Breaking Down Makeup & Costumes (& Gossip!) ft. Ariana Grande, Beyoncé & More Looks | All That

Breaking Down Makeup & Costumes (& Gossip!) ft. Ariana Grande, Beyoncé & More Looks | All That

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First time did that, I fell face- first. Mitchell, ahh.! It’s over. The first time we did Ariana Grande, was so breathtaking because
it was the first time I think I’ve ever done a crazy
hair and makeup process like that. We showed the writers
and all of my classmates flipped out because Ariana was something
that we were all looking forward to, and seeing how it was done,
and it was just so much fun. I like it, I want it, I bought it,
I got it, yeah! We had maybe 30,
40 minutes to do the entire Ariana Grande, makeup,
hair process, wardrobe. – We made it.
– We made it. So I went on set,
and as soon as I stepped on set, I forgot all my lines. I was super nervous
and in the scene actually, you can see me kind of
fidgeting with my nails ’cause that was actually real
because I was so nervous that I started to fidget
with the fake nails, and while I was walking
up the stairs, ’cause I make an entrance, I go “Yo!”, bursting into the scene,
first time I did that, I fell face- first. – She’s super smooth!
– I am OK. I just try to say things
that Arianna would, I really try to make sure I have
that voice down and my impression down. And then make sure
I have all the mannerisms. Arianna always has her chin up,
left side’s always showing. And she is always having this–
her sweater like that, stuff like that. Oversized sweater. And she’s always doing
that with her head too, pony tail. But really once I get into
wardrobe, makeup, hair, it’s just really instinctual now. Yo! It’s story time with Arianna. I’ve read it, I read it,
a story, can’t beat it, yo! Well, the Kardashians actually
was my inspiration for Babies Who Brunch. Because my guilty pleasure
has to be watching reality TV shows like The Kardashians,
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, that one hits hard. I really want to be walking
before I hit the big one. – The big one what?
– You know, the big… One! I’m turning one in six months! Goals! My pet peeve,
I really don’t like the little– [lip smacking] noise, scratching on chalkboards
really makes me cringe too. I don’t like walking under
ladders and that’s really hard because we have a lot of
ladders on set, so I’m constantly trying to find different ways
to weave in and out, but I end up walking
under them all the time. But that’s one thing I don’t like. Favorite foods, I like spaghetti,
spaghetti’s really nice, and soups and salads are cool, and anything chocolate except for
white chocolate and caramel. Caramel is way too sticky and white chocolate just
has a weird taste for me. I usually just like to chill
and maybe go to the movies, hang with friends, family. But since I’m really busy
during the week, I like to just relax and
slow down for a second and prepare for
the next week. My favorite part, being with
these guys hair, makeup, the cast, everybody,
it’s so much fun, such a blessing. Probably the craziest one was
rocket shoes for Mr. Longcoat because I had this ginormous hat, there wasn’t so much hair,
there was more wardrobe. Great, and I can rocket us
into the sky to safety. Yeah! Let’s see what else. I have Miss Beyonce Knowles. Come on down to
Bed, Bath, and Beyonce, because these sales
are flawless. And then I have,
let’s see, Literally Liza. I literally peed my pants. Citizens! Look away from Darla,
she made a whoopsie in her pants! – And there is urine all over the floor.
– Liza! I did not pee my pants. Look at the floor,
there’s nothing there. Me and my mop will leave. Alisa the barista. Coffee, coffee,
coffee, coffee, coffee! We do so much here. Ooh, the explosion in
“Marie Kiddo” was something because we had to smoke up my hair to make it look like I actually
got hit by an explosion. But every time I would move,
more and more smoke would come out, so we’d have to wait 30 minutes
for the smoke to die down, then do something else. But that was unbelievable. Who is my celebrity crush? I like Chris Hemsworth
and Jordan Fisher, they’re always super cool,
but my first celebrity crush, this is weird, I was 8 years old and I had a ginormous crush
on Will Smith. So that’s a fun fact about me. Hey, so what’s up y’all,
it’s your boy Kel Mitchell, you already know what’s going down,
turning into Coach Kreeton, I’m super excited,
I love this character, I mean, I remember the first time
I did this character, they had wrote a coach that
was very upset all the time. And I had her coach in high school
that was very upset all the time, he used to scream at us,
he’d be like, “Mitchell!” So I use that voice and,
yeah, man, it took off. People love Coach Kreeton,
I mean, I get to yell at the kids and do a lot of physical comedy,
pretty crazy. I’m about to go scare some little
children, tell them about winning. Ahh, ya crazy little children! Oh, and I want y’all
to meet my brother. This is my brother. Ahh! This is not all my hair, so don’t think
Coach Kreeton lost his hair. We’ll get it together, he’s not just
gonna have the little hair right here. It’d be funny though, but… Becoming bald, you got to
put on a bald cap, OK, so that takes about 45minutes,
you know, just to get right. It’s a good bald cap,
you don’t want it to lift up, and then people see that
you have a fake bald cap. So… it’s awesome. So you do that and then
you put your makeup on, match the bald cap
with your makeup, face-skin, If that makes sense, face-skin,
yeah, that’s a word. And then this tooth
is going to go away. He’s gonna black out this tooth,
it’s going to go away, yep. I got my eyebrows gray,
and then you got to talk like this. Ahh! Special memories? OK, so usually Coach Kreeton
is always at the gym or something like that with the kids,
but they had one where he had– yeah, Coach Kreeton had a blind date
and know it was with Kim Whitley, who is an awesome
comedian and actress. And it was a fight scene,
and he burned his hand, and it was one of my favorite
Coach Kreetons ’cause it’s super hilarious. Roll the tape! [screaming] Spatula, spatula, spatula! – My hand is burning!
– Coach Kreeton look out! [screaming] Coach Kreeton is back, alright,
he’s back at Dolmont Junior High, and Josh is in this. Josh Server, everybody. Yeah, and he’s playing
a really nice, super nice coach. He tells the kids it’s all about the fun,
but Coach Kreeton says it’s all about the winning,
no matter what. Ok, team, it’s almost game time. Let’s remember,
the most important thing is to…? Have fun! No, no, the most important thing
is to destroy the other team. But be thoughtful and kind. No, no, no, no, no, no,
be aggressive and ruthless! But remember they’re human beings
with feelings and emotions too! That’s it, kill them, kill them all!
Kill ’em, kill ’em! Coach Kreeton I think
is the most physical, and so I work out a lot
so I can stay in shape. So I can roll down stairs
and also climb up trophy cases, and get trophy cases thrown on me,
balls thrown, all kinds of crazy stuff
is going to happen, you gotta watch it, you’re gonna love it,
it’s classic Coach Kreeton. Oh, the life I live is sad.


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