COSMETIC CAPITAL HAUL (NARS, L’Oreal, Hard Candy, Bourjois & More | tango2+

COSMETIC CAPITAL HAUL (NARS, L’Oreal, Hard Candy, Bourjois & More | tango2+

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hey guys hope you’re all doing well
don’t mind at this wild hair today I was waiting for the curls to drop and then i
thought they’re not dropping so let’s just let’s just make use of what I’ve
got going on if you can tell I’ve got it cut and college so yes just a little bit
shorter with that concave sort of style and went a little bit darker as well but
still got still got a lot of the lightness coming through leave all the
details of my hairdresser in the description bar as well as a little
description of what she did as well it was just a little bit different help you
guys out or well sorry it’s been a while since I’ve made a video I got hit with
the end of winter cold pretty hard three weeks I was out of action and because
I’m pregnant I can’t take much so i just have to ride it out you can probably
still here a little bit of it in my voice at the moment but I just didn’t
want to wait any longer before make another video its own back today with
another cosmetics capital whole i absolutely love this site already done
another whole incident review of the site as well which island somewhere here
on the screen and they’re just very few guys haven’t seen that yet it’s an amazing sight they’ve got so
many different brands that always updating the different products that
they’ve got on there and the prices are so good especially for us here in
Australia so i’ll leave the link in the description about once again now kind
enough to give us another coupon codes so i’ll leave that in the description
bar as well for you guys and let’s get started as normal in no particular order
where we got here we’ve got the Loreal noodman chic this is the fresh field
foundation now I believe this is discontinued to another great thing
about this site is they do stop a lot of discontinued stuff so if something that you absolutely love that
you can’t get any more have a look on this one here is one of my holy grails
and yeah I use it all the time in summer and I just run out of my last one so i
wanted to get at this one for me go back into summer it’s just such a nice light
weight foundation that just evens out the skin time doesn’t feel like you’re
wearing anything so happy to get that one brand that i absolutely love that
they stock is not now quite a few nice things today this is their larger than
life lip gloss and it’s in the spring break so it’s just a perfect light nude
colors got a little brush applicator and that’s eat there so it’s very glossy
very pigmented and I just thought it would be nice to wear over a lipstick
just to sort of either and dull out the brightness of a lipstick or to just
enhance the mood now these here I was so excited when I saw them on the website
they’re the new jelly lipsticks that have the flowers inside i think they are
just so pretty i posted a close-up picture of these on my Instagram the
other day they just gorgeous and they adjust the color adjust to your about
suppose it’s like the warmth of your skin of your lips so you couldn’t be any
color for me one of use them it’s either being sort of a really nice light peach
color or pink I had to get all three because I just
think they’re so pretty and then yeah as I said we’ve got the little flower
inside and a hard candy I shadow now I’ve only tried hard candy
cosmetics just recently we caused cosmetic capital stop though really
really enjoying the red so I definitely I need to get more i got this one here
just because it was just such a dark deep gray which i thought would be
really nice just not just on the outer corner this one is called night out and it’s
watching beautifully so that’s it there so it’s not a black it’s got a little
bit machine to it’s just a really nice deep gray and another I product is by
Max Factor I don’t actually have much max factor in my collection actually
this one is in number 20 car and it’s one of their excess shimmer I shadows
and I just thought it was so pretty it’s very blue see you would say i’m
going to have to see whether or not increases on the lead because I
absolutely love my my and my Maybelline cream eyeshadows so we’ll have to see
how this one goes and i’ll report back but the shade is absolutely beautiful
it’s that one there it’s just got such a beautiful Sheen to
it and it’s that really nice like champagne beige color now this one here
was so excited to get a can’t wait to try it out a lot of people rave about it
it’s by la girl and it’s their pro conceal high-definition concealer now I
got classic ivory because i really like to use concealers underneath my eyes so
just a shade or two light out than my skin tone I like to use just to really
brighten up their area ok so it’s got a brush applicator so I’m
assuming you just squeeze it squeeze it to dispense it and then you can just
brush it on don’t have much room here guys but that’s just a little bit there yeah i’ll definitely report back on this
and let you guys know what I think of it once again amazing price and another nice product
this is from the andy warhol think that’s how you say collection and its
shadow palette these is too pretty to use guys oh my gosh when I opened it I was like
all so the packaging looks like that the beautiful nas map packaging and then
inside that’s what i showed how it looks like the blue is just studying its got
like a little bit of a lilac in it so just look gorgeous on the eye and then
this is sort of like white shipping out one here and then obviously the darker
colors around that so yeah i’ll i’ll give the guard but I just started my
brush in yet it’s got a little quote on the mirror as
well that says you need to let the little things that would ordinarily for
you suddenly through here in the last night product that I got is a now Polish Jew
oh and I’m wearing the pink one today which is sort of like a watermelon pink
cultures my absolute favorite and then there is this color here which is really
nice move i’d say i haven’t used this one as yet it’s called vertebra right i
think and then the one that I’ve gotten my nails either vertebral left right
left and right and then it comes with a little bag here little nose bag here as
well I’ve got some revlon lashes these in their runway lashes in smokey glamour
and I thought they were really nice and full and lovely i’ve got this lip
product here it’s a l’oreal which one is it 102 in Rome II i haven’t tried any of
this lauriol lip collection out as yet I just popped a little bit on the back of
my hand which I’ll show you guys it’s that one
there’s a little dough foot applicator it looks to be quite sort of like a
semi-sheer let’s take another look at this is x la girl and it’s a glaze
lip-paint in float now I got the shape teeny in my last cosmetic capital hole
and i said i wanted to get more of these so I got flirt and eat sort of like more
of a lighter pink NP any still very very pigmented this is a very pink hole today
isn’t it so it’s that one there these glazed with paints are amazing
they last for ages they’re really nice of like semi-gloss
it up too glossy which is good they’ve got a really nice sort of
peppermint feel on the lips so very refreshing and they also stopped a few
bushwa products which i absolutely love knows no I’m a huge fan of bourgeois and
i saw this i think in store in priceline quite awhile girl and I didn’t get it unfortunately but when i saw it on there
was many capital side i thought i’m going to get it this time and it’s a
queen and shoot kohl eyeliner and inner eyelid its sorry it’s got this little
ribbon on top which is cute okay so you just open it up and then
twist it out and you’ve got your eyeliner they’re all right so it’s one
of those nice oh well so pigmented that’s amazing and
it’s so soft as well yes I’ve got the room or ones which is
similar to these but they’re very sparkly and this is just a matter black I love to use these types of
eyeliners on the eyeline I like to just apply it and then smoke it out and her
hair products as well which is great now this one I got is bite resume and
it’s the liquid gold so it’s an argan oil antifreeze
protecting treatment so hopefully it’s not too heavy for my hair because I’ve
got I’ve got a lot of hair but it’s quite it’s quite thin and I try not to
use anything that’s too heavy just weighs it down so i’ll try this out i’m
really looking for talks I’ve heard great things about their liquid gold and
lastly what candles as well guys put everything I had to get this this is by
the bakery shops you can just imagine the scent of this coconut cream pie oh my gosh I wish you could smell it is
it’s sweet but not too sweet oh it’s beautiful konami if you have
coconut you love it I had to get it it’s more my god i just
want to eat it it comes in a little mason jar here one week beautiful that’s everything that I picked up in
today’s cosmetic capital whole I love that site guys I can’t write about it
enough one thing I would recommend i’m on their
mailing list they send out emails every time they’ve got new products on this
site so you can stay up to date with what they’ve got because they do have some really great
things and they sell out quite fast as well I hear they’ve got leaks coming
soon as well so I’m really excited about that as i said i’ll put the links to
everything in the description bar for you guys as well as a discount card
which is a great bonus I’ll be back soon with new videos so definitely subscribe
check out my social media sites in the description bar and i hope you
guys are having a wonderful day and I’ll speak to you soon she’ll this little
stop Hillary here this underwear got from as well k much gosh that is amazing obviously
for their hardware grows back for their baby and children’s stuff and nursery
things so so good so affordable and I’m finding quality really good as well
especially for the price


  1. Yay I just checked out the cosmetic capital website and it's so good! They have so many awesome brands and it is seriously cheap!!
    Is it super reliable? I really want to do an order but I'm worried things might come with missing parts or something!
    This video was really helpful thanks so much

  2. I wish we could purchase Max Factor products in the US!
    Great haul — obsessed with the lippies with the flowers!
    You look beautiful! xx

  3. I discovered cosmetic capital a while ago. I love it. I love buying nail polish from them! 🙂
    Your hair looks fab as usual. hope you and bub are well! xx

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