Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship Tour

Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship Tour

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Ahoy there cruisers. Welcome aboard the
beautiful “Celebrity Edge”. Let’s start with all the outdoor areas of the ship. On Deck 15 we have the rooftop garden. Offering pop-up live performances, movies, food. As well as dramatic unique tree
sculptures that add air of whimsy. The “Rooftop Garden Grill” offers tasty
burgers and barbecue. You can’t miss the bright orange “Magic Carpet” perched over the starboard side of the ship. With panoramic views, a full bar and live
performances. It becomes a restaurant so that you can dine alfresco. On Deck 2 the “Magic Carpet” acts as a
embarkation station for tenders. The Resort Deck is where you’ll find the
main pool and the jogging track. Soak up the sun in this beautiful pool area. Including spectacular sculptures. Including two martini glass shaped hot
tubs and a 75 foot pool. Wow! At night the ship looks even more
spectacular. One deck up on Deck 16 we have
“The Retreat Sundeck” for suite guests only. It’s an outdoor lounge area which
includes a pool, pool bar and a hot tub. The adults-only solarium offers you a
covered pool. So that you can relax whatever the weather. Let’s head inside to take a look at the restaurants. Starting at the speciality restaurant
“Le Grand Bistro”. Offering classic French cuisine. On an evening it’s also home to “Le Petit Chef”. Where your meal comes to life with colorful animated characters on your table. It’s magical! “Oceanview Café” is the included buffet
onboard. Offering live cooking stations and a beautiful view. “Fine Cut Steakhouse” is a specialty dining restaurant offering fresh steaks and seafood. “Raw On 5” is another speciality restaurant. Offering abundance of fresh seafood. Including; oysters, crab, lobster,
and sushi. “Cosmopolitan” is one of the included dining rooms. Offering American-style food with an international influence. The next included dining option is the
“Cyprus Restaurant”. Offering Mediterranean
style cuisine. “Normandy Restaurant” is also included in
the price of your cruise. And offers refined french-inspired cuisine. “Tuscan Restaurant” is another free restaurant and is the Southern Italian-inspired
main dining room. Guests staying in “Aqua Class” accommodation
will enjoy the exclusive restaurant “Blu”. Offering fresh clean and crisp flavors. “Luminaeat at the Retreat” is for suite class guests only. And has menus crafted by Celebrity’s own Michelin-star chefs. “The Spa” and “The SEA Thermal Suite”
offers the ultimate in relaxation. Including spa treatments, workout classes
and array of different saunas.. There’s also a hair salon and a barber’s. You can grab a healthy snack or
drink at “The Spacafe & Juice Bar” Plus, there’s a full gym and a fitness
center. Celebrity have also opened a purpose-built terminal in “Port Everglades” for “Edge’s” arrival. The terminal design matches is the concept of the ship perfectly. Making check-in seamless and fun Moving back on the ship. Let’s take a look at some of the entertainment venues. First we have “Eden”. It’s unlike anything at sea. Forest like and spanning over three decks. “Edge” offers unique sensory experiences. Design and performance art. All fully encased in
the largest window at sea. In addition, “Eden” also features a cafe
and a speciality restaurant. Which magically transport you through eden itself. And thrills your senses and tastebuds. The theater has a very contemporary
design. The shows are designed to blur the lines between audience and performance. To immerse you in the entertainment. Finally, let’s take a look at the heart
of the ship. “The Grand Plaza” It’s a three-story open space surrounded by
bars, cafes and shops. It feels like a cosmopolitan city. With a beautiful chandelier rising above the martini bar. Thanks for taking a tour of the
“Celebrity Edge” with us. Keep an eye out for our “Celebrity Edge” suite and cabin videos. Make sure you subscribe to our channel and hit that bell so you know when we upload. Also follow us on social media where we live post when we cruise. That’s it till next time. Happy cruising!


  1. "American cuisine with international influences". That made me chuckle. Considering we are a nation of people who mostly came from somewhere else it's easy to argue that ALL American cuisine has international influences. 😉

    Cheers guys, can't wait to see what you have coming next!

  2. wow! the ship is beautiful! and i really appreciate the quality of your video work! keep making these…it's like a 'mini escape' for me in the middle of a busy day! 😉

  3. Interesting but I enjoy the videos where you are actually on board much more than you doing a voice over the corporate footage.

    “An Air of Whimsy”? – Was this paid promotion?

    Here’s hoping you’ll get to do a cruise on the Edge soon so we can get your honest opinions based on your real experience.

  4. In only 14 but I would happily go on that ship even though it’s nothing like Norwegian cruise lines what we tend to sail on

  5. Great job on the video, gents! We've been loyal NCL cruisers but have been considering trying Celebrity; well, the Edge has cemented that decision for us. We must try this ship! 🙂

  6. I don’t like when ships have areas of the ship and restaurants that are for suite guests only or whatever, I feel like it’s giving the finger to everyone who wants to cruise but can’t afford a suite.
    I really like Princess for this reason, they don’t do that kind of thing.

  7. And your video called “celebrity edge tour” was great and can you make a video of the celebrity cruises the unit guide inclouding the celebrity edge?

  8. We cruised on the Edge last month (March) and was it a nice treat! Love this innovative new ship, our infinity stateroom, the restaurants, theater, in short a cruise worth it.

  9. I was on the Edge – It was amazing! The infinite veranda was great, as well as the pool. Lol I spent about 2/3 of my time in the pool.

  10. The thing I love about this ship is that some of the design care actually went into how the ship looks from afar. Unlike the Oasis and its ilk, this ship is actually more in line with the classic cruise liners in terms of a truly beautiful exterior. This and the QM2 are the two coolest ships out there right now IMO.

  11. Just back from 11 nights around the Mediterranean on Celebrity Edge. Seemed like a 'sweatship' with the staff complaining of horrendous conditions of work. Have you ever addressed these issues?

  12. I wish i could ride Edge Cruise Ship 😔. Been watching this cruise ship for a long time. But that’s all i could do 😒 WATCH it on utube. 😑

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