DIY DIP POWDER Nails at Home

DIY DIP POWDER Nails at Home

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Mix the powder in the container Remove the natural shine Apply a thin coat of Dip BASE COAT Immediately dip at a 45-degree angle into Powder making sure to cover the entire surface of the nail wipe off any remaining loose powder Apply a second layer of Base Coat and Color Powder. You can also sprinkle the powder over the nail let it air dry remove excess powder with a brush Generously apply Activator Liquid Allow to dry completely File and buff the nails Cleanse filing dust with a lint-free wipe apply activator again Apply 2 thin coats of TOP COAT. allow the top coat to dry long enough before you apply another layer on Which colour is your favourite?


  1. Hej! A zrobiłabyś proszę film o tej metodzie na tipsie? Jak tymi pudrami stworzyć krzywą, żeby paznokieć nie był taki płaski 💕

  2. I really interested in this but I have a couple of questions. 1) do you think it's worth the $70 for the starter kit? 2) it seems like a long process, how long from start to finish did it take?

  3. How do you remove it? And does it damage your nail bed? I want to try but I'm scarier it will ruin my natural nails

  4. Не слишком ли много времени занимает? Да и велик шанс неправильную архитектуру сделать и много ошибок других….

  5. Help! How do I keep my base brush from becoming hard so that I can continue to do my dip?? I haven’t even used it much and nothing I try is helping! It’s making them thick, lumpy, and sometimes I can’t even use it

  6. I want Rossi to get some new colors. They’re cute but kind of generic. I found this site that has a bunch of really good brands. Some of them are pretty cheap too

  7. Widzę same zagraniczne komentarze, a właścicielka kanału rodowita Polka a wszyscy mysla, że nie.

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