it into a V
and kind of going on a downward angle to help get her eye shape and on the inner
and outer lid I added satin taupe such a classic Mac old YouTube shade and in the
center are brightening up with a light shadow with some shimmer to it you can
go with a silver or a light pearly shade like this one finally at the deepest
shade stroke of midnight or you know any deep purple to deepen up the look and
accent the roundness of the eye liner is super easy just take a deep shadow like
shadowy lady and add some setting spray on an angled brush and then I like to
Pat this as a liner mainly on the inner and outer lash line it’s subtle you can
add it on the waterline as well or use a liner if you want to and I used a Too
Faced better than sex mascara I have this one with faux diamonds and I just
thought it was fun I love to grab this one solely because the packaging and it
is a great mascara but that’s why I keep grabbing for it it’s just sparkly and I
use a tiny bit on the top and then I’m coating the bottom lashes too lastly I
used Charlotte Tilbury Bond girl lipstick and I love the applicator I’m
creating a less prominent V for my Cupid’s bow with a rounded upper lip
more than my own less of a full bottom lip to help emulate flare a little more
but whatever you choose to do for your lip shape this is a really nice everyday
shade and over top I was in between two bosses I ended up going with an old
favorite this is the buxom machine Hailey
you love hope tingly these are and I forgot but I added some satin taupe
under the bottom lashline and to finish off the eye and there is my blair
inspired makeup wearable glam and stay tuned for blair girls we’ve got the natural glam makeup on and
Blair’s curls for my inspiration we’re a mix of facing towards the face and away
mainly towards from the back of the hair and then away from the front and usually
I use a wand that’s my favorite way to curl my hair but I did pick up a curling
iron and I’m just rolling the hair upwards holding for a couple seconds and
when you release the curl spray with a higher hold hairspray to enhance the
ringlets type of shape see how I pulled apart and then sprayed the curl it does
allow for the curl to be less way down in the hairspray to coat with in the
curl to hold the shape so that’s just a quick tip you can do pin curls for
lasting ringlets but I wanted this to be more of a quick doable look and my hair
is long and thin and it actually does not hold medium sized curls very well so
you’ll see how I make my hair it look a lot thicker and fuller in the end but if
your hair is shorter and layered like Blair’s all you’ll need to do is curl
and spray add a black satin headband with a sideways bow and I’m pretty sure
Blair wears hers on the right side but I like mine on the left so sorry to be a
little inaccurate there but here’s where you take a fine-tooth comb and very
gently back home.the front to make it just fuller and fluffier and then twist
and pin backwards and if you have longer hair you can build up the volume around
the face by pinning up some of the curls my hair is long enough that I can pinch
the scalp behind my ear and an X and then it will stay that way again a bit
of teasing throughout the curls on the underside you want to keep this subtle
because as I said Blair is very put-together and polished but you can
already see how much fuller the hair looks I pin the hair for a recreation
photo but leaving your own length is more practical and here is the finished
look I hope you enjoyed this Blair Waldorf
tutorial and if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for
more pop culture videos I try to post every week sometimes videos take a
little bit longer like for example finding this top was really hard i found
something similar on Poshmark and then i just like cut up off the neckline
ordered this little Thai scarf made my own little sleeves here and then added a
bow to this headband so it took a little bit of DIY but I love boss of girl and I
think my last video I did inspired by the show was years ago from inspired by
Serena van der Woodsen so if you want to watch that go ahead but I’m really young
in it and it’s kind of funny now but I still have that teal jacket and I wear
it all the time that’s like one of my favorite pieces that I own also if you
ever tag me um when you try out a style make sure you do an Instagram because I
love featuring you guys in my videos so here are a couple of my favorite photos
you sent in and everything will be linked down below like this awesome
Moroccanoil depositing mask as well as all the makeup products used and I have
my vlog channel linked down there and I recently it did a New York vlog so if
you’re looking for more Gossip Girl vibes head over there to watch and I’ll
see you my next video


  1. Omg was following your channel right from your first Blair Waldorf inspired school makeup look! Love you so much Jackie, always keen for some throwbacks πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

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  5. Yaaaas I'm so glad I planted this seed in your head I love it thank you so much you look gorgeous and thanks again for the tutorial I love gossip girl πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  6. My favourite TV show with my favourite character. The best thing ever. Jackie, you are the best, because I was wating for this turorial for so long but didn't believe that one day may dream came troue. Thank you for making me so happy.

  7. the contouring thing does not work for me unless I'm inside all day or for a social event. The nose contour comes off when I go outside because I wear sunglasses and my eyes are sensitive so I can't go without wearing them

  8. Phalguni Sharma (India)
    Hey Jackie even I like cocoa flavour, well actually I used it for lip balm of Lakme from then I loved it so much for it looks beautiful on my lips but poor me it's not available anymore. But for you ( a make-up tutorial) every colour looks beautiful on you and I love your hair. Hey, I have been waiting for you to show me Elsa's look, I am definitely sure cause there's nothing difficult for you and you will look wonderful. So please Jackie get ready for it.

  9. Waouh it's really a good makeup. Can you make a tutorial for Serena please? I know you did it years ago but a new one can be a idea πŸ˜‰

  10. I love your recreation videos, and I appreciate you lots, but I have to say that it is room for improvement.
    Like can you please please slow down a little bit, make it more of a tutorial, I find it hard to keep up and I feel like your cuts are made so often that it gets hard to follow and I don't get to see the things that you do for long enough that I can decompose the movement and recreate.
    Also onw more technical detail it would be if you could just shift the camera a little, film yourself frontally more rather than sideways it makes it also difficult to follow, especially when you do the nose contour which I am always curious about imppssible to keep up with, particularly when it is both cut, speeded up and sideways, I like to learn from your tutorials but as I said it gets harder and then I replay and rewatch and still feel like I haven't got the hang of it.
    All the love Jackie. ❀❀

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    I just made a video about me dressing and living like Blair Waldorf in New York πŸ—½ ❀️

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