Blonde Highlights Gone Wrong - Major Color Correction 😱 How to Fix Spotty Hair Color

Blonde Highlights Gone Wrong – Major Color Correction 😱 How to Fix Spotty Hair Color

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hey what's up welcome to my youtube channel today I have a major color correction and I'm going to be sharing exactly how I tackle this color correction and how you can tackle color Corrections in yourself so stay tuned what's up guys thanks for watching this video I'm so excited to get into this color correction that we have today it is insane this is actually one of my old clients I used to do and she went to somebody new and you know things just didn't go as planned so we're going to be tackling this color correction but I want this to know that I actually not a color encryption video on how to set yourself up for success when it comes to color Corrections I'm gonna link it in the description box below that's a great video to watch before you even tackle a color correction and then this one is actual technique that goes behind it so I'm excited you diamond let's get started alright so this is our starting canvas you guys can see we've got a little bit of bleed marks in there some spot enos just some unevenness kind of all over so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna go through we're gonna highlight her hair but we're gonna be really really gentle to make sure that we're not you know over lightening sections and just really taking care of the damage in her hair and just fixing her up so things like this totally happen in real life you know with cosmetologist I've definitely done stuff like this before so I'm excited to take care of my client and to just get her hair to a really healthy natural state alright so for her I'm actually gonna be mixing up two different developers of lightning I'm gonna start with 30 for her darker hair and then I'm gonna do like a five volume for the other one just because I want to make sure that we're not over lightening anything but that's gonna be for kind of our oranjee pieces and any of those like brassy pieces so we'll start with 30 and then like I said of 5 or about 1/8 volume and then we might move up to 35 and about a 10 volume when we get up there but you guys are probably asking me how do you create a five volume so there's actually two ways that you can do this and so this will be our 30 and this will be our 5 so I'm going to do is I'm going to take 10 volume and what you can do is you can actually just meet there add a little bit more oil flex into it or you could add a little bit of water instead of developer 2 because the lightener is gonna lift on its own and so sometimes just water is enough of an activation but for her because we've got a little damage going on I'm going to use just more olaplex then it would normally so normally I would do just about a sixteenth of an ounce right here would be about half of this but instead I'm gonna do an eighth of an ounce and that's gonna bump our developer and strength down just a little bit more and for her I'm actually I'm gonna do a little bit of a low light so I did decided to do color on 7n from gold well and so this gonna pump some that in there and even with her low light formula I am going to add in olaplex into this formula just because we might as well treat while we're working so I am gonna put a little bit of olaplex into this and the great thing about all of us is you can add it into any formula one all right so I want to start my highlights kind of in the back and then I work my way forward and then we do this side so I'm gonna start kind of in her crown area and this is seems to be kind of where it is the worst you know you can see there's definitely a little bit of spotting going on so what we're gonna do is this could seem really stressful and this can seem like overwhelming but we're just gonna take each section by each section and not stress about it too much and that's the greatest thing about doing foils is I can really tackle each piece of hair inside each foil now the hardest thing that's gonna be about doing this is she doesn't have a lot of roots so we're just gonna again tackle each piece by piece and not really worry about it too much but you guys can see in here and there's a little bit of shine so and be kind of hard to see but she's got some warmth kind of in here she's got some of her additional like low lights and things so I'm actually gonna create this piece I'm gonna start with a low light just because I don't want it to slip or anything so I'm gonna start with the low light just to start off and then we'll move on to a high light next all right so now I'm down to my next section and you guys I'm kind of doing like finer highlights a little bit more baby light type stuff just because I want to be gentle with her hair and I'm a weave out some of these low lights that she has but my biggest thing to tackle is kind of the bleed marks and we are gonna go back in between the foils and do stuff so it's not a big deal you know we don't get every single hair in the foil it's more so just to create that new highlight pattern and just to be gentle with it so I'm gonna go in with my 30 volume to start and I'm just gonna kind of tackle her darker hair areas kind of these low lights established under that foil and I'm gonna weave some of these guys out the reason why I like using this brush is because it's almost like a weeding comb inside of a Potter brush this one is from Ray Mar it's like one of my favorite brushes to use absolutely love it and it allows me to go back in and leave some of these guys out here so I'm just gonna kind of tackle this also being really careful not to you know pull through some of that blonde that she has in here but we don't want there to be now like an additional bleed mark down here at the end so she's got like a little light that went all the way through so now we're gonna pull it through so things like this can be a little bit more challenging it's obviously gonna take a little bit more time than a normal highlight but you guys know this is a color correction so it's gonna take more time but at the end of the day it'll be worth it so I'm just gonna continue down the hair and I'll continue to share with you guys what we're doing alright so I have finished the back and now I'm working my way forward you guys can see I actually do my foils backwards so I'm kind of one of those weird peoples that does it backwards but this is a really good section we've got a little bit of spot enos in there some of her old low lights that are in there so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna weed this and I just kind of weave in a very natural powder and you don't like pick up the same pieces every time so I'm gonna weave that out grab my foil we're gonna lock it into place and you guys can see we've got some some old stuff going on so I'm gonna take my five-volume first and I'm gonna apply it to kind of some of this like a little bit of oranjee and this is gonna help protect this hair as I apply my 30 volume so we're just kind of applying it in there and now I'm going to take my 30 volume and apply it kinda to her root area just kind of tap that in there and then I'm gonna grab her little lights that we have and again so I love this brush because I can do this grab her old low lights and I'm just going to kind of push it down in here now some what people might say like oh you're overlapping but I'm really not overlapping on any of this it's kind of just creating a little space for that a little bit of darkness in there so it's not a big deal and just kind of doing this so again we are using olaplex just to make sure that we're staying really healthy but it's not bad and now we've got that 30 volume in there we've got that five volume in there and even the reason why I did five volume was in case that 30 volumes did kind of overlap into that or touch that it's not gonna be a big deal because the five volume is kind of protecting it so we'll knock us well into place and then we'll continue on and I'm gonna do probably a little light for this next one I've been doing for her little lights about two to one so the forever two highlights we do a low light and that's just gonna create some dimension back in her hair because we don't want her to be platinum platinum blonde so you guys can see we have some old low lights here and again I just kind of weed naturally I don't pick up the same pieces sometimes I will weave out low lights or highlights things like that but this time I'm not really worried about it so now we're going to this and this one's a little bit easier to section but we're gonna do this as a low light and sometimes what I'll do too is I'll just pull the low light through to about the mid shaft and kind of feather out the ends but we are going to pull it all the way through because again we just want to give her some dimension in there and you guys can see these sections aren't super thick they're not going to be chunky chunky low lights they're going to be rather thin because they're almost like a baby light section so we're going to continue down her Mohawk and then when we get around to the front I won't share with you guys that all right so we have gotten to the front of our hair and you guys can see we have a little bit of some warmth in here some a little bit more bleed marks on this side so we're gonna be really careful and just paying close attention but I'm gonna get her hairline really good so I'm gonna do these little baby hairs and what I did was actually took my toils and I folded them in half or pour them in half so now I have these little baby foils that I can use around her hairline so we'll take these little guys and you guys can see she's got some depth in there and this wasn't touched by lighting or anything before so we're just gonna go right here and this is gonna create some really nice little baby lights sister on her face so that it grows out really really nicely for her so we'll hold this guy and I like using small coils like this because it just helps me get in there nice and tight and I'll have a huge oil is holding up so that'll be our little corner there and I'm actually gonna do probably one in here just because we've got some of this funkiness going on so I want you to know – and I'm doing highlights like this especially when it comes to color Corrections is I'm customizing this for every client every client's hair lines a little bit different everything's a little bit unique so we're gonna take each situation and just kind of customize it to each client no two hair lines are the same so here you guys can see we've got some warmth in here then we got some old low light so I'm gonna show you guys a little trick that what I do – so go in with my 30 volume just to kind of tackle that root area and obviously we want to tackle some of this low light so I'm gonna leave it out with my brush here I'm gonna take that little baby foil again and I'm gonna put it up in here I'm gonna take it and I'm actually gonna put it down and see you guys can see now it separated out that little light and I can fully paint that low light in here and not feel like I have to worry about it touching all that other stuff now we're gonna pull this oil like we normally would and we're good to go all right so now we're around to our hairline now this has already been light pretty darn good so I'm just gonna take some baby baby lowlights or baby baby highlights and get them up in here nothing too crazy okay so we've got a little bit of depth in there so I'm just gonna kind of baby like this right around her face and I do use a regular size foil for this but obviously we're being gentle because she had just recently gotten this lightning so like we don't even need to apply Lightner kind of right in there so just kind of more at this little bottom corner here where she's got the depth there's a smooth ring right there a bit right in there and that's it and I'm gonna do something I go back work my way back and then we're gonna kind of come down this way alright so I ended up mixing up some gold wall color on seven na and 7n and I'm actually going to go through in between her foils and I'm gonna apply it to kind of her root area and what this is gonna do is it's gonna kind of get rid of a lot of this warmth that we have in there and it's just gonna blend everything together so I'm just gonna go through kind of apply it in there we're just gonna drag it down about maybe two three inches and again this is just gonna get rid of any of those bleed marks that she has left over that we didn't catch in a foil and just really drive down her natural color in between that get rid of that warm band alright so we just finished applying all her foils we went through and did that base in between you guys can see we have some in there it's processing we're gonna pull out foils when they are ready and we're just going to let her process okay so we just finished rinsing her out I did do olaplex number two on her for about 10-15 minutes just to let it you know get in there really good and but you guys can see it already looks amazing so what I am gonna do I'm gonna do a so light tiny tiny toner on here her root shadow that we did kind of in between and oils did tone it a little bit because there was something that 7na but there's just a smidge bit of warmth in there so what I'm gonna do is I mixed up color odds 10 P and 9 and I'm just gonna kind of apply it to this kind of root area and it's not gonna be a shadow root but it's just gonna be a slight bit of a toner so we're just going to apply that through and let that process just for a few few minutes guys I'm applying this without gloves you know use gloves don't do what I do all right so I'm gonna use the color care shampoo on her and we're going to shampoo her and then I'm going to do the color cosmetics go for it and this is going to help close down the pH of her hair and really just make it really healthy shiny it's gonna help us comb it out too she has a little bit of damage but it's really going to make a huge difference so we'll shampoo her I don't put that alright so now I'm going to put on the color parasitic no prints as you can see I'm gonna apply this pretty generously to her hair I love this product as it actually goes through the hair really well but I multiplied it pretty generously and then I just kind of use my fingers to kind of break it into that hair but you guys can see that it's already like detangling her hair and it's really gonna be a huge difference in how her hair feels and just how it does over time but this is going to help make this color last the toners we put in that root shadow color we put in to kind of cover up those bleed marks but it's also going to make it super super soft and shiny and it's going to make a huge difference this would be a go-to for any color correction or now all righty so here's our final result you guys that look so good it looks so blended it actually feels really really healthy she had done a great job of maintaining it with olaplex and some joy cooked a pack in between but it feels really good you guys can see how blended it looks and that root shadow in between the foil really helped us blend everything out get rid of some of that bleed marks and any of those like warm tones in there but you guys can see it this is really really a beautiful and I'm really happy with how it turned out and how it feels all right guys thank you so much for watching this video I hope that it was helpful for you and remember I have that other color correction video on how to set yourself up for success when it comes to color Corrections before the client even walks in the door that's in the description box below you're not gonna want to miss that one too and I hope that you guys learn something from this video leave it in the comment box below what your favorite thing was from this video and one technique that you're gonna take back to the salon as you move forward as always make sure to hit that subscribe button below I'm sharing lots of videos about my techniques I use in the salon plus tons of business vice and techniques too thanks again for watching this video and I can't wait to hear from you guys in the comments and I'll see you guys next time you


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