Cosmetic Dentures & Partial Dentures-Austin Tx + Before and After Pics

Cosmetic Dentures & Partial Dentures-Austin Tx + Before and After Pics

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Hi I’m Dr. Tejas Patel I’m a dentist here in Austin Texas I just wanted to introduce the video that you’re about to see the video you’re about to see is where I’m going to basically review a couple of cases and these cases in particular have to deal with dentures cosmetic dentures and removable partial dentures as well and just listen for the voice over and kind of walk you through the case and tell you a little bit about the patients and what they experienced and the steps involved and how we got a great result in the end thanks for watching enjoy the pictures and have a great day thank you so here’s one of our most favorite patients who we helped with dentures and when we talk about cosmetic dentures we want you know dentures that technically are false teeth but we want to make them look as natural as possible so we use the principles of smile design and cosmetic dentistry to get a great result in the end and with this headshot you can see it just has a nice youthful smile the color of the teeth looks great with his skin tone the shape of the teeth doesn’t look too big or too foreign no it’s very natural and as we look closer again his smile just looks really nice level the shape of the teeth matches that of the shape of his face a very proportionate the skin tone and the color of the teeth is a good complement to each other where the teeth don’t look fake or artificial because they’re too white it just has a nice flow to a smile gives them a nice youthful appearance without looking to false or to unnatural so looking even closer again cosmetic dentures are meant to look natural like real teeth the consistency of the teeth reflects light like natural teeth would we incorporate the specific color of the gum to match the skin tone to make the dentures look even more natural and again there’s natural characteristics with the smile they’re not the teeth when place they’re not too perfect and they have a nice natural appearance to them they don’t look too fake or too false and again just a great great result with cosmetic dentures making them look very natural uniform so they match the person and the personality and shape of the face and so forth so a great result in the end when again one of our favorite denture patients and yeah we can help you get just a great result in the end. So here’s a case of another wonderful patient whose main concern was his missing front tooth you can notice a kind of on the left side of his smile he’s missing that front tooth that he was missing for years and that he was always wanting to replace we decided collaboratively the best option for him was to consider a removable partial denture we discuss the option of dental implants but due to the structure of roots there was a not enough space to have a dental implant placed so we considered doing a removable partial here’s our finished product with the partial in place to replace that upper left missing tooth you can notice a nice natural flow of a smile no more space in his smile and no more gap in his smile and just a great result in there’s a closer view of a smile and great result in the end again great shape to the missing tooth that was replaced or the replacement tooth great color match as well so the partial removable partial denture has given them a smile that looks uniform and without spaces and just a nice full smile even a removable partial dentures can give us a good natural smile in the end that doesn’t have to look false or artificial (512) 476-2336

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