CHANEL Beauty Talks: Episode #1 Free Your Glow

CHANEL Beauty Talks: Episode #1 Free Your Glow

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  1. HEY CHANEL! we need most girls like Gisele in yours commercial!! WE HATE INSTAMODELS!!!!! WE LOVE GISELE!!!! #rainhadoBRASIL

  2. What a surprise! I have nothing in common with Gisele. I have drawers and drawers full of Chanel makeup! My face isn't angular enough to go bare, haha 🙂 Did she forget that she's promoting the line?

  3. Gisele says "Ó/oh lips" at 2:25. The "Ó/oh" is an expression of Portuguese language that means "look". She didn't leave her mother tong behind. ♥

  4. doce . Oliverio difiere en los términos que utiliso
    cojer es alzar niño de el suelo ,levantar balón emm?
    el mismo término tiene como tantos otros diferentes significados

  5. Gisele isn't that goodlooking off the catwalk. I've seen women who are not models walking around , in shopping malls etc who are much better looking than Gisele.

  6. Unab mi_ho¡¡ sorpreza y confieso,mi prejuicio era que en el acto,de ir a la
    cima top encanto, hay respeto cuidado y afectos con las y los colegas.

  7. How refreshing! The antithesis to the plastic looking “Insta-Beauty” that’s so popular on social media right now.

  8. That is a man. See the body. From the capital of plastic surgery, hello! And who cares about what she eats.. no one.

  9. I got a rude email from Zamaria Sidney. You need to find out why you are always so angry. I know more about medicine, that is why I don't like phony people. I wish you a good positive life.

  10. Amo beleza natural, uma make é legal e da um up mas não sempre como aquelas broguera' toda trabalhada no reboco, nada contra mas particularmente me da agonia aquele tanto de make a não ser um grande evento que exija e acho que não tem coisa mais bonita e atraente do que mulheres espontâneas, despretensiosas e que ficam a vontade de cara limpa 💙

  11. I've been buying 2-3 products a month of Chanel makeup/skincare. I love the natural look…..this makeup is so beautiful.

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