Capsule Machine for Making Herbal Capsules

Capsule Machine for Making Herbal Capsules

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Need to quickly fill 500 mg, 2-piece gelatin
capsules? The Capsule Machine fills 24 capsules at a
time with the powder herbs and vitamins of your choice. Begin by removing all the capsule machine
items from the box including, the stand, base, cover, plastic card and tamping tool. Put the base or a large part of The Capsule
Machine onto the stand and then place on a flat bowl or plate. Next, manually separate the empty gelatin
caps, pushing the longer part open and up into the base, and the shorter part into the
cover. You are now ready to fill the capsules. Pour approximately 1 tablespoon of powdered
herbs or vitamins into the base and sweep the plastic card across the holes, filling
them. If desired, use the provided tamping tool
to compact powder, and then fill the base again. Place the cover on base and remove The Capsule
Machine from the stand. Put The Capsule Machine on a flat surface
and press down evenly until bottomed out, and then release pressure. Remove the cover to reveal the filled capsules. To release, gently depress the top cover on
both sides to eject. We highly recommend you store your capsules
in a dark glass jar. The Capsule Machine is a quick and easy way
to fill your single “0” or 500 mg capsules. Be sure to check out the hundreds of other
herbs, spices, teas and herbal supplies available from the Monterey Bay Spice Company’s online
store at


  1. I bought one of these capsule machines several years ago and it is very high quality for the price I paid, it makes quick work of filling the size 0 capsules with any product of your choice. Nice demonstration in this video 🙂

  2. @DanteLeblanc I need to pack .5 grams of supplement per 00 capsule. I've been doing it by hand for years, and I rarely make the .5 gram mark, it takes forever to tamp by hand, and there's a lot of waste in the form of spills and powder residue stuck to my hands. Using this product seems less messy than doing it by hand. For me, this'll be a lifesaver. If you need to make one pill with only 5mg of active ingredient, I would use a hand-held pill press. Search, there's a tutorial here on youtube.

  3. I have a pharmacy compounding exam today and we used this same capsule making machine. Thank you for reminding me how to use it!

  4. One thing she forgot to mention. WEAR GLOVES! It kind of amazes me how many capsule videos show the person not wearing gloves. Once my machine and reishi mushroom powder arrive I am going to be wearing gloves and a dust mask. I want to make sure I keep my cooties off the capsules and mushroom powder.

    Other than the glove issue, this was a good video. It did a good job of demonstrating how to use this machine.

  5. I am looking for a size 1 or 2 capsule filler for approximately 100-200mg of you know. Anyone swallowing a size 00 will just die from OD =D

  6. 0:35 – you don't have to open the caps, I put the closed empty caps into the machine and then gently use the smaller machine part to seperate all the capsules. most of the capsules will open properly. it saves a lot of time 🙂 – I also have made a video, see my channel somewhere is one of my capsule videos and how I make it

  7. at 00:43'' is seen as sticking a large portion of the capsule. but at 00:50 there was nothing sticking out! Idalia map easily passes over the surface without capsules … It's a lie! In reality, about 3-5 capsules can not close the case. The remaining capsules are broken or pulled out of the machine. I wished I had bought that shit.

  8. What the heck? When I flip the top over to put on all the capsules fall out all over the place. And, they don't fit on properly, they smash up. How in the world is this so easy for everyone?

  9. THANK you for this tutorial. The tiny 50dpi sheet that came with it was the worst case of instructions in the history of mankind. 

  10. Lol, I haven't ever looked at someone's hands really. I had to watch this twice and concentrate on not looking at her hands. Beautiful. Make it more realistic and put someone like me up there with big a** hands and see just how clumsy it becomes. Is this what a "hand model" is for?

  11. They dont show you the conundrum with the capsule tops. its not that easy. i guarantee several takes on video here.

  12. mine only worked the first week. now every time i try, all the capsules warp when i press the machine and get stuck in machine

  13. Ughh this is a highly edited video. This machine is the biggest pain in the butt! Too much wasted product, you can never fill them full and you never have any idea how much is in each capsules! Wasted my money 🙁 boo

  14. A question for you, sir. I am a student of pharmaceutical engineering. I want to fill these capsules flora of medical and give it to the patients. As if a Substitute medication. Is it possible to do this. And do not find any problem with health legislation and other things …

  15. It is not that simple to use this product.capsules break ,you can pull it apart and some are not together. Took me closer to 10 minutes to do what she just did it with 20 caps about 80% full capsules tampered a lot.

  16. Not as easy as it looks. When you turn the top part over onto the filled capsules, all the small pieces fall out of the holder. She just flipped it over and nothing fell out.

  17. I'm looking to fill 00 capsules with dangerous illegal drugs and this video was very helpful. Thanks, Capsule Machine.

  18. These are very funny comment because this machine is useless to the point of comedy. How does it continue to sell?
    NOTHING works. The capsules are too tight, nothing falls out correctly, it's awkward and sloppy.
    The Capsule Machine – buy one and feel like an idiot instantly! I made many attempts with a dry powdered herb losing every time. Is there any device in existence that actually does work?

  19. I have found if it is very cold or if the capsules are too dry, they shrink and fall out of the top. The machine works fine if the capsules fit properly. Vegan capsules seem to shrink less than gelatin capsules in my experience. Love this machine when it works properly (again, it's about the capsules).

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