Cozzette Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial for Hooded Eyes

Cozzette Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial for Hooded Eyes

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– Hey friends, welcome back and
hello to you new people too. I’m Courtney. Today I’m going to be bringing you a quick tutorial on this eye look that I’m wearing right here, featuring Cozzette eyeshadows. I bought all of these eyeshadows at the Makeup Show Orlando. I love this eyeshadow formula, I think it’s excellent, so I wanted to create a tutorial. So, without further ado, let’s just go ahead and jump in. I have been traveling since late August, so I haven’t really been able to film. For those of you who don’t know, I do work full-time, but I work from home, so my job is flexible, so I’ve been able to travel. I spent time in Atlanta, Georgia, and then I was in New York
for New York Fashion Week, and most recently, I was in Orlando for the Makeup Show Orlando. So, now that I’m done
traveling for at least a month, I have some time to make videos again. I’m playing with some
of the new makeup that I bought at the Makeup Show Orlando, and I’ve already put on my
eyeshadow primer and set it. I used too Faced Shadow Insurance, and I set it with my Cozzette
essential powder in C1, and for my under eyes, I used
the Smashbox Under Eye Primer. So, I am going to be using
Cozzette eyeshadows for the majority of this look, and I’m going to take
this color right here, which is called Jack. And I’m using, this is a Goss 5 brush, along the lower lid. Now, at the outer corner of my eye, I have a lot of skin
because I have hooded eyes, and so I’m kind of
basically taking the color past the bottom of my eye, and I’m going to start working it up into the crease. And I’m using a lot of
little soft motions. And I’m going to switch to a
different brush to blend it out. I’m going to use this,
this is Real Techniques Essential Crease brush. So, I’m still seeing my therapist at least once a week, sometimes more, to help me with my grieving process, and I’m glad I’m doing it, because I’m seeing a
lot of personal growth. But it’s hard. If you’ve never done therapy before, I guess what you should
know about it is that, at least for me, it involves
homework, and introspection, and you know, trying to
change old behaviors that are safe behaviors or whatever, so I’m trying to break some of my cycles and break out of my old bad habits and basically have new ones
that are positive habits, so that’s a lot of work. This is also loosely based on a recent, or I guess
semi-recent eyeshadow tutorial from Wayne Goss, where
he was talking about building up color and then blending it out and building it up again. So, that’s kind of what I’m doing is building up this color. And see, because I have hooded eyes, and you can tell, because
whenever I’m looking directly into the camera, all of my crease color disappears, I have to basically carefully
draw the color upwards, onto the hood of my eye. And I don’t know, this might be the first video that I’ve made with the bed in the background, but one of the things that I did was get a bed for my room, and so the girls have a place to cuddle, and be behind me, and relax in my room, and I really like that. I was trying to find a damask print that wasn’t too bright, wasn’t too busy, and I wanted it to be black,
silver, or gray and purple. Couldn’t find that, so I found aqua. Aqua also works, because I have, basically, the main colors in my house are black, purple, like grays,
shades of gray or silver work, and then I also have the bright turquoise, so this kind of goes
with the bright turquoise ’cause the mint kind of goes with that. I really, really like this color, Jack. It’s a really nice matte. I feel like it blends out
without too much trouble. And I’m using the tiny brush again to help draw this blue shade
up a little bit higher, so that when I’m looking straight forward you can actually see the color. I swear, this is like
three quarters of what doing makeup on hooded eyes is like is keep bringing the crease
color up, and up, and up until you can actually see it when you’re looking straight forward. This is Cozzette Dioptase, and I’m going to use this Sigma E21 brush, and I’m going to layer this along the bottom of my lower lid. I’m going to use Cozzette Transition, which is supposed to be a cool-toned transition shade for my skin tone, and the Sigma E36, and I’m just really going
to go very, very softly right around the edge of the blue, ’cause I think that’ll make
it look a little better. I really like using the Sigma E36 to blend out the edges like that because it’s so small. It’s really easy to use around my eyes. I’m using a clean Sigma E25 to just kind of blend it
at the inner crease here. I don’t want there to be any harsh lines or skipping or anything. This is Halite, and I’m using a Sigma E32 to pat Halite onto my lid. This is like a really
crazy, wet diamond effect kind of sparkle, I love it. So, I brought the sparkly color here at the inside of my inner crease, and I don’t like how it looks. I didn’t do it on this side. So what I’m going to do
is take a little bit of my Cozzette powder and see if I can’t tone down that shimmer
that I’m not liking. And I’m going to take a little bit of that deep sparkly blue shade and put it at the outer corner of my lid. And I’m going back to
the matte blue, Jack. And I’m using my Saucebox,
I think this is from the Mermaid Fantasy set that I love. This set is great for hooded eyes. If you are thinking about
picking up a brush set, I highly recommend it. I’m going to use the Stila
Stay All Day in Indigo waterproof liquid liner. Okay, so all I really did was just line my upper lash
line with this blue liner, just so that my eyes have a
little bit more definition. And I’m applying the Kat Von D Inner Rim waterline liner stuff,
and this is how I do it. I basically use a Q-tip or my finger to roll the lash line back. I’m going to throw on my
Smashbox Super Fan mascara. This has actually become
my favorite mascara. I feel like I get really
good results with it, and I do better with it by itself than with using a primer. I feel like I try to use lash primer, everything gets really,
like, chunky, clumpy. This mascara’s just really
nice and buildable for me. Usually my mascara building
skills are not that great, but this one seems to be Courtney-proof. So, I just line my lower waterline with the Nyx Faux White pencil
in the shade Baby Powder, which is basically like
a white with a blue tint. Now that most of my face is finished, I’m going to finish the eyes, and I’m going to highlight
with Champagne Bomb, which is by Saucebox. And it’s also the same highlight
that I’m using on my face. And I use the Kat Von D
shade Shade+Light brush to highlight under my
brows, I use the pointy end right under the brows so
I have a lot of control. And then I use the fatter
end to blend it out. And I’m taking a tiny,
tiny bit on the large end and just hitting the inner corners just to kind of, like, open
up my eyes a little bit. All right, so I put on my lipstick, and I’m going to zoom in so you can see the finished eye look up close. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial featuring Cozzette eyeshadows. Please be sure to let
me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you like this video and
want to see more like it, please give it a thumbs up and share it. And if you haven’t already, click that little
subscribe button down below and I’ll see you in my next video, bye.


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