Chhapaak Movie Deepika Padukone Character SFX Makeup Tutorial| pavithra peiris | 2020

Chhapaak Movie Deepika Padukone Character SFX Makeup Tutorial| pavithra peiris | 2020

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As women, how much are we care about our beauty? What happen if you get an acid attacked in an unexpected way? Or If one of your family member had to face it… what will be your feelings then? Take a moment, and see what’s ahead. My name is Pavithra Peiris. I’m a Sri Lankan makeup artist. In this video as a professional makeup artist, I’m trying to raise my voice and stand for the lives of innocent people who have been victims of this acid attacks, by doing what i do the best. Chapak … Hindi Movie is slated to premiere on January 10, 2020. The film unfolds the life story of Lakshmi agrawaal, the woman who faced the tragedy and how she stood up for other women who are facing the challenges of life with a strong spirit. Indian celebrity actress Deepika Padukone already receiving good critics for her role in the film, which with her acting, this film that will raise the voice for the victims of acid attacks. Annual statistics shows the put on record number of victims of this brutal attack is about 1,500, which is only a 40% of the whole incidents. Do you know that 80% of them are women? Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal are the most common countries where these crimes are committed on the basis of impulsive, vengeful motives such as romantic breakup, dowry and sexual revenge. Not only that, Unexpectedly, the number of acid attacks in Britain has increased by 90 per cent over the past 10 years. A large percentage of migrant males face these conditions. Sulfuric, nitric, and hydrochloric acids are used in most of these cases. All counties must adopt a stringent policy about buying and selling acids. Only by doing this can be avoided to use these acids in such sinful ways. with strict rules and regulations, we can avoide make human lives less expensive. Because in india you can buy enough amount of acid to ruin ones life for Rs.10 These incidents are reported in Sri Lanka too. Did you know that Sri Lanka has been included in the first 40 countries of acid attack? When an acid attack causes the skin to melt, it can melt to the bone. In such an attack, the skin, flesh and bones burn for about 45 minutes. This is a very painful situation. If an unexpected incident happens to you or someone close to you, the first aid is to pour clean water into the burned area. It is the only first aid that can be made. It is imperative that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Do not apply other ointments, creams or gels. So it is very important to be aware of this. Victims of these crimes should receive special relief from the law, and the law should be punished severely. What I mean by severe punishment is, that it to be scary even to thinking about to do such a thing, just after hearing the sentence(penalty) which have for Criminals on such issues. I have no words left to express my feeling after i have done this makeup transformation. I’m into it, so it feels like this tragedy was really took place on me. It’s hard to talk. The skin on the face is tight What would it feel like to be a victim, when someone take a revenge from you like this manner? How do they cope with life? Never do these things impulsively to people! Do not allow women to suffer such brutal acid attacks. And I must say that women and men who have already been subjected to such attacks should not be marginalised. Inside their deformed faces there is a man just like us. Don’t belittle them. Love them. Coz Beauty is not in the Face, Beauty is in the Heart….


  1. Ane akki matath aduna…api lassana wenna monatharam dewal karanawada..eth mehema deyak una kenek mona tharam nam duk vidinawa adda.godak dukai eka hithanakotath.

  2. Eeka patta akki.tawa deyak hemoma mecup karana hemoma clear skin and fair skin walata tama mecup karanne.ewagema talelu saha pimpls tina lapa tina ayatath mecup karanna.mama hithanawa ekath loku awashyatawayak…thanks

  3. ඒකට නම් මාර විදියට දු දුකක් දැනුනා ,කොතනත් කාන්තාවන් තමයි දුක් විදින්නෙ ගොඩක් ම,

  4. A wage minussunta a de a vidiyata a wedanwa denna oni.mokada ethakotati a wedanwa danenne.attatama Ada samajaya godak pirihila.

  5. අනේ ඒ කතාව අහලා ගොඩාක් දුක හිතුනා අනේ ඔයා ගැන ආඩම්බරයි ඔයා හරිම හිත හොද කෙනෙක් ඔයාට ගොඩාක් දෙවි යන්ගේ ආසිර්වාදය ලැබෙනවා දෙවි පිහිටයි ආදරේයි ගොඩාක්

  6. Ammohhhh hema deyakma wenne manussayantane nedaaa. Nohitha wena deyakata erenna. KawadWTh mehema deyak nM kisima hathurektawath Wenn epa…😢😢😢😢😢😢

  7. Adambarai akkii oya gana😍😍 lassana thiyenne minissunge hadawath wala bawa samajagatha krnna.thank u soo much

  8. ගොඩක් වැදගත් විඩියො එකක්…ගොඩක් ස්තුතියි …

  9. Ammo akke eka hithata dara ganna amarui.loku wenasak kare oya.aththatama lassana wenawa katha karanawata wada mewage loku wenasak gana katha karana eka sathutui.bohoma adui akki mehema hithana aya.👍👍

  10. Dannema nathuwa kaduluth awa akki, hariima dukai. Paw me wage deyak kaatawath wennepa..hoda lassana wenas vidiye video ekak . Budusaranai

  11. හරිම සන්වෙදි video එකක්
    ඔයා දුන්නේ ඉතාමත් වටිනා

  12. Api hamoma asai lassanata inna.api cream ganne na aramai mehemai kiwwata hadawathin aththatama hamoma asai lasanata penumata inna.kawadakawath hadawathe thiyana ea hinaya nathi karanna epa.kawadakawath kagewath rupaya awalassana karanna epa. Agein thnk u akki

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