COOL GIRLY AND BEAUTY HACKS || Smart DIY Beauty Hacks For Girls

COOL GIRLY AND BEAUTY HACKS || Smart DIY Beauty Hacks For Girls

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There are all kinds of life hacks. But for us ladies? There are a whole mess of girly hacks out there that serve us way better. Well, when it comes to girly hacks, there’s a thin line between subtle trickery and full-on ridiculousness!! Oooh, see what I mean? Every girl knows that when it comes time to get ready, tackling your hair is one of the first challenges of the day. Alright, let’s get curling, shall we? Starting with the front? Good thinking, Amy. Hmm, I wonder if I should wear that new dress today? Woah! Looks like that electric current just did Amy’s hair for her! AHH!! Amy? Your hair is… AHHH!! It’s ok, Amy! There’s got to be a way we can fix this. This take this old sock in help? Actually, yeah! First take a good chunk of hair and separate it from the rest. Now tie the sock to the mid-point of the desired strands. Make sure it’s on tight! Now wrap the rest of the strand around the remaining hanging material. Easy, right? When you get to the bottom, tie it with an elastic. One you’ve done both sides, your job is practically done! Now all that’s left to do is wait. It depends on how tight you want those curls, but about an hour should suffice! Okay, let’s see the magic unfold, shall we? Um, is it just me or are these sock curls just as fabulous as curling iron curls? Don’t worry Amy, I brought the fire exting—oh! Well, looks like hair styling just got a whole lot easier, right ladies? Ugh, finally, I can stop and have a quick snack, I’m famished! Let’s see, I don’t want pepper or salt… Oh! spicy dressing! That’ll work! Alright here we go… C’mon, get outta there! There’s gotta be a little left! I only need a few drops! Maybe if I screw the cap off I can scrounge up a little but. No! There’s one last drop and it ends up on my white T-shirt? Really?! Um, this room’s occupied! This is a stain emergency, Lana! Maybe it’ll come out with water? Ooh, that didn’t work… Yikes. Lana, what do I do?! Shaving cream? It’s worth a try, right? Next time you’re faced with a dressing mishap, try putting a big glob of shaving cream on it. Make sure to rub it into all of the stain. Next, place it under a running faucet and rinse off the excess shaving cream. Be sure to rub out the stain firmly with your hands once the cream is off. Wow! It’s actually working, see? If you need it to dry faster, run a blowdryer over it for a few minutes. Wow, Lilly, if removing stains was a super-power, you’d be every girl’s hero! Here’s your shaving cream. My job is done here. Oh, hey, Lana — Lana?! Your hair looks amazing! Pink is sooo your color! Yep, that’s some real rocker chick hair. Way to go, Lana. Wow, why am I suddenly hating my boring brown hair? Ew. I got you, girl. Check out this super easy hair hack! Just spray some color on a brush and BOOM! You’re in for an exciting color explosion! Brace yourself, Lilly, here it comes! Woah! Your hair’s turning blue before our very eyes! Welcome to the fabulous hair club, Lilly. There’s something peaceful about methodically applying your makeup. Until your bestie butts in and wants to share your mirror, that is. Seriously, Lana? Ughh. Lily, haven’t you ever heard that sharing is caring? C’mon girls, don’t fight! There’s gotta be a way to settle this. Oh, besties, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Don’t pout, Lilly, you can always put that angry energy into a prank. Yep, things are looking up already, aren’t they? Lana wants to put on her makeup that badly, huh? Fine then, I’ll give her some makeup to put on. Just a drop or two is all it takes. Ok, 5 or 6 drops… I got your foundation ready for you, Lana. Aw man, another breakout? Ugh, so annoying. I’ll just cover it up with a layer of foundation, no big deal. Wait a second, that’s not my shade! Let me guess, did you have something to do with this, Lilly? But maybe this can work for something else. Looks like someone’s getting a surprise makeover! If you put a deeper shade of foundation lightly onto a brush, you can kiss your skin with some adorable freckles! Woah! That looks so pretty! I know, I look radiant, don’t I? Looks like sometimes tricks really do turn into treats! OW!! Who left this sharp bobbie pin on the couch like this? Ooh, that had to hurt. OOOH!! Something just stabbed me right in the foot! I see you, you little sucker! Ow!! Okay, I have a few short minutes to get myself together before class. Ooh! Can’t forget these! Ooh! I could use a little makeup touch up. These lashes need some help! Let’s see if my mascara’s in here. Hmm, where is it? YIKES!!! Another evil bobby pin strikes again! Are these things conspiring against me or something? If you’re a girl, there’s no doubt you understand the plight of the stray bobby pin. Seriously, empty t any purse or backpack and you’ll likely find an arsenal of bobbie pins you’d completely forgotten about. See? case and point. If only there were a way too keep them all together instead of just throwing them around everywhere. Ooh, i forgot I had tic-tacs! Wait a minute…I think i have a solution to may bobbie pin debacle! Before you throw away an old mint dispenser like this one, consider repurposing it into a pin holder! Simply put those bad boys in there and you’re all set! You can even bedazzle it while you’re at it, why not? Now whenever you need a quick pin, it’l be in here, not in the sole of your foot. Super cute, Lana! Okay, now I really need to get to class. But not without this handy little guy! Ain’t she gorgeous? Wow, you look picture-perfect, Lilly! But a little contour action will really make things pop. Too bad this thick brush can’t make sharp lines. Yeah, that thing’s way too fluffy for a good contour. Hmm…maybe my pink brush would work better? Ooh, still too thick! Okay, maybe this smaller one will do the trick. Ugh, it’s still too bushy a brush! I’m so frustrated! Don’t freak, Lilly, let me show you a little trick. Happen to have any bobbie pins like this lying around? Take one of your brushes that’s too big and flatten it with your fingers. Then hold it in place with your bobbie pin. Once that’s in place, get a second bobbie pin and criss cross them just like this. It should look a lot like the letter X. Why go buy a special contour brush when you can fashion one yourself? Wondering if it actually works? The proof is in the pudding, my friends! Wow!What a difference a brush makes, right? When it comes to hacks like this one, all it takes is some imagination and a touch of girly flair! These girly hacks may look easy, but they didn’t come without a little trial and error. And we’ve got hilarious bloopers to prove it!! Be sure to share these hacks with your friends and subscribe to 123GO’s YouTube page for more helpful videos like this one! Catch ya later!


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