1. It is best do pour over the nail. Dipping with anything wet or sticky can clump your powder and or make it less effective.

  2. I stay to my acrylics. I didn’t like the corners on this. And I think I can’t make that commitment to one color for that long. But it was nice to see a new technique ☺️👍🏻

  3. how do you recommend removing dip nails? I have tried SO many different ways and it always takes me forever and I end up having to pick some of it off. I usually file off as much as I can and then soak them in acetone. They'll be soaking for no joke like 40 minutes and the polish won't budge lol

  4. Dlaczego tytan odchodzi mi prY skorkach? Pęka też na czubkach i odpryskuje.. Paznokcie robione mam w salonie😭

  5. Bonjour le protocole n’est pas du tout bon un premier temps il faut mettre du primeur sinon ça va se décoller ensuite une couche clear puis deux couches de couleur encore une couche de clear Après l’activator et on fait la forme et on fini par deux couches de top coat

  6. Cute color but that one side that kept getting missed 😳Also, you put on activator AFTER filing, is that correct?

  7. me encantó esa técnica muchas felicidades por tu bello trabajo dónde puedo conseguir esa linea de acrílico o esa marca

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