Burgundy Makeup Look

Burgundy Makeup Look

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Oh hello there, didn’t know we were
already filming. I’m just kidding. What’s up you guys, what’s going on. Today
we’re doing this Fall plump burgundy whatever you want to call it look and if
you want to see how I did it, you better keep watching. And I have a surprise for
you guys, we’re doing a YouTube giveaway and what is the giveaway, you ask. I’ll
tell you what it is, it is this palette right here. The brand new palette that
launched in August and it’s called The Choice Is All Yours.
This is the palette I used for this look right here but let’s get into the
details of the giveaway, how can you win this palette. Well, it’s really simple. You
like the video, you comment which season is your favorite season, and of course
you subscribe to L.O.V.’s channel. So let’s get into the video, guys. So first things
first is I’m going to prime my eyes as always and what I like to prime my eyes
with is concealer and I’m using this concealer right here called the DualCOVER.
Now I’m going to apply the liquid side of the concealer to my eyes. And I’m going to blend her out with a
beauty sponge and I’m going to set the concealer with this Translucent Loose
Powder PERFECTitude and I’m going to use the sponge to do so. Just remember to
wet your sponge. A lot of people, I think, tend to forget, but it works a lot better
when it’s damp. So this amazing palette The Choice Is
All Yours, which looks like this. I really love that they went with a bigger
palette. I personally like all of my shades to be in one single palette than
me having to have several different palettes in my bag, so I really really
loved that concept and I love that they kept the magnetic close. I think it’s a
very, very convenient choice to have it, especially if you’re on the road with it,
so I really really love that and let’s just showcase the palette. These
are definitely all of my colors, these are colors that I usually wear on a
daily basis. But I love that there are some shimmers in there, that you can like
spice up your entire look with them or just like give it a little bit of
shimmer. This color scheme is just like my thing so I’m so excited to dive
into it and let’s just see what kind of look I’ll get out of it.
The first two shades I’m going to be using is Eleanor and Mary. I’m gonna use
them as my transition shade. So when I first saw this palette, I was really like
excited about the colors but I could definitely feel a huge difference and
the formula, they feel so much more buttery and so much more blendable than
the other palettes that I’ve tried. This is definitely my favorite one of them
all. So usually you would use two or one neutral color in the palette as a
transition shade but there are no rules to makeup, you can do whatever you want.
Next I’m going to use the shade Lena and a little bit of Rosie. I
just love how these shadows are blending. I can see the difference so much, it’s
insane. I honestly don’t know what they did to their formula but this is insane.
Just like the difference of how they blend versus how the other palettes
blend is insane. If you’re going to purchase anything or any palette, this
would be the palette. Next I’m using the shades Kristin and Linda. I want the kind
of brown burgundy but I also want a little bit of the ashiness, so I’m gonna
use these two together. So who is excited for Fall season? Like all the boots and
the jackets and like the cute little umbrellas. Really, really excited for Fall.
And like all the… I just I think jackets and boots are my favorite part.
With all the green leaves or like the yellow and the orange leaves on the
ground. We likey. So if you’ve checked up on my Instagram you guys know that I do
like a fashion thing, so for me to have like a transition from all the
summer dresses and like all the summer shorts and the summer looks to the Fall
is like the most exciting thing. And then I get to do like Fall looks like makeup
looks. That’s just like even more exciting. Burgundy is like, I feel like,
the sign of Fall. If you use burgundy, if you see anyone wearing burgundy, that’s
it. It’s Fall. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of July, it’s Fall. Now I
want to move on to shimmers. I think shimmers are something that can spark up
your look just a little bit, give it a little bit of glam and I just love that,
especially if it’s like a daily thing. You want to just have a little bit of
sparkly in your life. I’m gonna use the shade Angela and possibly Margaret and
I’ll might mix it with Lucy, but let’s see. I usually like to carve out my
eyelids with concealer and then put the eyeshadow on top of it, but because I
kind of want a more blended look, I’m not gonna do that today. I’m just gonna apply
the shimmer straight to my eyes. I’m gonna start at the middle and work my
way in to my inner eye. I’m now going to use a little bit of Lucy and a little
bit of Dorothy in the inner eye area. I would also like to note that usually I
use a fix spray on my brush to enhance or intensify the shimmer. This is not
at all necessary with this palette, it’s really not. This, all this shimmer, it’s on its own. Just beware. I just… I’m loving how this look turned out.
I’m satisfied with myself. I just want to note here really
quick that even the best and the most expensive eyeshadows are gonna have
fall-out, so don’t think that this kind of fallout is because it’s not a good quality
brand or it’s not a good quality eyeshadow. I assure you this is the best
palette yet and the fall-out is normal. I am going to remove the fall-out and do my
face, do the skin and like the contour, and all that good stuff.
I’ve now applied my primer, my foundation, my concealer, my setting powder, and this
is why I look so white and have a lot of powder on my face. I’m gonna do the under
eye area and I’m gonna use the same shade called Lena which is this
one right here. So I like to pull out the shadow at the top
of my lids like until here, so when I do my under eye area I like
to connect it so I’ll pull a little bit upwards as well. So I’m just removing the
excess translucent powder left on my face.
Now moving on to contour. You guys know this is one of my favorite parts of
makeup and the palette I’ll be contouring with is called the Shape x Glow
Face Palette. It looks like this and again with the magnetic close up, one of
my favorite features of a palette. It’s gonna ensure that nothing’s gonna fall
out and so the inside looks like this. I’m going to use the bronze shade. So
while I contour my face, let’s talk about life. I recently like for a month now
have been working out six times a week, like intense workouts and eating really
really healthy, because apparently 80% of being healthy is like what you eat. But
it has truly truly been one of the hardest things I’ve done in my entire
life, because I really really love food. Or I rather should say, I love junk food.
It’s just, I feel like maybe it’s hardest in the beginning but as soon as it
becomes a part of your daily routine it’s just like something that you do.
So you just rather go to a salad place than McDonald’s for example. I’m now
moving on to highlight and blush and for that I’m gonna use the palette The
Statement Blush Palette. I’m going to use this shade for highlight. And I’m going to use a little bit of
this shade as my blush. Now moving on to lips, I’m going to use the lip liner Lipaffair and this one is in the shade Cindy. So usually I like to overdraw my
lips a little bit, but with these really really strong shades I’m gonna over draw
a little bit more. Now that I have drawn my lips, I’m going to use the lipstick
shade called Black Mood, which looks like this.
And again with the magnetic close up that I love. Now to do a little bit more
of a fun effect and because I wasn’t really thinking that this lip color
would turn out this dark, I’m going to add this shade called Love Potion. The
very last thing I do before applying mascara is to set my entire face with
this 3IN1 Matte & Fix spray. I’m just gonna wet my face basically. I
don’t want it to drip but I’m gonna apply enough so that my face feels wet. Last but not least I apply mascara and
you may be wondering why I didn’t draw my eyebrows this time and it’s because
I’m going for kind of a different look. I have not been drawing my eyebrows for a
while now and I’ve been letting them grow out naturally. So I’m kind of going
for that more of a runway look with my brows. I’m just gonna apply some mascara
on my brows and on my eyelashes. So I’m using BESTdressed 24 Hour Long-Wear
Volume. You can also get this in waterproof if you want that kind of
mascara. I’m starting with my brows and just be really, really careful when you
use a mascara. You don’t want too much on it, you don’t want too much color as well.
Just for them to sit where they’re supposed to sit. This is the final look,
you guys. I hope that you guys love it as much as I do. It didn’t turn out the way
I was expecting it to, but I really, really like the way it turned out. Don’t
forget to participate in the give-away. It’s really, really simple. Just give it a
like, give it a comment, subscribe to our channel and it wouldn’t hurt to hit
that notification button, because we do put out new videos every single week. If
you like to, you can follow us on our social media, which will be all linked in the
description box below. Thank you so much for watching! Bye.


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  13. Loving the look. Looks really gorgeous and is something that I think I could wear too and would try to create. Only thing that I didn't like as much is that I couldn't see the steps that well. She said she would use two colors and boom it was done. I would've liked to see which color is first and how she built it up

  14. Der Herbst 😍😍 die dunklen braun organge rot töne. Ich liebe das einfach. Aber nicht nur für makeup auch in der Natur ist das einfach die schönste Jahreszeit. Ich liebe es so😍

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