Christmas Nail Art using Chrome, Sparkles and Stickers

Christmas Nail Art using Chrome, Sparkles and Stickers

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Hello, it’s Suzie! Camerman and I were reading the comments after we did the Grant candycane video and realized how many were interested in the nails that I was wearing. (music plays) So for another excuse to wear my ugly Christmas sweater, I’m going to show you how I came about those designs. Let’s get started. (music plays) So how I began it was that I just painted a basic red… on my nails. I can’t remember exactly which one I used, so I just put a basic red down. A burgundy, in this case. And, when you’re doing designs like this, I was just sort of picking different fingers to do different designs on and I grabbed this sparkly one. Only because it’s sparkly. This is by Ugly Duckling. Oh, I guess I could tell you the number: 49. And I just picked the accent nail, which is generally this one. (music plays) And I just… painted sparkles on it. Now sometimes, if you see when you paint sparkles, you know how sometimes it just pulls? How I put them on is I literally sort of… place my sparkles. So I have a little more… density of sparkle, rather than just pulling it across. ‘Cause you don’t get sparkles really that much if you do it that way. I just kinda place the bits of sparkles. And then I get a little bit more. And it will level out because it’s gel, it’ll just smooth right out. I can usually get what I want in the first coat. Okay, so that’s all I did for that guy. And I’ll just nuke that. And then I selected these cute decals. I chose other ones in the first video that I did with Grant, but I ran out of those ’cause I used them all. So now I’ve just chosen these ones here, and these are by Exclusive Nail Couture. And it’s got these cute little teddy bears, as you can see. And snowflakes, and bells. And then this one, I’m really drawn to the gold and the white ’cause it’s very simple. But these teddy bears are awfully cute. I tend to go for the thumb sometimes when it comes to stickers because I wanted to put a whole bunch on, and it’s just a bigger canvas. These teddy bears are awfully cute. I think I might just grab one of these guys. I like these stickers ’cause they’re super thin and you can layer them. And you don’t, they’re not a water sticker. You don’t need water or anything to put them on or get them off there. That’s pretty cute! I’ll put him up, no, I’ll put him down here. (music plays) Just gonna press him on. (music plays) You know what, I’m gonna steal these snowflakes. I think I like them better. Maybe a combination. And all I did was just take a bunch of stickers that I like, an assortment and I just put them around there like that. You know, what I find, if you’re a nail technician, and you want clients to see this sort of thing, and you want them to get them at the end of the service, if you wear them? It’s just the power of suggestion They’ll see it, and they’ll think it’s cute. And they’ll want to have them as well. I find that very effective. Almost any design I wear when clients come in they’re like, “Oooh! I’ll have what you’re having.” (giggles) It’s sometimes neat just to see what it looks like on somebody. They might not even know even the option is for them if they don’t see it. (music plays) And so I just put a whole bunch everywhere. Just a different assortment. (music plays) It can be effective. (music plays) Okay, and then for THIS one, I just put these are kind of cute, look at these. They’re like, um, presents. Ooh I missed those ones. Those are cute. (music plays) I’m just gonna take one present. And the other design I had, when I did Grant’s nails, I had a holly. Because I’ve already done that I want to do this now. (music plays) That’s very cute. Okay. And then just to add another level of design I put some chrome on. ‘Cause I think I always have to have chrome now. So, I’ve chose the pinky and I’ve already prepared these for the chrome, look at that. Oh my goodness (chuckling). I can’t honestly get enough of this stuff. This is the red chrome. On sort of a burgundy wine polish. The combinations are quite incredible. Look at that. And I remember doing it and thinking, “I can’t resist it, so I have to do another,” so I remember doing two fingers. And it’s really as simple as that. Just pick, you know, a couple, three different techniques that you like. And, um, just, put them on the fingers. Sort of in harmony with each other. And… and there you go. You can just create your own design And I believe I did put Another, um, in that case, in the design that I did with Grant Dales, I did have was holly. (music plays) Now to seal it, of course You do want to seal in my chrome and my stickers. Okay? So we’ll take a top coat. And just to finish it all off I’ll seal a nice thin layer of the top coat. This is a no wipe. (music plays) And just seal them all up. And I’ll cure them for, I believe, it’s 30 seconds. (music plays) And that’s how easy it is. I’ll cure it for 30 seconds. (music plays) Let’s take a look at some reveals. (music plays) So if you’re a client or a nail technician, and you don’t have enough time to do some hand drawn designs or something much more detailed and intricate, you can slap together some chrome, some decals and some sparkles, and create a whole nice design. I hope you like it! And it gives me a chance to wear my tacky sweater one last time. (giggles) See you in the next video; thanks for watching! (music plays)


  1. Hi Suzie! I am so in love with your channel- you're the best on YouTube! Would you please do a video on nail files and types/grit size to use on gels and acrylics?

  2. On a random off-topic note, anyone know where I can buy chrome powder that'd work over a no-uv gel polish in the UK? πŸ˜›

  3. I went to a nail salon today and I got acrylic but the nail technician used a bit with the teeth and cut me about 5 times on the cuticle on different fingers what should I do

  4. I just finished watching every single one of your videos and now I ran out and I'm sad. You're so talented and down-to-earth. I'm addicted!! I wish you were nearby.

  5. Suzie have you ever used SNS(signature nail systems)? If not what's your view on it ? I'm thinking of switching from acrylic to that

  6. I use water decals, stamping plates, foil and sponge on glitter polish to get the most glitter without bulking up on nail polish.

  7. I'm just saying my nails are short as hell "cuz I bite them" so I can't do anything with them but I only watch her because her voice is so soothing and makes me relaxed, I just feel peace !

  8. Ummm I must confess I ddn't make any mistake in subscribe to this channel… your so talented 😍😍😘😘😘LOVE YOU

  9. nice.but i cant do this becaue my nails are so small.i sent its photo in instagram by name RITHIKANACH…. .PLEASE TELL WHAT CAN I DO???

  10. I'm struggling right know with fast setting monomer. I've tried to use it many times and I just can't deal with it. It sets too fast before I can maneuver the product. The other day I ran out of regular monomer and had to use it. One hand is beautiful and the other has lifting because of that, since I could barely fade the acrylic nicely close to the cuticle. The size of the brush matters in this? Or is just me not knowing the ratio with that liquid?

  11. I have a question not regarding this video. Is it safe to wear store bought plastic prosthetic nails on the natural nail bed? If not is it safe at all taking the proper precautions like wearing a base coat before gluing on the nails to wear prosthetic nails also if there are precautions to take what are they?

  12. If you dabbled dabbled dabbled like Christine, Simply Nailogical, you would get lots of sparkle. Absolutely love your videos and the banter with the camera man. Does he have a real name?

  13. Hi Suzie, have you ever considered running a glitter polish (like the one you used) along a latex make-up sponge, and then placing it on the nail? It can help suck up some the clear jelly so you end up getting more glitters onto your nails. πŸ™‚

  14. Hi Suzie! You inspired me, and now I've done my first ever gel polish manicure on myself. (I'm my own nail tech.) I love it!!! So my question is this: can you over cure gel polish? I notice when you do nails sometimes nails that are already finished get cured over and over again with the nails you are working on. Does this matter?

  15. Would it work if you put the glitter on a makeup sponge and dab onto your nail for denser glitter? (Like Christine) just wondering is you can do that for gel.

  16. Pls pls pls reply!!! I love your videos and Christmas πŸŽ„ is tomorrow and it hasn't been feeling like Christmas lately and this video got me in the spirit

  17. Do you have a starter video (including your favorite brands for powders top, coats, forms) for like an acrylic starter kit?

  18. Hello from up the island in Courtenay. I've been watching you forever and only realized that you live so close. Haha I loved the last video with Grant and "the camera man" You always look like you are having so much fun.
    How are you liking the Couture gel polish? I've never heard of that brand before today.

  19. Suzie, I noticed that glitter polish is harder to take off. Is there secret to removing the glitter polish easily. 🌞

  20. Thank you the advice on getting glitter polish off. However, I'm talking about the natural nail. My nails just grow, I am on oxygen due to breathing problems, so nails grow. I was going thru U Tube & came across your nail tutorial & found out I could do lots of fun things with my nails. Instead of letting them grow & when they get too long clip them back. So I ask again I ask how to get glitter polish off, without harming the natural nail.

  21. gorgeous I love your work and your personality wow πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’• i like when the camera man talks to you while you're doing your nails 😁

  22. Hey Suzie, which product are you wearing on your other right hand?
    P.S. your biggest fan (tried a lot of your designs and techniques) ❀

  23. I'm really curious about this doing/seeing this stupid thing. Please no one judge me. How shiny would the chrome look on a chrome polish colour? again please don't judge my stupid curiosity

  24. New subscriber. I love watching beautiful nail art being done. I'd do it on mine but I have this intense dislike of having my nails long. Though I've watched several videos from your channel and I am interested in that acrylic powder. Could make temp long nails for just a day if I wanted to. goes to research where to get this and how to make forms on my nails and whatnot

    Oh and I watch a couple other nail channels. One of them to get extra sparkles on her nails uses a make-up sponge. She puts the sparkle polish on and the sponge absorbes the polish without the sparkles so you can get a greater sparkle density.

  25. Can you take the stickers back off if you don’t like replace them or in the case where there are bent like on your bear, can you take them back off?

  26. I had to buy my mom the OPI Romeo and Juliet polish in both gel and regular polish. Anytime she’d get her nails done (before I became a cosmetologist) she’d always go to this guy and he’d take her polish off and tell her to go get another color when he was done filling her nails and she ALWAYS chose that color. Now she doesn’t want her nails done anymore so I’m left with this color. I hated it before I saw this video, now I might just end up using it. πŸ™‚

  27. Omg! I was a nail tech back in the day when we had to soak those decals in water then dry them off and hope the polish was wet enough dry enough to lay it seamlessly then top coat. I'm stunned at the progress and technology of nail enhancements today. Wow!

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