CD3600 Sissy Bar Bag // Product Overview // Saddlemen

CD3600 Sissy Bar Bag // Product Overview // Saddlemen

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If you’re in need of a sissy bar bag that
is big enough for two, then the Saddlemen Crus’n Deluxe 3600 has the extra bags and
space that you’re looking for. In addition to the sissy bar bag, the 3600
comes with a rigid roll bag and together, these two bags make a great travel system. Both are made of a sleek but heavy duty 3mm
and 1mm Leathertech – a synthetic material specifically developed to provide greater
durability with less maintenance then leather. Paired with over-sized metal hardware making
them a perfect accessory to your motorcycle travels. Starting with the main compartment and base
of this travel system- the flap opens fully with solid tethered sides for easy loading
and unloading of your cargo. The sides are sturdy but have a buckle and
Velcro system in case you need more room to pack for your trip. Inside the bag, the lightweight multi layered
composite panels with a honeycomb frame are used to maintain the bags shape even when
they are empty, preventing the frumpy worn out look you see in bags of lesser quality. Our unique substructure also allows for easier
pack in and pack out of your cargo. The EVA molded organizer inside ensures safe
storage of your phones and other valuables and the shelving is adjustable so you can
accommodate more or less storage space for your items. There’s plenty of room in this main compartment
for a weekend or two worth of clothing and a toiletry bag. You’ll also find one mesh zippered compartment
and a larger nylon zippered compartment. On the exterior of the bag, there are three
additional storage compartments, 2 located on either side of the bag, both secured with
a zipper and reinforced with this metal closure. The compartment on the front of the bag is
secured in place with exterior buckles that hide quick release clasps to hold the outer
flap down while the buckles give the bag a more modern and clean appearance. In that front compartment, another zipper
reinforces the security of your contents that will be held by another mesh, zippered compartment
and several more structured storage pockets. Even though the overall design, construction,
and additional storm flaps are weather and UV resistant, you won’t need to stop riding
when it rains because all of our Crus’n Deluxe Sissybar bags include a High visibility
rain cover with reflective accents which keeps your belongings dry from the elements and
you safe and visible to others. For additional storage Saddlemen includes
an additional roll bag that is perfect for storing extra cargo like a set of rain gear
or a sleeping roll. This roll also has additional storage for
smaller items on either side of it featured here, with these two side compartments that
also secure with a zipper and metal closure. To access the inside of the bag, you’ll
find the zippered entry point at one end of the roll bag. All the exterior zippers on both bags come
with Saddlemen’s unique self-healing zipper system which includes chrome sliders attached
to large pull tabs making it easy for a hand or glove. You will also notice the holes located in
the end of each puller allowing them to be used in conjunction with a travel lock for
added security. This bag is jam packed with features and built
to go the distance and my favorite – it also includes built in backpack straps for
taking it with you off the bike. When you’re ready to head out on your ride,
the 3600 can be mounted either facing the rear or front of the bike. If facing forward over the passenger seat,
the rigid composite substructure provides enough support that the bag can double as
a driver backrest. Additional mounting and installation instructions
are included with your bag, along with all the necessary straps you’ll need to secure
this bag to your motorcycle. You’ll find multiple oversized mounting
rings around the bag to overcome any unique mounting challenges you may have. This bag works with or without a rack with
the newly designed adjustable mounting sleeve that adapts to the shape and width of your
bikes sissy bar. Coming in around that $250 mark, this is the
luggage combo that provides the additional storage room you need to take longer trips. If you want to learn more simply call, email
or direct message us and one of our friendly and knowledgeable product specialist will
assist you in selecting the perfect Saddlemen luggage for your next ride. 800-397-7709 or [email protected]

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