Demi Moore’s Anti-Aging Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

Demi Moore’s Anti-Aging Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

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– Hey, it’s time to get naked. (uptempo R&B music) Well, my skin care routine
is generally less is more. One of the key things I think, that has totally saved my skin is the Makeup Eraser cloth. My skin is hyper, hyper-sensitive, so I can’t have anything with fragrance. It has to be really high quality, clean active ingredients. Right, glasses have to come off. And let’s just see, oh, but I need them on
to see what I’m doing. (laughs) Okay, so I have two different cleansers, depending on what I’ve got going on. I have one that’s Retrouve, which is more of an elixir
which is a nice texture. And if I need to feel more clean, then I have my Cosmedix,
which is Benefit Clean. And that’s more like a soap, which both of them work. But I have to like get in here and it’s really difficult
when you’re blind. It’s one of the downsides
of getting older. Like, you need to actually
have like a button that can push in and
have a full-on magnifier. My mother always drilled
in me no matter what, that you should wash, like
cleanse and moisturize your skin. So I’m telling you this thing, literally takes everything off. Look at this, don’t you see it’s magic. So, next step, we have what I
like to do before everything, is actually spray this. Which this is called Beat the Blues, and it’s like an aromatherapy piece. So I should really do that because it actually changes the
whole mood of everything. It’s a combination of
tuberose, clary sage, a little bit of orange, and it actually really
does what it says it does. Like, it’s completely uplifting. This is a brand new favorite, and I have to squint so I can make sure I’m putting the right thing on. This is by Niod, and it’s copper. It’s a serum that you
do morning and night. And, I don’t know, it just has incredible energy to it. Like, your whole face feels uplifted. And somebody said today that it actually does tighten your skin, but it makes it more alive. Okay, so I’ve put one of
my favorite moisturizers, which is a Biologique
and with an added one, which is their La Grande creme. I always put it on my hands first. One, because is also, it allows you to be much more gentle with
your face and your skin. And I always like, put any extra down on your chest, your boobs. If I’ve just been working and
I have a full face of makeup, I will usually put on a mix of different moisturizers to make sure that I’m
like replenishing my skin. And it’s usually a mix of the Biologique, the Retrouve, and a new oil, which is also by Ilapothecary, which is like a Vitamin A, C, D, all of the above. But with that for my skin,
I just do a few drops, and you activate it in your hands, and then you really just pat it on, and that’s pretty much it. If I’m really feeling like, adventurous. I’ll take the same oil and I’ll put it on my Georgia Louise rose quartz butterfly, and then you just do this and you work through all
the tension in your face. Well, it activates the
blood flow in your skin and then kind of moves
out all the tension. You’ll see there’ll be a lot
of blood flow to the skin. And when you’re over 50, when you feel like your
skin is hitting the floor, this actually is an incredible uplift. That and smiling. Smiling’s the best free
anti-aging secret available. All right, well I can put one last drop, just to really replace all
that was sucked out of my skin from the makeup and environment, and that’s it. Thanks for watching me get naked.


  1. Прекрасная женщина! 👍👍👍Красавица! Без иньекций ! Натуральная!👌🌷🌷🌷

  2. She needs to gain weight to look younger. Extreme diet kills collagen in the body and skin cells die which makes a person looks old

  3. It's almost 2020. Can we all please change the narrative on how good any woman looks "for her age"?!! It's an insult to all of us at that whatever age!!

    I'm 53, and most people think I'm still 35-40. I just want to be told, "YOU LOOK GREAT!!" period. AGELESS and approachable by all is how I want to be till I leave this earth. In my quiet ways, I work hard at staying youthful, yes. But mostly because I just FEEL better for myself. But I stopped doing extreme anything to stay this way, while avoiding stressful and over analytical thinking about everything in my life.
    Just relax everybody!!

  4. Holy crap, she looks 70 yrs old. Hell I'd quit with that stuff cause it is not working. Im 42 and Id have to turn her down.

  5. Love love me some demi…truth is you cxan moisture up but gravity eventually gets the best of us. Sweet video.

  6. Love the fact that she looks beautiful with natural fine lines, sick and tired of celebs who advocate their routines with a taut face full of botox and filler. Love ya Demix

  7. Hi! I'm guessing this cream with vitamins is including retinol and other serums? I have read if you are using quality moisturizers you don't really need to purchase an eye cream right? Also and last, for you use any gadget like nuface for lifting or laser treatment, etc? Really keen in knowing! You look great!

  8. I stopped using makeup wipes months ago as was drying and boy the difference from now using a cloth or flannel to take off
    Makeup is fantastic. My skin actually glows.

  9. She is sooo pretty and o love her voice…maybe a hair cut and dont separate no the middle could bring some fresh

  10. Ok , but doesn't Demi still have makeup on. She looks so damn beautiful, but I don't think she took everything off.

  11. It kills me how they have facelifts the best dermatologist help them.They say the reason their skin looks great is creams and lotions

  12. Eu não uso lentes de contato e passo umas boas 5 horas a procura da armação ideal, desta vez eu errei feio, mas eu a perdi e comprei uma menos chamativa e mais leve. Nós temos aquelas bolsinhas das pálpebras que são resquícios de quando comíamos de tudo. Minha colega apenas retirou essa bolsinha e ficou esplêndida, espero a hora da estrela aparecer para ir a procura do meu amigo Dr. Marcos. Eu vi um filme em que você é treinada para assumir um cargo no governo americano e me identifiquei muito, mas o seu treino físico era brutal, eu não teria conseguido e o seu preparo físico era exaustivo. Espero que tenhas desapegado da personagem aluna e tenhas transgredido todas as regras alimentícias. Um beijo grande e estou curtindo os benefícios de não se preocupar com a balança, mas tido tem seu preço.

  13. I forget? Hom many hundreds of thousands of dollars did she spend on plastic surgery? She can climb on the same heap wih Suzanne Sommers. The rest of us have to live in the real world.

  14. I don't know how Demi does it, but her looks have actually IMPROVED as the years have gone by. (She's always been a beauty, but good lawd does she make 50 look fantastic!) Good genetics, cheekbones & a consistent skincare routine maybe?

  15. Very good nightly routine.I guess the botox and expensive facials were done during the morning routine then.She looks great though.

  16. Demi does look good she does look natural like shes had no work done…but does she have good Gene's and good skin care or does she have regular work done like fillers and skin peels or what ever it is they do rather than have surgery…and she just doesn't say like so many stars …it is depressing that women have to do so much to stay young to feel good about themselves …its even worse now for young girls than when I was younger I have 2 daughters and I feel for them

  17. She should gain some weight, i love Demi. Having long hair dont keep u young after a specific age, will age you more. 🤓😮😉

  18. How does this woman look like an early twenty something year old? She looks the same, if not better, than when she was in G.I Jane in 1997…. it’s now almost 2020! The bad vision is the only thing that might suggest she’s a lot older. What magic has she found to age backwards?

  19. Demi and anti aging……..?????????????? Lmaooooo Try plastic surgery. She is getting the plastic surgery alien look.

  20. I love that she is confident enough to leave her eye make up on, while talking about make up removal. It's her choice, I guess she feels better showing herself with eyes on.

  21. I think these celebrities are totally briefed on what to promote… if your using something daily …you know the routine… Natural?? Not what she put on her face … as a pro’s gimmicky if it isn’t ..then it’s all bad … sorry Grrrl

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