Custom Cosmetic Colors for Permanent Makeup - available at Painful

Custom Cosmetic Colors for Permanent Makeup – available at Painful

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custom cosmetic colors offers a complete line of the most fashionable and popular cosmetic tattoo colors requested by clients these pigments have been successfully used by professionals in the bill the cosmetic tattooing for over 20 years with beautiful long lasting results some of the features are waterproof label iron oxide 37 beautiful colors tamper-proof seals six to eight microns made in USA and a full range of popular colors custom cosmic colors for the lip these four cool colors can be mixed to make the most popular colors that women wear the colors seem to never be outdated mom is a very popular color it can be used alone or can be used for a base color adding rose peak to brighten it up and wine to darken the color white pink can be used alone or used to help lighten up other colors wine is a beautiful color that can be used alone or to mix with other colors rose pink can be used to brighten up any color with a little pink red and plum are also cool colors that can be requested by clients they can be mixed with other colors are used alone these five beautiful custom cosmetic colors are for permanent makeup artists that rather have popular colors already mixed for them Hollywood lips is a combination of mauve and rose pink some are pink is a combination of rose pink and light pink MS natural is a combination of mauve and light pink perfect lip color is a combination of ma wine and rose pink dark wine is a combination of wine plum and darkest Brown orange is a warm color usually used to mix with cool lip colors to help avoid lips healing with a purple color when you have strong blue undertones in the lips and blue in the color which all cool colors have blue in them it can cause cool colors to Hill to a purple color so a small drop of orange in your mixture will help avoid lips healing with a purple color after mixing your color if you see orange in the color you have added too much orange can also help correct / cover up unwanted lip colors that have turned a purple color mixing orange with red making a burnt orange color yellow can also be used to correct certain colors these are custom cosmetic colors that are wrong colors you do not have to add orange coral is a beautiful color it can be used to help brighten up many colors and the nerve is a combination of Auburn and red ground warm beauty is a combination of coral and Auburn custom cosmic colors Brow's light brown medium brown and dark brown these brown shades can be a warm or cool color depending on a person's undertones in rare occasions a person can have strong undertones yellow are all of undertones just add Auburn to brown red undertones use ash color white Brown is used to help lighten medium or dark brown light taupe medium taupe and dark taupe are perfect colors were a person with ash or gray hair taupe is not more person what yellow are all of undertones light taupe is used to help light medium or dark too it is also a color that will help correct slash cover-up unwanted red brows or the taupe color is requested my ash medium ash dark ash are great colors to use on person with red undertones they are not poor person what yellow are all of undertones is a perfect color to help correct / cover up unwanted brows that have turn a right color lie a sh is used to help like a medium ash and dark ash Oberon is a popular warm brown color is a great color to use to mix with lip colors when a brown color is requested also auburn can be mixed with brown – correct / cover up unwanted gray brows gray Brown is a warm color use when a strong red color is requested custom cosmetic colors for eyeliner eyeliner black is the most popular color for eyeliner it is already mixed to help a boy turn into a blue color soft fog is mixed with little gray to make it loose softer black brown black is a popular color for a person that does not want a darker black eyeliner darkest Brown is for a person that only wants brown eyeliner gray can be used to soften a eyeliner color or for brows with a little lighter color like light taupe blue and green can be used to mix with eyeliner colors custom cosmetic colors for skin tone colors light flesh medium flesh dark flesh these three skin tone colors can be used to help correct slash cover-up unwanted / bigger colors that have been implanted in the skin when used correctly the colors can be used for scars but be aware of undertones that can change colors and advance camouflaging class is recommended look all your distributors website or ask for a link to download a copy of custom cosmic color chart which has a lot of important information talked about today and also can be used for everyday color guide

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