CHANEL Beauty Talks Episode 7: The little Black Palette with Yara Shahidi

CHANEL Beauty Talks Episode 7: The little Black Palette with Yara Shahidi

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Hi. Hey. How are you? – I’m good, how are you?
– I’m good. – Nice to see you.
– So good to see you. – Come and sit down.
– Alright. – How’s it going, good?
– Good. – Did you like your present?
– I loved it. I had so much fun. Not only is it so pretty
to just look at, but I had fun playing around with it. I wanted to show you how to use it. I know it’s quite intuitive. You have a concealer that
you can use underneath your eyes. But also,
it’s transparent enough But also,
it’s transparent enough
to be used all over your face,
wherever you need it. to be used all over your face,
wherever you need it. It starts as a natural approach
to beauty, but you can also have fun with it and build it up
and play a little. I love the fact that you can build on it
in so many different ways. I love that. I love that this product really does adjust
to every person wearing it and every person using it. Even to like how I change day to day. It’s dynamic and it moves with you, and it’s not pushing
one standard of being, but really it’s supporting
this idea of exploration. Yeah, and you can take it with you. It’s got three products in one. So it’s very portable and
it helps you to touch up fast. – I tested it, it fits in my pocket.
– That’s good. Then of course you have
your highlighter, which you use on the cheekbones, and in a C shape perhaps, on the bridge of the nose,
on the top of the lips, and also you can use it on your eyelid
as well like an eyeshadow. Oh wow. So it brings a little bit of colour and
a little bit of light to your eyes. Then you have a lip and cheek colour and you can just use your fingers
to do that. What I love about this palette is that it kind of goes back to
how my family approaches makeup, from this empowering place,
from this place of having fun, being able to have all of these products
that are versatile and using it as a tool
of self-expression. Exactly. It’s never come from a place
of necessity or need, but rather just true enjoyment
of the process. What’s your routine? My routine is all over the place. I look in the mirror and
it’s a completely new process, but I feel like the one thing
I’d have to say that’s consistent would be music. I love music, I mean especially by artists
who are socially engaged, and it’s transforming
and takes me to another dimension. In this dimension you get to let go of whatever standards
you have in your mind of yourself, or whatever expectation you have,
or other people have of you. When we’re alone
we don’t need to cheat. It’s just us. And I like to lose myself
in those moments, as I think we all do. We know that eventually
reality catches up, because it always does, but which reality is it? I feel like it’s all a matter
of perception.


  1. Love this! Yara is a perfect beauty!
    I noticed at one shot the brush was not touching her face nor was the camera showing her while using the concealer. I imagine the shade is not universal.

  2. ANGEL
    Does this video look a little strange to anyone else but me do you notice when she's applying product they don't let you see her putting up putting it on her face why are you looking at the person applying the makeup and if you look very closely the brushes not touching her face it's very strange even their conversation it's a little over-the-top even scripted some pictures of little off about it

  3. ANGEL
    In the beginning the girl comes out and she already has a very nude face of makeup on I guess they wanted to look like she has nothing but when she showing the concealer you never see her apply it but finally they do show other makeup being applied to the face I guess maybe they thought that was the best way to shoot it but the beginning it was just very odd to me it look like the brush was floating in the air

  4. Chanel seems to choose a model with flawless skin who doesn't really need makeup on every time. At least having seen Yara as a new model perhaps they will expand their shade range. The century's changing chanel, it's about time to keep up.

  5. What a gorgeous young woman! Every time I hear Yara interviewed I’m more & more impressed. Same with the palette – it’s growing on me! ❤️

  6. Ну да! Девочка и так красивая .ей никакая палетка вообще не нужна!

  7. It would be nice to be more real.. i understand that these very beautifull faces sell. But from time to time using a ( goodlooking) real face ( maybe 25+), would be nice…

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