Creepy Clown Makeup Tutorial – How to Apply Cinewax to Create Scarred Cheeks – Step by Step Makeup

Creepy Clown Makeup Tutorial – How to Apply Cinewax to Create Scarred Cheeks – Step by Step Makeup

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Hi I am Kirsty Meakin and this is Naio Makeup,
In this Tutorial i am gonna show you how to do a crazy clown, because at the minute clowns
are all getting a bit crazy, because clowns are normally funny but no, they have all gone
a bit crazy and a bit scary people an all, those are very naughty clowns and they need
a smack on the bottom definitely or around the face, what ever you want. So we are gonna do a pretty SLASH scary clown. I am gonna start by using a model with a nice
clean face, you have an nice clean face don’t you Jay, let me check, Nice clean face, crazy
crazy contact lenses. And then i will use Cine-wax, Cine-wax is
a professional product used by professional makeup artists, especially in special effects,
so it is a was, and you can use it to make raised sections, we need to do this bit first,
because then it will get coloured afterwards. So what i am going to do, i have got a spatula,
take some of the wax out, So i am warming it up in my hand by just folding it over,
gathering it up and folding it over. which will make it nice and warm, which will
make it plyable. with a smaller spatula i am just gonna roughly drag this onto the skin,
just so it’s attached and then you can move it around, once it’s all on, if it starts
to cool, it won’t want to attach to the skin aswell. What i am gonna do is stretch the skin now
and using my spatula, arrange it a little bit neater. this doesn;t need to be perfect
neither, because we want it to have a round edge. So i am just gathering it towards the centre
aswell. what i mean, is that there is less her, than
there is here. make sure your edges are neat, so at this
part here, blends into the skin. literally running the spatula across it to
blend it. and then we are gonna talke the other side,
this is not sharp, it will not cut you. and i am gonna go through the wax to create that
opening, and i just wanna make it not quite as neat, i want it to have some lager pockets
of being open, so i am just gonna go in with the spatula, as we get to the mouth i am opening
this out more. I am just gonna set this with liquid set,
which is basically a spray, that you spray on, close your eyes. So i am just gonna do exactly the same on
the other side, exactly the same. Now using Collodion, I am going to go inside
this wound, now this will pull the skin in tight and it will also seal it to the skin. So now we are gonna put a base on. a base colour on with the Kryolan Aquacolour
which is a water proof base foundation. I wan something quite pale, these two here. I have got a wet sponge, you can see that
you can just sponge that on. You can see how far this travels, you get
a lot out of this, you don’t need a lot, it’s very pigmented. I am gonna avoid this area now, but i will
go in with a brush to get in there i don’t want to press on really hard you see. you could use a cream based foundation if
you wanted to, but this one works really well over the cinewax. Using a wet brush, we are going to go into
our foundation base and we are gonna go under the eyes with that. I am just gonna sponge to blend it. I am just gonna go over the tip of the lids
now, just so i have got a nice coverage. I am gonna use a flatter brush now, the other
one is a rounded, it’s like a mini foundation brush, but this one is like a flat brush,
I am still gonna wet this brush as well. and we are gonna use this, and go up to the scar,
i haven’t used fluffy brush because i want something more controlled, thats why i have
used a flat brush, Just incase you were wondering, why i have done that. and i am gonna sponge that a little bit. Gonna do exactly the same on the other side. Now i am using a darker colour, for the foundation,
and we are literally gonna add some colour, only a little bit. I totally love this stuff, this is Grimas,
and they do lots of professional makeup, when i very first started doing makeup, theatrical
makeup or makeup, I fell in love with this product brand, so i am like. We are gonna use these two pinks here, these
shadows, for under the eyes. So we are gonna use the darker one first,
almost red, if you look at it. open your eye and look up for me. prwss that right up to the lash line, and
then we go with the lighter pink and you can see how that is just a bit of a shade lighter,
it has just intensified that pink there. do exactly the same with the other eye, going
right up to that lash line with that darker colour, make sure you take that all the way
to the end. Then what i am gonna do is use the NYX Illuminator,
whic is basically just a highlighter, where that pink starts to end, gonna pop that on
there, just to illuminate that part of the face. I am gonna do an eyebrow now. So we have got the Kryolan contour pencil,
i am gonna line the outside, of the brow first. with my slanted brush i am gonna use the other
Grimas palette that i have got, so i have a dark brown here and a black, just gonna
use those powders, to fill in the brown and i am gonna use a little bit of black at the
end. Lets do the same on this one. I am now going to use the white from the Grimas
palette, just highlighting slightly under the brow. This is my favourite facepaint company. I absolutely love Snazaroo, love it, love
facepainting love everything about facepainting, body painting;. we are gonna do the next part
with the black snazaroo, so you literally mix a bit of water, it’s really pigmented
you don’t want it dripping wet, because you want to control the product, and we are gonna
do a thick line, going out, right over the top of this pink section. we did earlier. So i got you know, quite a thin brush as well. Now she should start to look like a clown. So you can see i am not actually painting
on top of the eyebrow i am going sort of behind it i suppose, So it looks like this is actually
going behind the eyebrow. If that makes sense So these sort of clown markings are quite
simple but you just need to get them you know,level. just some simple little dots, so i have now
got some white Snazaroo, nice white snazaroo. and i am gonna use, just a little bit of that. You are just gonna dot right in the middle
of the black dots that we have made. I am gonna use bright red. from the Snazaroo range, and i want a smallish
brush, so it has a rounded end but it is quite small. and i am just gonna do the tip of the nose,
So she definitely gonna look like a clown now. I am gonna go under the eye now. with the face paint, and the black. right up to the lash line. I am just gonna go around the little nose,
You can see how it’s bled a little bit here, It wasn’t quite dry, so we are gonna correct
that. and put a little bit of white in here. We are gonna outline these markings on the
eye, which will neaten it up at the same time. I am gonna use a smashbox red lip liner. it’s
called, whats it called, Crimson. it’s one of those gorgeous ones, that if you
lose the point you can twist it up, and then it brings the point back. I think these are the most cleverest things
ever. We are gonna line her lips, not forgetting
that we are gonna come out here aswell. Now this lip liner is water proof aswell.
and we are doing quite a pointed lip now we are gonna do the neck, and we are gonna start
in the middle,. With the red, so the red snazaroo you are
gonna go inbetween here, so this is obviously replicating the, Big Top Big Top, that’s it. I am roughly gonna use some black, this i only
roughly, it doesn;t need to be absolutely bob on, perfect, Sorry am i throwing it at
you babe. But with black, this i what i want to do now. Get the black on a sponge, and go all under
the neck, So it really makes the jaw, bend out, no , not blend out, it makes it stand
out. I am gonna take a flat brush with black, and
just neaten this line. Now for the best bit, we are gonna do blood,
So i have some special effects liquid blood , and then i have got some fresh scab blood. So this one is thick, so we can see that won’t
run out, it’s like jelly, like coagulated blood, and then you have this one. runny, we will be using both, of those. With a spatula i am
gonna take out, some of the blood, the thick scabby blood and we are gonna use that on
a brush, and come in to the centre, So we can leave some other the thick bits of blood,
you know the ones that make it look really dark, so those little bits that are thick
make it look more realistic. i am just gonna make that look a little bit
more uneven, so it looks even more realistic. Same on this side. I am gonna use some of the dark pink as well,
which is the shadow, which is what we used under the eyes, from the Grimas Palette we
have. So there might have been a bit of an accident
with the blood, So i am a bit you know, stained, i might have knocked over the liquid blood,
It was an accident, they happen, you know what i mean. Why does it happen to me all of the time? So anyway, we are gonna use this gorgeous,
this absolutely gorgeous it is, Retro Matte, Liquid Lip Colour, in the colour, Highheel’s
This is matte and it;’s absoluetly beautiful, Open your mouth for me. thank you very much. This will stay nice and matte on my lips,
It smells nice. No i think that’s just me. And we could just leave it like that, but
no, Not with Kirsty Meakin. Now we are gonna use the other end of the
brush, and i have got some in the lid here. we do have some liquid blood left, i did actually,
didn’t knock it all over. and we are gonna press it on and let it drip,
why is it so funny Jay Because it’s so tickly Tickly Tickly Tickly Feels like a spider Sorry just let me look at that, So we are
just gonna let that drip down, now it looks really scary I want some going on here aswell, This is
just for added effect. One last thing, A bit of black in the waterline. Sorry i don’t mean one last thing. Two last things Mascara This is Mac’s waterproof mascara And she is finished. Scary, yet a little bit pretty clown Thanks So it looks like the epidemic of crazy clowns
is continuing even on this channel, hope you enjoyed that little tutorial, hope it didn’t
scare you too much. It scared you a bit didn’t it. Hope it didn’;t scare you too much, makeup
never hurt nobody, just remember that and i’ll see you next time. bye bye. What did clowns do before they had those Honk
honks, you know before they had those honk honks things. did they just paint their noses red, i think
so yeah, they must have mustn’t they. We should have got you one of them, Honk honk


  1. This is awesome 😀 Something I find really helpful with the wax is putting a bit of oil/Vaseline/lotion on your fingertips, you can blend it out pretty seamlessly and don't need to pull the skin tight to blend it ^_^

  2. So cool! I love it! It looks SO intimidating at 1st when you're looking at the final masterpiece. But I love all the different little parts. You could easily do the eyes alone, the mouth alone, or the eyes and nose, or the eyes and mouth… Or you can do the whole entire thing. I really love the shading under the chin.. it really made her face come forward.

  3. Great .. I love that you were sitting with your legs up in the chair while doing that 😉😁👏🏻🤗… Hun can you show us the best way on make small eyes look bigger thank you lovely…. 💜😍

  4. Wow!! This is amazing!! Body paint, SFX, How many skills Kristy got?? and did those products just buy for this video or sponsors?? 'coz they are all brand new.

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