Daiso Haul November 2019

Daiso Haul November 2019

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hello big beautiful bean nips welcome to the
channel my name is brandy Isadora this is – loopy and follow him on Instagram
if you’re new to my channel I post a little bit of everything pretty much a
little bit of fashion a little bit of DIYs a little bit of hauls a little bit
of rise in just pretty much anything and everything that I love and I love to do
anything I’m like a super hands-on girl so this video is a Daiso haul and
there’s a few things that i’ve never seen before
so let’s jump right into it so the first thing I thought are these protective
mats they are supposed to go under your dishes and your cupboard or in your
drawers I got this kind and this kind the only difference is their size so
this one as you can see it’s taller or wider and then it’s shorter as well
that’s so strange so the roll is longer this roll is longer but it’s shorter in
height and this one is a roll is smaller but it’s taller in height so I got two
of these and one of these they do these one of these they have this cute little
print on it it’s a pink little doggie and it says dog Shiba bow-wow so I’ve
been leaving for some of these on Aliexpress and I ordered some and then
the seller didn’t ship the items on time so I got these but I really wanted them
and I had actually been looking for these in die so for a while and I did
have some but they didn’t have any pink and I really wanted to tank so I finally
got these since I saw these so the next item I got is this document case and I
got it for my brother I’ve gotten it for my sister for them to put their
documents in they’re getting older they’re holding
their own birth certificates and things like that and it’s high school diplomas
and things like that car registrations so I just gotten this and they have a
safe place to put all their belongings in their room you wanna go down go down
and you would get tired gotta get tired of hanging out with me not o be cryin
always crying he’s forcing me to bet him with my foot so yeah I got one of these
for them but they already have theirs I need another one um so store my colored
paper like my colored cardstock I don’t have that much colored cardstock um but
um I have enough that will almost fill this case and I wanted something that
would protect it from getting dusty and wrinkles and things like that so that’s
what I’m using this for it’s in it’s called an a4 document case it was three
bucks the next item I got is this case and I’ve been waiting for guys so to
have this case for so long so I see it all the time in the Japanese haul videos
but I’ve never seen it in the dices store so you put your your baby wipes
not baby wipes your like facial wipes your beauty wipes in here so the bottom
is removable you’d have to cut this open though and then the bottom pops off yeah
I can’t do it right now oh I did the bottom pops off and you put the wipes in
there and then the lid is a poplin so then you would just pull out the whites
through here so the next time that I got are these silicone molds and you can use
it for ice cubes I got them for resin because I wanted to make some big chunky
hearts and stars so I’ve got these two and the next item I am super excited for
is this it’s a little stand you know you can put like little cars or figurines
whatever you want on there to display or you can just use it to like organize a
up a spice rack so you can stack them up that way and have a tiered spice rack I don’t know what I’m gonna use them for
yet but I do know that whenever I like something at Daiso and I don’t get it
when I go back and actually want it they never have it anymore so I got this
and eventually I’ll find out what I want to use it for the next item I got is
this one and this one and I got these because I was Sailor Moon for Halloween
and I want to do a complete clock cause I want to do a complete cosplay for
Sailor Moon so I got these because I wanted to see if I could make a moon
stick or a crescent moon wand out of these using these as the base and then
building onto them they’re just kids toys the next item I got are just some
safety pins honestly I got them because they come in like a cute clear container
and I love like to share with you the next item I got is a cleaning item it is
called a wallpaper and floor eraser and I just put up wallpaper in my craft room
so I got this to see if I get any stains really thought I got it be able to clean
it up so it’s like a little gummy used for wallpaper cleaning I guess it says
you just use like an eraser you don’t need water or anything like that so I’m
excited to try it out but I’m not excited to need it do you not I mean
like I don’t want my wall here to get dirty but if it does I’m gonna see if it
works and then the next item another cleansing item is this hair sponge hair
cleaning sponge for carpet so I guess you use it to remove
cat hair and stuff like that from carpet I honestly got it because our cat her
name is Gabby she has this cat tower and it is like insanely covered in hair so I
want to see if I could clean it up with this because the vacuum can only do so
much next I got this super kawaii metal
container it’s a pink heart or sorry a purple heart with stripes and it says
sweet and it’s got a coffee cup ice cream candies donuts pie and a donut on
it I got three of these containers and I love these containers I use them for so
I have the the acrylic washing drawers from Michael’s but they don’t fit Oh
washi Daiso washi and scotch washi and I need bigger washi don’t fit in there so
I like to put them in here next to those containers so like a clear acrylic
plastic it still looks good so it’s called a clear case with lid and I got
three of them the next item I got is this ruler it is like a gridded ruler it
is a clear blue and it has metal on the edge so you can use it to like slice
with a blade which is what why I liked it I liked that it had the metal edge on
one side ooh next are these dishes and I know that in
my Daiso kitchen video I showed you guys they have a ton of dishes but these are
really cool the reason I got them is because my brother is like the cat
whisperer like understands why his cat does like anything and everything and he
noticed that the cat likes to eat from smaller dishes than bigger dishes so
they have super cute China in Daiso so I got these cute little bowls just ER
our kitty some cat food in now I wanted to get a bold kind for some water but
then I realized we need like a big bowl of water anyways if it’s like a tiny
little thing water it’s and me constantly had to be refilled so I only
got the small plates for the next item are these cat hair pins and I got them
because they’re already like meant to be worn already but since they’re so
playing I thought that I could like resin on top of them and DIY a little
bit so that’s why that B’s the next item are these markers that I haven’t seen
before they’re new to me I got the normal highlighters or like pastel
highlighters of the AB but these are metallic markers so they’re like
metallic I don’t know if they’re meant to be highlighters or not we’ll see
hey one packet has green pink and blue and the other packet has purple sober
and cold the next item I am so excited for because I ordered a something
similar to this on Aliexpress and it was like a tiny little package it came with
like 15 little ones so I had bought these before at Daiso but they were blue
green and white and I really wanted pink and what I do with these is I fill my
gumball machines cuz I’m obsessed with couple machines and I filled them with
these what kind of decorations but I really want to take ones and I’d never
seen them a pink ones before so this time that I went they had a few of these
actually these were the last two and I got both of them yeah they’re just foam
pellets like foam packing pellets but I need some for decoration they’re in the
shape of a little heart the next time I got is this little case it says it’s for
origami squares and I got it to put my six by six papers in here if I have any
of those papers I want to store them in here so that you don’t get damaged oh my
god so when I buy these things I actually bought these things like a few
weeks ago but I keep them in the bag and I don’t use
them and I store them until I can film a video so they’re basically just hoarded
and forgotten and all day I’ve been craving something sweet yesterday I
finished all of the sweets that I had made I baked so I ordered like a ton of
like pre-made croissant pastry dough so I’m a I’ve been making chocolate filled
croissants and that’s been like satisfying my sugar need because I’m a
huge like carbon sugar holic so but everything was done I finished it all
yesterday and today I had like this craving all day for sweets and I had
Maria cookies which are sweet but they’re just like basic they’re not like
chocolate or anything like that so I figured fine
at least a memory of the peas I can have a cup of coffee and some Oreo cookies or
something but these were in there and if I would have known that these were in
there I would have eaten them like weeks ago so I’ve never tried these before
they’re called Ali’s piquillo pack Allah they look like just a chocolate wafer
with like nuts inside so I’ll let you guys know how this turns out the next
item are these items and let me grab one that I already use so Jenna has these
cute little sponges this is all dirty and dissolved I’ve used it already but
their limit like the magical eraser if you guys have heard of the magical
eraser and if you guys have never tried the magic eraser the magical eraser is
bomb it like dissolves as you use it but it’s like for example these walls there
were stains on these walls that I could not remove like in that corner and I I
was like you know what let me try this I had one of these in dye so I didn’t know
what it was for I just bought it because it was humans like animal Sakura and it
literally like you it’s a magical eraser it erases anything and everything from
everywhere and everything not necessarily but you know what I mean
like it left the wall super clean so – no it has a ton of super cube-shaped
magic eraser so these you see current ones I really like these
but for the price it’s a lot less product it comes with four of these
little Sakura’s and they’re they’re tiny so I got this one instead they’re the
same price they’re still cute they’ve got little pandas on them but it’s more
products so I got these lenses they’re called melamine sponges but like the
trademark name that you might know is the Magic Eraser I also got this hair
accessory it’s also like cat themed and it’s just got a little vacant area
alright it’s just like the frame of the cat head I also got these to try and
craft with it then the last thing I got were these two brushes they are nail
brushes and I got them to to crack with basically to use them with UV resin so
that’s the last item you guys I hope you guys enjoyed the video I’m so excited to
eat those chocolate you guys want to follow me you didn’t follow my snapchat
right here follow my Instagram right there follow Joshi’s Instagram all I
told you guys already look at them again and I will see you guys in my next video
see you later beans thank you guys for watching my video if you want to keep
hanging out you can click on my video on the left side of the screen and if you
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see you later beans


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