Define Your Brows: e.l.f. cosmetics

Define Your Brows: e.l.f. cosmetics

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Hey guys its Kat. And today I thought I’d take you through a quick tutorial and
sort of the makeup review of a new product I just bought it called that e.l.f.
studio eyebrow kit and I thought it was really cool because on one side it has a
gel to help define the line of your eyebrows and on the other it has
compressed powder that works too kinda just fill in this sparse spaces. I just removed
it from the box and here it is, this is the e.l.f Studio make up eyebrow kit and it
comes with this little brush that has an angle brush on one end to apply the gel
and then on the other end it has a blending brush So I’m just going to go ahead and try this out. So first I’m going to take the angled side of the brush and dip it into the dark pigmented wax and use it to define the shape of my
eyebrow. I’m following the natural arch of my eyebrow while also accentuating the shape next I’m taking the blending brush end and dipping it into the lighter powder and using it to
fill in any sparse areas to help thicken and create a fuller look. I ended up using a different blending brush because the one in the it was a little too soft and
difficult to control. Now I’m just blending in both colors to create a more natural
luck and that’s it

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