Cleansing, Facial Massage & Lymphatic Drainage 💎Foreo Luna 3 Review –  Beauty Within

Cleansing, Facial Massage & Lymphatic Drainage 💎Foreo Luna 3 Review – Beauty Within

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Hi guys! Welcome back to Beauty Within! It’s your hosts, Rowena and Felicia 🙂 And after you guys watched our “How to Cleanse” video, where we talked all about cleansing (and) cleansers, a lot of you asked for a full review of the FOREO LUNA 3 that we featured in it. So today, this is what you guys are getting – a full lowdown, in-depth review of the FOREO LUNA 3! Thank you so much for FOREO for sponsoring this video, for us to be able to share with you guys how we use this beautiful cleansing tool in our skincare routine, (Fel: yeah) how it works, what skin types it’s good for, the massaging qualities, and how that works. And we’ll also share with you guys how we use the FOREO in our skincare routine. There’s a lot to it because it is very tech driven, (Ro: yes) so there’s a lot of different components. And because it has that massaging quality, we’re also gonna talk a little bit about our lymph nodes and how it drains and how it all circulates to help things like, de-puff (and) anti aging. And some little tidbits about facial muscles that you might not have known! (Ro: Yes!) And we’ll answer all the questions you guys had in the previous cleaning video about FOREO and how it can be used in our (skin) routines. So, let’s just get into it! Alright, we’re gonna talk about the ~ FOREO LUNA 3 ~. So clicking on this video, you guys probably already know what the LUNA is (Fel: or curious!) (Ro: Yeah!). But in case you’re like, “What is the FOREO LUNA 3?”, it is a device that cleanses and massages your face! Yeah. So it’s double-sided. So typically, you know, your facial cleansing brush just cleanses the face. But this one (FOREO) also has the massaging abilities, which then goes into the whole facial massage and lymph nodes and (how it helps) to depuff and get those fluids under the skin flowing. So that’s where this is very beneficial, especially for you, ’cause you tend to get those – (Ro: I get very stressed) – tense jaw muscles. (Fel: Yeaah.) Or even people who grind their teeth (Ro: yeah) at night, that really helps to (Ro: relax ~) (Fel: Yeah.) There’s this Japanese facial massage technique, where it claims that it really helped with anti-aging, and it’s very well known. (Ro: Is it this one?) (Fel: Yeah!) So there are different ways that you can massage the 43 muscles that you have on your face. And we’re capable of making 10,000 facial expressions! (Ro: :O) Okay, so (for) 10 seconds, I want you to make as many facial expressions as you can. Aaaand go! 1… They’re all the same! You’re rolling your eyes! Keep going! 6…7… 8…9…10 It’s (your) turn! (Fel: It’s a tiring job, right?) Readyyyy go! 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… (Fel: Ahhh! This is so hard!) 8… 9… Oh my gosh! No, because 10,000 must be all the different combinations, even if you just (Ro: go from like bottom to :p) (Fel: Yeaaah! Oh my gosh!) Can you do the eyebrow (wiggle)? (Fel: Oh my gosh, yeah.) *Introducing the eyebrow cancan dance* My friend can make them go like this ~~~ (Fel: The wave?) (Ro: Yeah.) Anyway! (Fel: Anyways.) No, but that’s a good point! Because, on your forehead, we get a lot of wrinkles here, right? (It’s) from frowning, and it’s the repeated use of the same muscles that can create wrinkles. So just don’t have any expression ever. That’s what Kim K says, but I think that’s a bit extreme. You gotta live your life! But what you can do is, exactly that, loosen up the muscle by going like this. And if you want to do it (facial massage) with your hands, you want to get a facial oil and just pulsate it. Yeah. If you’re ever doing any facial massages, you want to use some sort of moisturizer or have something. Otherwise, you’re gonna rip your skin! But yeah, you can either do that or with this (FOREO). It’s kinda like using a jade roller (Fel: yeeeesss!) for your face (Fel: yeeesss), but it’s pulsing, and it’s high-tech. So what you want to do is kind of start from the middle areas and then push out because you have lymph nodes around the temples, and then they drain down to the clavicle. And there’s also ones down the chin, and If you do it right, you’ll feel that everything starts to flow out. Yeah. Even the nasal area will start to like… You’ll feel phlegm-y because it’s all draining. It’s actually pretty crazy! And we’ll leave some links to videos, where the professionals teach you how to do it, and you can watch that. And when it drains, it connects to another system in our body, which is known as the Lymphatic System. And also Fascia because they work together in harmony. To put it simply, our lymphatic system acts as our body’s filter. Our body is a circulatory system, where the heart pumps blood throughout our bodies, and everything is circulating nicely. Or sometimes our diets and exercise, or even stress, can cause the flow to be a little off. And what the lymphatic system does is manage the fluid levels in the body and helps to filter out things like, bacteria with white blood cells called lymphocytes. And all of this happens very naturally, but there are times when the fluid from the lymph nodes get blocked, and this is where different issues can arise. Like, on the face, we can feel very puffy or stiff. And (the face can) even end up with inflammation and breakouts because it’s just pooled there, and it needs to keep flowing, but it’s blocked. (Ro: Yeess.) And that’s why, when we get a massage from the facialist, you see that they target the lymph nodes and drain all the accumulated toxins, which can then lead to a BRIGHTER looking complexion. *ding ding* Yeah, especially with her. (Ro: Yeah.) She was like, “adigdigdigdigdig.” Oh! It was a, “grrrrrrrung” (Fel: yeah) “guuuh”. (Fel: That was like 10 minutes.) (Ro: yeah.) But after I was like, “Wow, did not know there was so much tension in my jaw!” (Fel: Yeaaah.) And you’re like, *Fel’s impersonation of Ro*. So that was just an introDUCTION into like lymph nodes. It actually gets very complex, and we should be more aware of it, which we can explore in another video. So this is definitely very into self-care category, as well. Spin brushes – usually the ones with the detachable heads (Fel: mm), they rotate as they cleanse (Fel: yeah), and most of the bristles are made with nylon. And because nylon is porous, bacteria can collect in there. While silicone is not porous, so it’s hypoallergenic and very clean. But this is waterproof (Ro: mmm), so the water just kind of like drips – (Ro: falls) – down (Ro: just after you use it.) (Fel: Yeaah.) (Ro: Yeah.) And it also gives that smooth buffing effect to help with the skin that’s just, you know, flaking away. And it uses a unique feature: the T-Sonic Technology, and the T stands for ‘Transdermal’, to produce these pulsations on the face. You can choose the pulsations, how intense it is, and you control that on the app, which we’ll get into in a little bit. But you can go from very light, so it’s just like a slight hum or like a buzz, all the way up to quite strong because there’s 16 different levels that you can control. It doesn’t reach into the pores, but it does help to just loosen up the debris, as well as the, oils and all the stuff in there and to make sure all that comes out. And based on our previous video, we’ve mentioned it’s great to wash your face for one minute, to get the full effect (Fel: yeah, of the cleanser), for your product to work its job, and for just your face to be cleaned (Fel: yeah), properly cleaned. So this has a built in timer (Fel: mmm) for a minute. (Once) it starts, (Fel: it will be like, “Mmmeeehh”) (Ro: “Zzzzzz” and then “Dung dung”) (Fel: Yeah.) It’s kind of like toothbrushes these days (Ro: “Dung Dung”), as well. “Bum Bum, time to stooop.” Imagine if – (Fel: The luxury) – your electronics talk to you like that. (Fel: Yes.) (Both: Stoooop!) “Stoooooop!” It’s like you choose the navigation – (Ro: It’s like Mario Kart!) – voice. *Mario Kart Race Start Effect* (Fel: Which one?) Mario Kart for your face. Mario party on your faaace! And I like how you can maneuver it over your face very easily. For me, like because all of this section is soft, I can just, *Ro demonstrates her cool FOREO skills* So if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s very fine, and then it gets a little bit coarse up here. And from what I can see with my eyes, mines are very small, from the bottom to the top. From my nose, where I do have combo t-zone, oily gunk, I can very easily switch to the harder bristles (Fel: yeaaah), the bigger bristles, and have it *cute cleansing noises* (Fel: Yeah.) So Felicia! (Fel: Rowena!) Felicia! When she says my full name, I’m like D: You know, it’s like, “You’re in trouble.” (Ro: “Felicia”) “Rowena” No, actually she came up with a name, ‘Dowena’. It’s like the derp version. (Ro: The dugong.) Wait, you need to give them context. Oh yeah, because there’s an animal called a dugong. It’s like a sea… (Fel: a sea hippo!) A sea hippo. Yeah, it’s like a sea hippo (Fel: Yeah!), and it only eats vegetables. (Fel: Yeah!) It’s quite large (Fel: it’s a gentle giant), but it’s very… (Ro: yes.) (Fel: It’s like *dulecia*) So she named me ‘Dowena’. It’s like, “Awww :3 Dowena.” So when Dowena is like, “Felicia.” Dowena needs to wash her face. Dowena wants to ask Felicia, “How do you use FOREO in your routine?” Okay. I get a lot of hormonal breakouts, right? Because I use a lot of harsher ingredients, sometimes (my skin) can get really dry, and then it’ll be left with like flakey kind of areas. And when I have a lot of bumps, it makes me feel very uncomfortable washing my face with my hands ’cause I’m like, “I don’t want to feel it!” (Ro: Ahhh.) You know what, maybe you… (Ro: So you don’t touch it, physically.) Yeahhh! It’s like I know where all the bumps are, and I feel like my fingers aren’t doing it justice. So when I use the Luna, I feel like it’s giving me that – (Ro: barrier?) – peace of mind. Yeah! Like a barrier, but in a very gentle way. It doesn’t hurt or anything, and I feel like it really does just help with the flakiness. The first time I used the massaging area, I did it on my chin, right? ‘Cause sometimes I teeth grind at night, and then I was like, *Fel the FOREO*. So it really helped to smooth that out, and I don’t know if you can tell that it (face) slims down or anything. To me, it didn’t really do anything, but it just feels good. The relaxing effect of it (Fel: yeahhh) is worth the peace of mind. (Fel: Yeah.) So I use it, like you, just at night because in the morning… Sometimes, I just don’t wash my face in the morning. She washes her face a lot, actually, at the office. (Fel: Yeah XD) Desperate times!! And in terms of the cleansers that I like pairing it (FOREO) with, I really like gel cleansers. And I keep this in my shower. (Ro: Mm.) I like using it at night, also in the shower. (Fel: Yeah.) I just think back to the first time I used this. I remember I was filming (a) b-roll for one of our editors, and I was just like, (Fel: “Woah”) “Woah..” And she’s like, “Wow, is it really that great?” I’m like, “Yeah, dude. I was not acting. I was so surprised.” The feeling after you wash your face with your hands… It’s just, once you rinse it off, you just rinse off the products (Fel: mm). And it’s like – Oh It’s, you know, it’s kind of like nice (Fel: mm). It’s not tight, if you’re using a good cleanser. But with this, like as I was using it, and when I washed off my face, the first two splashes, I was like, “Okay, it”s very smooth. It’s probably gonna get washed off.” And then I completely cleanse, you know, wash my face off, and I was like (Fel: mmm), “Why’s it still so smooth?” (Fel: Yeaaah!) “What is, uh, what is happening?” I remember that b-roll. She’s like, “What?” No, I like I checked! I went to look at the other mirror. I was like, “Wait, what is happening?” I came back I was like, “Uh..” (Fel: Yeaah.) It’s just (Fel: honestly, we can’t describe it), it’s just what it is! It’s like this supple feeling, smooth. Maybe – (Ro: Very smooth!) – it’s just smooth. (Ro: Yeaah.) So that’s how WE use it in our skincare routine. So from the previous video, you guys left us comments and questions that we’ve pulled out. So we’re gonna answer them, all about…(Ro: Ding!) Ding, you want to go first? “Can you use the FOREO brush every day? Will you not over-cleanse?” Good question! Yes, you can definitely use this every day. You can use it every day. (Fel: Mm). I remember in a Dr. Dray video, she compared this (FOREO) to using your hands to cleanse your face. It’s that gentle (Fel: mm), compared to a bristle brush. It’s like if our fingers were this small. (Ro: Yeah.) It’s like little, tiny fingers It’s like the tiny hands (Fel: yeah!) on this like *tiny cleansing motion* (Fel: Oh yeah yeah yeah!) Oh my gosh, we should do that! Just apply everything with tiny (Fel: yeah!) hands. You can definitely use this in the morning, and then you use it at night to do double cleansing, as the second step. Because this isn’t gonna really take off your makeup. It’s not a makeup remover. (Fel: Yeah.) So you want to first use an oil or a cleansing balm (to) get away all that oily, sticky makeup, and then go in with a water-based cleanser, and that’s when you use this (FOREO). And I think it’s worth noting here, as well… (Fel: Listen up!) Listen children! Just kidding, you guys. We’re all…we’re all peers, here. So with any cleanser, whatever you do when you’re cleansing your face, be gentle. Like even with this, you can just hold it as it vibrates (Fel: oh yeah) or you can like, *Gorilla style* And we want to NOT do that (Fel: yeah). Just let it gently do its job. Yeah! It does it for you. I personally prefer using it at night. Me too! After a long day in the shower, just like *sigh* (Fel: yeeah.) ‘Cause the night time is like the DEEPER cleanse (Ro: yeah). And I feel like that’s when you want to get a little bit like fun with it. So to answer, “Will you not over-cleanse?”, you won’t over cleanse if you use it correctly (Fel: mm). Just cleanse twice a day. If you exercise, and you want to clean your skin, there’s not a rule to it. It’s just, some people don’t like cleansing in the morning. They like skip it, if you have dry skin. Or just splash water, use micellar water (Fel: yeah), or beauty water (Fel: yeah). But to answer the question, it’s like every time you DO cleanse, yes, you can use this. “Does the Luna FOREO exfoliate the skin?” So here’s the thing! Although it is a facial cleansing device, it’s not a rough, physical exfoliating brush. It’s kind of in between that and just using your fingers. It’s gentle enough to just buff away that very surface. That’s why it can be used every day. Yeah, so probably if you guys are thinking like, “Is it like an exfoliator exfoliator?” Probably not, but it does help with the exfoliating process. Which then leads onto another question that’s kind of related. “Can you use it with a chemical exfoliator?” (Ro: Yes!) “Can we use Luna FOREO and chemical peels (and) AHAs/BHAs together? Will it irritate the skin?” If we have to give a very straightforward answer, what would it be? It depends. It depends on your skin barrier. Because if you’re healthy, and there’s nothing wrong, there’s no irritation or flaking, you know, you’re feeling good, then you can definitely pair chemical exfoliant with a physical exfoliant. Because chemical exfoliants are sprinkled throughout all your products, and they can be very gentle, as well. Like sometimes we use the Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Cleanser. That has AHAs in it. (Ro: Yeah!) And so they’re like a happy – (Ro: I use that with this) – couple. Yeaaahh! And also like salicylic acid cleansers, that’s what I use all the time with this (FOREO), as well. But if you are irritated, like say you have eczema, your skin’s already inflamed, it’s already breaking out, it’s already stinging, angry (Fel: yeah), then I would just not use physical OR chemical exfoliants ’cause you just want to nourish your skin back to health. So yes, you can definitely use the FOREO with a chemical exfoliant, and it most likely won’t irritate your skin (Fel: yeah!), if your skin barrier is healthy. (Fel: Yeah!) It happens. Another question was, “$199 for the silicon face brush? Nope!” And then someone replied, “It’s a good investment for long-term. It cleans your skin and has anti-aging (properties).” The thing is, it is a hefty price tag, at FIRST glance. But the thing is you don’t have to replace it, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it, as much, and there’s a lot of functions that are attached to this, that you don’t really get with other ones. You can customize it the way that you use it. You can customize the vibrations, depending on how sensitive your skin feels. It is also designed for different skin types. When I buy expensive things like, clothes or shoes, I like to think of it as cost per wear (Fel: yeah), right? So for a device like this, it’s like cost per use (Fel: mm). If you use it twice a day, just for 200 days. You don’t even need to use it 365 days out of the year, right? (Fel: Yeah.) (If) you use it 200 days out of the year, twice per day, it’s like 50 cents, per use. And then if you use it for many many many years, right? (Fel: Yeaaaah.) Because you don’t, again like what Felicia said, you don’t need to replace the spin brushes. (Fel: Yeah.) Because that really adds up. That’s how businesses make money. They give you this device (Fel: that’s true). They’re like, “Oh, it’s $99, but the brush needs to be changed every, you know, month or two.” (Fel: Yeah 2, 3 months.) Then it’s like $20, $30, $40, $50, and it just adds up. So anything with replaceable components, it’s done on purpose. And another cool thing that businesses and tech companies are marrying and doing a really good job of is that you can sign in, register your FOREO. Because there apparently, there’s a black market for these babies. There’s a black market, yeah! And people claiming that it is like ‘FOREO’ (Ro: yeah), but then they realize it doesn’t – (Ro: but like sync) – sync. Like “duh duh duh duh”. Yeah. You can in-app choose the massage setting over (Fel: yeah) the cleansing setting. ‘Cause when I click it, it just, it just does one thing. (Fel: Yeah!) And when you connect it with the app, it’s like *explosion*. One really fun thing is if you ever lose your little baby… You know how sometimes with your iPhones, you can like Find My iPhone (Fel: Yeah). Sound the alarm, (it) pivots near you to like scare the person who stole it. It’s like Find My Keys. Yeah, you can Find My FOREO. “GAH! There it is!” (Fel: Track, locate.) Your house would have to be pretty big, right? To be like, “Where is it?” Maybe it’s in the sea? It will work well for Felicia. She’s always just like *smack phone down* – (Fel: “Where’s my stuff?”) – and she leaves. Seriously -_- Done with questions! So with that, we hope it was a little bit more in-depth than we answered your questions. When we were working on this video, Felicia was like, “Woahhhh.” And like so many books were open in her desk, and like, “Should I show Chinese medicine and the meridian?” She’s like *mind blown* Yeah! Because our bodies have different points, right? If you understand the body is really a temple, and the way that it flows and it pulls in different areas, and the energies that you need to like filter through, and how it helps with skin, – (Ro: look at that face) – all of it’s connected. Yeah! So tools, like this, definitely are helpful because one, it helps on the surface with, you know, the epidermis, the flaky skin, and maintaining a healthy skin barrier. But it also helps with the DEEPER layers, with the sonic pulsations (and) with the massaging of the muscles. This (FOREO) does it all for a ‘facial cleansing device’. And, as always, if you want to find out more about the product, you can find the links down below. And with that, dugong out. Dowena out. Bye! (Ro: Dowena) Ha, that’s my own name! Dugong Dowena 🙂 What are you? A flea? Flea bag! (Ro: Flea bag) Flea bag is my… (Ro: A bag full of fleas) Bag full of fleas, peace out! Dugong – (Ro: Dowena) – and flea out! Oh my gosh! Dowena and flea bag, Peace out ~ Can I go like this too? Hey guys! It’s Rowena! hehehehehe Milk Milk Milk Milk Butter Butter Milk Milk Butter Butter Milk (Camera man: Are you doing that because you think you look like a farm girl?) Her alter ego is Helga (Camera man: Helga!) Should we just whip ’em out? Whip ’em out? We just sound so… Hey guys, welcome back! It’s Felicia and Rowena 🙂 In this episode, we’ll be covering the science of our facial muscles, including fasc.. fasc. *why does it sound like she’s saying fish XD* Fasciaaa! Fasciaaaa! It’s like Star Wars. (Ro: Fa-) Fasciaaa! Did you ever play DDR? (Fel: Mm.) “Ay ee ay ay / (Both: You’re my little butterfly / Green, black, and blue / Make the colors in the sky.” “Ay ee ay ee ay… little butterfly” *Fel – the next DDR popstar* I went to DDR Land last year. (Ro: DDR Land?) Yeah, I made that up. (Ro: What?) What are you talking – (Fel: to Dave & Buster’s.) DDR Land!! Everywhere you look is arrows. “Where do I go!?!” Today, we’ll be covering the science of our “fascial” mus- Fa- Fasal Fasaaaaal Fasciaaaa! Fasciaaaa! And how lympha – and how how our and also our *breathe Felicia breathe* Deep breathes, okay! Okay. Okay, and introduuuucing… Introduuuucing the Foreo Luna 3! (Fel: Yeah.) *ummmm…* Train of thought? It’s like – (Fel: I have no clue at all) – cut off in the middle. Yeah. So anything with replaceable components, it’s done on purpose. There you go, life hack! So bang for your buck!! Yeah, kind of. *Flea bag back* “So bang for the buck” Why do we sound like infomercial!?! Dowena 😀 Dowena’s like… No, that’s. Dowena’s like… You can massage the 43 muscles that you have on your face. Did you know you had 43? I did ’cause I read the script. (Fel: Awww, can’t use that.) Fasciaaa!! Fascia! And that’s how it all connects, yeah. And that’s why when you get a massage from the facialist… *In a southern accent* Masaaaaage. *Also in a southern accent* . Maaaaasage! I want to get a maaassage today. (LOL) I think that’s why singers do vocal warmup because we don’t (Ro: what?) “Haaaaallo!” “Hoooow you’re goooing?” Like we don’t use half the muscles. “Doooing weeeell.” It’s like Dory! *Ro’s next job as a whale* Oh, yeah, like Dory. The whales. Okay, yeah so we can just do this.. *Classic Caramelldansen! Ro – the next Caramella Girls member* Fun fact: No one actually saw Ro do this LOL Such a great dancer~ Thanks for watching!


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  31. Nope, can't afford a Foreo ….. they need to reduce their prices.
    Love the bloopers at the end. Rowena, you are so wonderful, funny, gorgeous and grounded. ❤❤❤

  32. Can I use the FOREO 3 as a guy? I’ve seen there’s a FOREO LUNA 2 for men, but there’s no version for men with the 3. Can I still use it?

  33. so many things you can use! I have a facial massage roller and and a gua sha. I'm considering getting the Foreo for Christmas, but now my question is, how do you incorporate all of these highly recommended artefacts in a routine? I don't know, for instance, if I can use my massage roller after the gua sha. Or are you supposed to choose one?

  34. You can find a cheap knock off version of this at sephora for 4.95€ it's called exfoliating face disc. It's very smooth and gentle so I use it every night. Seriously, I've tried other versions of this and everything seams to be very harsh on the skin and now I use them for cleaning my make up brushes.

  35. I have a similar product which was 10x cheaper and works just as Foreo. I bout it on Amazon for 16€ and totally recommend it!

  36. Have you tried out the pmd styled brush? It's a similar idea to this. They have a few variations of there brush as well.

  37. i swear you've got some of the best skincare content on YT, all your videos are perfect! wish I'd waited to see this one before buying a Foreo brush 'cause I got a mini 2 and I'd love to try the massage side of the Luna 3 🙂

  38. Can you do a video on the pmd clean pro with heating tech for messaging? I’ve been stuck that one or this one. Thank you ladies!

  39. I wonder how much it matters to pick the right “skin type” Foreo. Atm I’d need the blue one, for combination skin, but I’m probably going to start roaccutane soon, so maybe I’d need the sensitive one, and after the treatment the normal one (hopefully!)? I guess I’m just going to wait to make the purchase. But, still, my question: does the type of brush really matters?

  40. I got mine from ebay it was £4 pounds and i use it it makes my face so soft. Also you r both pretty ur personality is so cute ru both sisters or friends aww ur advice is great and good video thank you

  41. i always have your videos on the background while i get ready and i honestly was wondering what was going on at the end until i looked up

  42. For those who don't want to spend so much, I recommend the Sunmay leaf. I actually prefer it (tried my friends luna) because the back is better for massaging serums/moisturisers in (has thicker stiffer bristles to use with a lower setting) and its 20 pounds in lots of cute colours. I also find the leaf shape cuter and the point is really good for getting around the nose!

  43. After the first week of using Foreo Luna my skin was red and some kind of pimples appeared. I didn't have these problems before using Luna. I did not use Luna anymore and the skin has recovered.
    Why there are no negative reviews? I can't be alone with such symptoms. I haven't changed anything in the meantime.

    Girls I appreciate your work, keep going!

  44. If you’re in the Philippines and looking for this one in a cheaper price try the one at Miniso they sell it for 299php and it works just fine.

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