1. A little makeup great, but why paint your face, at the end of the day it washes off your just covering your real face.

  2. Simply Gorgeous!!! thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and also demonstrating it for us…. Have a wonderful day!!!


  4. Okay so just because she isn't YOUR definition of pretty, gorgeous or beautiful, Does NOT give you the right to call her ugly,nasty,cakeface,fake ect. She is beautiful inside and out.

  5. the combination of the shiny oilyness and all the contour make her look sickly! lol.
    I think make up like this is best suited in photos, not in real life!

  6. She is amazing! God people leave her alone. I learned so much from this then i did in a make up class.

  7. She looks fucking nasty!!! wtf you got dirt all over your face girl! You should NOT be doing make-up commercials with nasty, oily, skin like that. Just a tip.

  8. i dont like how she didnt blend her bronzer…the lighting does suck but i think they put the lighting that way so ppl can think she did the contouring right which i think it doesnt look like she knew what she was doing

  9. omg you guys are so mean….dude guys get some common sense. It's the lighting…she obviously likes a dewy look but the lighting is making a glare.

  10. it's the light's fault partly because some lights can make you look shinier than you are plus she used a dewy foundation(those that look a bit shiny on purpose or have very tiny shimmer in them like MUFE HD)

  11. i get your point 🙂 i think she'd look way better outside that studio with that make-up on
    i hate it when my face looks shiny too :))

  12. This is my opinion and of course everyone can disagree. I like highlighter, the skin looks amazing when you apply a pretty light color. It illuminates the skin! Is amazing. But I never liked countouring with darker shades under the cheeks bones like she did. Looks like your sucking your cheeks and I think it makes people's face skinnier in a bad way… You look older!!!

  13. I don't think it's to do with other youtubers. The lights were not good in this studio, there were lots of reflections and the mirror was bouncing a really harsh light onto her face in some parts. She knew what she was doing, yes, but a lot of people don't like the 'dewy' look. Although I kind of agree that it goes past dewy into shiny.

  14. For those that keep saying she's shiny or greasy, you realize that a finishing powder that takes away shine is the last step to makeup, and this is only a tutorial on contouring?

  15. She's great but it would have been nice to see this done on someone who doesn't have a chiseled face ALREADY, so we could really see the difference.

  16. Boy let me tell you when you don't have to account for the things you say people can really get out of control. Makeup is a way for people to express themselves which means we are free to wear the looks we like. She may like dewy and you like matte and that's the beauty of it. We are free to decide what you put on your face and it should be a judge free zone.

  17. confused re the bitchy comments …guess thats youtube for ya. but i coulda swore Charlize Theron was now working for MAC! I like that dewy look she has going on nice. Didn't learn a bloody thing! but oh well!..oh and I want one of those Mirrors.

  18. Darkening "under" your jawline actually just defines it. This gives it more definition, but does not remove height or make it wider.

  19. Tiffany Johnston is one of the most beautiful and warm artists I've ever met! I love her use of creams. Such a great teacher.

  20. She is genuinely beautiful, her instructions were very much clear. Her dewy skins looks gorgeous and healthy. I have always wanted to learn to contour and since I am not a makeup artist or even slightly make up knowledgeable (though I love makeup), she helped clarify some questions. Thank you.

  21. "My trick is using creams"…Where is the good best friend who's supposed to tell her SHE NEEDS POWDER. I learned nothing from this.

  22. Everyone is so critical! the point of these videos is to give ideas and suggest products to use in different ways. I'm not a proffessional makeup artist but these videos give me new ideas all the time i love them!

  23. This is a really basic video, Not saying that's bad though cause not everybody knows this! But since MAC is officially a make up artist brand I would have expected something more, or is it just me?

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