Bobbi Brown On Natural Makeup Trends, Reinventing Herself

Bobbi Brown On Natural Makeup Trends, Reinventing Herself

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It didn’t realize that what I was doing
actually changed the face of makeup and the course of the beauty industry. And
that’s pretty cool to look back, you know, and think that and, you know, if I ever
get back into the beauty industry I plan on doing it again. In a very different
way. I’ve been in love with makeup since I was a little kid. I used to watch my mom do her makeup and I used to actually do makeup on myself when I was in high
school and I never wanted anyone to know is wearing makeup. I just wanted to look
prettier. So like that’s how I started and after two different colleges and
telling my mom I wanted to drop out, she basically said to me what would I want
to do if it was my birthday? I could do anything I wanted. And all I could think
of was go to Marshall Fields and play with makeup. She said why don’t you go to college and study makeup. There was not a program but I found Emerson College and I studied theatrical makeup. I created my own degree which now they’re calling “entrepreneurial.” The secret sauce is just knowing what you love, taking chances and I love doing things that I don’t know
anything about. But just doing it something different. Moved to New York and I opened up the Yellow Pages and started calling modeling agencies and photographers and just showed my book and eventually someone took a chance and hired me. And I fell in love with fashion. So I started working as a makeup artist
for photographers and models on fashion shows, magazines. It was the 80s and the makeup was white, skin red lips, contoured cheeks and I just didn’t think it was pretty. I’d always have to mix all my makeup in my kit when I would be on shoots because you couldn’t buy makeup that looked natural. One day I met a chemist and I told him about this idea I had to make a lipstick
that was the color of my lips. And that was the start of it. It was really
radical and a very famous makeup artist said to me, “this makeup isn’t going to
work. If you really want to stay in the industry, you better stop doing the
natural, healthy makeup” but he was wrong. So from that first lipstick I decided
I really needed 10 and I don’t know why. I picked 10. But I started to kind of
think about all the different women I knew and from different countries you know models babysitter’s friends. And I had looked at everyone’s lips and I
made a collection. And I started selling them out of my house to friends, to
models. I just so happened to meet this nice woman and I asked her what she did
and she told me she was a cosmetics buyer for Berdorf Goodman. I told her about my new idea for a line and she said “Alright. Let’s take it.” One of the many reasons we sold was we
knew that with our lack of experience, you know, we- to align with partners that
knew how to grow a cosmetics business you know, the things we don’t know was
you know was everything. That was a certainly one of those moments where you realize “oh my god I did this.” But I’m also the kind of
person. I never I never rest on my laurels and I never stop and think “wow
this is so cool.” I’m always on to the next. So my job was to figure out how can
I keep the company exactly how I wanted it. Even after someone else bought it. I’d
go to work thinking it’s mine. So that’s why I stayed so long. That’s why I was
probably difficult because I cared about every little detail. Things that probably
big corporations don’t care about. I cared about the people. I cared about you
know every little detail. I do what I’m really good at and one of the things for
me as a business woman I know what I’m not good at. But I’d like to have people
around me that are. It’s making your own rules. So making your own rules. Is just
doing what you think is right and trying to do things different and being it
that’s what being an entrepreneur is, reinventing. Mickey Drexler was probably is probably
the guy that taught me the most. Because I think I struggled a little bit when I
was you know part of a corporation if I should act a certain way, you know, do I
act this way? Or do I act myself? And Mickey kind of gave me permission to be
myself. I always really believed that it’s about being who you are. But making
yourself not even better but just being your best self. Now I look back and I call him the “magic
years” and the people that worked with me we were a family. It was it was like
nothing you’ve ever seen. But towards the end I would say the last, you know, two to
four years were pretty rough but I think the last year was was really
tough. And that’s when you know I had an idea of what I thought company the
direction that should go in and some other people had other thoughts. And it
was time for me to leave because I just don’t want to fight anymore and you know
what I knew that I wanted to be the boss again. And I wanted to do something
completely different. And be in the new world because there’s a whole new world
happening in retail. Let me just say I’m very happy that we sold the company and
I’m happy that we sold the name. You know, is it weird that I walk around and
people still stop me and tell me you know different things and I always have
to say I’m no longer with the company? It’s a little weird but many founders
have left companies with their names and, you know, it’s just the way it is. I’m
still Bobby Brown. It’s my name. I can’t help it. Most of the time when I think
something’s gonna work, it does. If I don’t know it’s not gonna work, I might
change direction. So whatever I’m doing at the time, I feel confident that what
I’m doing is right. But if it’s not working I might be shifting a little bit
to do something different. You know, it’s easy to say I probably should have left
a couple years before I did but you know then I think about all the great things
that I did the last year or two that were you know that were worth it. So no I
have no regrets and all the tough times now I could look back and say “if I
didn’t go through that I wouldn’t be Who I am today.” Which is exciting about
starting a new company knowing everything I know from before.


  1. I'm looking for a girlfriend. Must be pretty, thicc and has 500 billion instagram followers. I will pay you $1.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this, As a guy I find her words inspirational, How you become a brand is what others can learn from this video

  3. Wow such an great artist Bobbi Brown and amazing business woman ! i'm here for everything she come up next

  4. I miss Bobbi Brown and her being at Bobbi Brown cosmetics. All the best to you and your new business venture 😘

  5. Bobbi Brown’s integrity has always been central to the brand…and she still has that. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

  6. If you ever was a Bobbi Brown customer you know when shift happened in the company’s direction. The last foundation I purchased from her line was several yrs ago. BB always had a huge range of complexion hues but this particular foundation was new to the market and she refused to release the hues meant for women of color until they got formulation right. That was her making sure her brand continued to meet the want her customers expected out of her line.

    Once the company started selling the line out of Sephora I new she wasn’t as much involved like she was.

  7. Natural beauty…We don't need the bronzers, blushes and highlight to look like a Dragqueen…We just need compact powder and lipstick like in the 80 and 90.

  8. DISGUSTING that your brand is not cruelty free…… You sell in China KNOWING FULL WELL that they test on animals…. As long as you know that anyone associated with your brand should not be able to call themselves animal lovers because yous definitely are not

  9. I bought my first tube of Bobbi’s lipstick at bergdorf in 1994. It was a nude and I walked into my bosses office and she said wow that lipstick is beautiful

  10. I don’t want to buy BB anymore as she is no longer associated with the brand….is it ethical to use her name when she is no longer with it☺️

  11. I once admired Bobbi Brown Cosmetics when Bobbi Brown was the CEO. Since she left the company has gone downhill and looks like every other cosmetic company. There is nothing unique about Bobbi Brown Cosmetics now. That"s so sad!

    What happened to Bobbi Brown is now happening to The Ordinary. The Ordinary's competitors are beating The Ordinary at their own game.

  12. The moment I found out that Bobbi Brown sold her company to Estee Lauder, that is when I stopped purchasing the cosmetics brand.  I find that there is a pattern that whenever Estee Lauder purchased another company, it always go down hill.

  13. I would have more respect if she had used older models (even sometimes) in her ads and on her site. She herself says she only likes to use young models. To me that says so much. The older gal just isn’t it for her. Sad.

  14. Why are there thumbs down to this positive post? Go away haters. This is a great video….very inspiring!!!

  15. This is so sad, the Bobbi Brown brand is like her baby and she must have so much struggle to left it to others to take care of it..

  16. I remember purchasing her original 10 lipsticks at Bergorf’s as soon as it came out. I hoarded all my favorite products and colors when I heard she was leaving!

  17. Stopped half way through this video and googled if Bobbi Brown is a cruelty free product. THEY ARE NOT!!!!! They test on animals. Stopped watching the video. Will never purchase these products. There’s NO excuse to test our vanity on poor defenseless animals!!!!! 🌱🌱🌱❤️❤️

  18. Bobbi Brown is a Jew that's why she has been so successful. Jews stick together. She had solid connections in the business world that's for sure.

  19. Silly me. I think the name made me relate it to Whitney Houston’s husband so I thought it was for dark skin. I’ll take another serious look at it again

  20. I’m not sure how much I like “natural makeup.” I actually like When people say they like my makeup. I’m not OFFENDED that they know I’m wearing makeup.

  21. All these products from Bobbi Brown are tested in China on Animals. They put the products in the eyes of rabbits !!!!!😥😥😥😥😥😥, i cry for help animalrigjtd

  22. I luv Bobbi Brown. I've been holding my breath to see if they move away from her philosophy on makeup now that she's gone and hoping that they don't change it!

  23. Instagram and YouTube gurus should learn from bobbi the definition of wearing makeup ,i feel lucky that i happen to watch some of her makeup ads in YouTube she makes women of all ages and colors the best of themselves literally they all looked breathtakingly beautiful,loved that all of the ladies she hired as models doesn’t had any surgeries or fillers i fell in love with her makeup style and philosophy ,also many of other top makeup artists(Charlotte tilbury,mary greenwell ,lisa elridge) who do magazine cover,and celebrities makeup their work is far more superior than caked face makeup guru like nikkie tutorials/jaclyn hill

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