1. Where did you get all of your clips from? I’m having a really hard time finding hair clips.

  2. Honestly I'm kinda aiming to be a super pastel decora with ay least 13 kawaii bracelets and 17 clips then my pastel shirt and skirt and pink platform shoes! Oh wait nvm I'll get beat up

  3. This is so cute I went to school wearing this fashion and yes I got judged but I don’t care because I felt happy wearing/dressing like this and the people who judged me were just jealous 😝

  4. I’ve always loved this but I feel like I can’t do it bc 1. I’m Mexican and VERY brown
    2. Ppl would probably make fun of me …. 🙁

  5. When you depressed cause you can’t have bangs cause your hair fucking hates you and it’s a frizzy mess :’)

  6. I love this stylebso much I want to wear it but I'm the only one in the whole country who thinks so since I'm from Finland

  7. I'm only 11 and I do this kawaii Decora Girl stuff. I don't wear my Decora girl outfit, at school because I don't wanna be bullied.

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