DeafGamer’s Basic ASL Tip #003 | Facial Expressions

DeafGamer’s Basic ASL Tip #003 | Facial Expressions

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Hey guys, welcome to my third ASL tip! Today I want to talk about facial expressions. Facial expressions are very important in ASL. You basically have to know how to act. You use them to make an adjective more exaggerated,
basically adding the word “very” to it. For example, in terms of reaction to eating
food: You can say: “I like it!” Then, “I REALLY like it!” It’s more exaggerated. Then There’s “I don’t like it.” Then, “I REALLY don’t like it.” So there’s acting to that. Meanings of a word can completely change in
facial expression. If you are surprised that someone did something,
your face would be along the lines of this: “YOU DID THAT?” But if you are proud of someone for doing
it, then, the meaning would completely change if you change your expression. “You did that.” Same sign, but you change the meaning. In my opinion, the hardest way to implement
facial expressions is when you are talking about an emotion you have felt in the past. Most of the time, if you are talking about
a time when you were angry, you are not going to be angry while you’re talking about it. However, in ASL, you have to literally act
like you are angry so that you can accurately describe how angry you were in the past. For example, if I was playing Super Smash
Bros last week, and I only slightly raged, my sentence would go like this: But, if I
got so angry that I yelled in rage, my sign language would be a bit different. It’s way more exaggerated. Learning ASL with the factor of facial expressions
can actually help shy people get out of their shell because the first time around, there
will definitely be a lack of comfort in doing all that acting. When you get more used to it, you will find
it to be easier to communicate in ASL. I found a good article as to why it’s so important,
so check it out in the description below. Thanks so much for watching and supporting
my channel as I push out content slowly but surely. See you guys next time.

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