DIY Essential Oil Cuticle Oil and Nail Polish Remover that works! 2019

DIY Essential Oil Cuticle Oil and Nail Polish Remover that works! 2019

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Hey and welcome back to yet another edition of early time with Jax I am keeping on my DIY hacks videos to help you use your oils Get the most out of your oils and best of all save money well doing this and ditching and switching the chemicals in your house For natural products. Alright, and also I encourage you to leave me your DIY hacks for Whatever subject I’m covering. So this week I’m going to be doing DIY cuticle oil and a DIY Natural nail polish remover guess what that actually works love to know your versions of them are what you do for these two items and Post them in the comments below, of course If you need to get oils Please go to the person who sent you here and talk to them if you don’t have an all-lady already I am happy to be your oil lady for sure. I love doing this Ok, so, please put your comments in the comments below. Would love to hear from you. Ok So this week we’re gonna do the DIY cuticle oil as I mentioned none Of course, you don’t have to pause the video and write it down as we’re going I’ll put a card up at the end of each one So you can just pause there and get the information you need and refer back to it whenever you want to okay? So for the DIY cuticle oil, we’re gonna use one and a half teaspoons of young livings v6 veggie oil Complex. It’s a carrier oil and is fantastic and I love anything from Young Living because I know I’m getting seed to steal It’s going to be the purest product that I can get out there For this case when I’m using the cuticle oil, you can use coconut oil if you want to but for me I’m gonna use the v6 veggie complex oil from Young Living if you get a bottle of that it’s gonna last a long time Because it’s so much like a little goes a long way with this stuff So it’s worth having I digress so one and a half teaspoons of v6 veggie oil Complex four drops of frankincense two drops of myrrh, and you’re going to mix these in a small bowl, right? And then you’re going to take a cotton ball dip it in and apply to your cuticles you can do this on your And your fingers and then let it sit there for like five minutes Really get in there and then just resize it into your cuticles. And there you go DIY cuticle. Well, no chemicals And it works. Yes. All right, here comes a recipe Next up as promised is going to be the nail polish remover, right? I’ve looked for a recipe in the past that was natural because it’s very like Daunting to have that smell of nail polish remover in the house My husband has asthma and it bothers him when I’ve used it in the past So yes, I probably could have found this sooner, but I started looking and I found one now So this is a recipe I have and here we go without any further ado. We’re gonna do 2/3 cup of apple cider vinegar six drops of citrus fresh ascent to oil and seven drops of lemon essential oil and then we’re going to put that into a 16-ounce bottle right with a lid Deep your nails in the solution for about 20 to 30 seconds and then wipe off So yeah, it’s not gonna be immediate like regular chemical filled nail polish remover ways. Just like wipe wipe and you’re done We’re gonna let the your nails sit in that for 20 to 30 seconds and then wipe off best thing about it You’re not drying out your skin and you’re using a natural plant based product to take off your nail polish And I do have some friends right now that have sent me some information on natural nail polishes So that’s going to come as I slowly ditch and switch the chemicals out of my house as well Alright, here comes a recipe for that I’m looking forward to hearing your DIY hacks and your information if you know natural nail polishes as well I’d like to know your cuticle oils that you use and your nail polish remover that it’s been successful for you. This is great Just sharing information. It’s so important I have information I can share with you I’m sure that you have information that I don’t know you can share with me and everyone else who’s watching these videos It’s keeping our tribe strong and doing a ditch and switch What could be better we’re all living above the health and wellness line, right? Okay, so if you don’t have an oil person I conducted to your oil lady if you do please go to that person who sent you here to this video and talk to them about getting your oils and You like what I’m doing, please hit the like button and subscribe I’m hitting that Bell little bell icon. All that does is Notify you when I drop another video I tend to drop them on Wednesdays and I call it wellness Wednesday Alright, I look forward to hearing from you Please put your info in the comments below If you need to get a hold of me, my info will also be in the comments below with the description Alright until next time stay safe and happy oiling You

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