Cuca’s story | Breast Cancer Survivor | Live your breast life

Cuca’s story | Breast Cancer Survivor | Live your breast life

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GC Aesthetics presents Women’s Thoughts on Their
Breast Reconstruction Surgery After Cancer Cuca, 44. Terrassa, Spain. What did you think when
you first found out you had cancer? During the biopsy, I was told it wasn’t looking good. I remember going out
and standing outside the hospital and having the feeling that the world was spinning,
but time had slowed down for me. In those moments you know
your life is going to change, of course, you just don’t know how big this change will be,
but everything’s going to change. People start feeling sorry for you, don’t they? Cancer, less these days, but cancer
is still thought of equal to death. That’s the feeling everyone is left with. And, that’s obviously not how it actually is,
because a lot of progress has been made in that area. Why did you get interested in
having breast reconstruction surgery? I had a mastectomy and
my whole right breast was removed so, well, I had a mastectomy
and reconstruction surgery, all at once. Honestly, my feeling was:
I don’t want to be mutilated, I mean, I don’t want to feel incomplete, right? Besides, of my body, my cleavage, my breasts,
they are the most feminine parts. So, losing them would make me feel incomplete.
This was, I think, the hardest thing for me. My concerns were:
if it was going to look natural or not; or would I feel weird having something foreign in my body?
Does that make sense? Also, I wondered how I was going to feel about it,
if it might become a nuisance. And the truth is that it has been very successful,
in all aspects, when you touch it, it all feels very natural. I believe that if I don’t mention it,
if I don’t tell people about my surgery, no one would notice that it’s an implant. Would you recommend other women
to get breast reconstruction surgery? If they have the chance to get a reconstruction surgery
straight after their mastectomy, then, of course, they should go for that. Otherwise, their scar would have to be reopened
to perform a surgery to reconstruct the whole area. Plus, recovery becomes much harder. What’s your life like
after the breast reconstruction surgery? Well, the results are fantastic. Once everything comes back to place
the scars are minimal. Above all, it seems so natural,
your cleavage, your femininity, everything feels natural, it’s all there. I mean, you look at yourself in the mirror,
and you say: I’m there, I’m back. It’s fantastic. Thank you very much to Cuca for her testimony. Follow us for more information

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