DIY HOLO-CHROME NAILS – How to apply pigment powder

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HI I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails In this video, i’m going to show you something brand spanking new and it’s super exciting it’s the Holographic Chrome pigment So, we are going to do it over a few different
colours I’ve already done one example so that’s what it looks like over the top
of Divine Pleasure, a nude colour and then , i’ve got one here to show you This is over the top of Swat team For those of you who know the colours already
you will know that this is a black Jet black that is, and thats Swat team And this what it looks like over the top of
Swat team So you’ve got a good example there of what
it’s like over the top of something really pale and what it’s like over a darker colour just look at that rainbow and now i’m going to show you what it looks
like when you put it over the top of Green and Blue These colours are you;ve got Bayside Kiss which is your blue and then we’ve got Picnic in the Park which
is your green all i’m gonna do is clean over these nails so they are completely clean, you want them
to be nice and squeaky clean no oil on there or anything The reason i am showing you over two different
colours is because i want to show you what it looks
like over the top of coloured gel polish and this is how we do it we are gonna use top and base first so i’m gonna do the green first gonna apply top and base over all of the nails you’ve got to make sure you cover all of that
colour you can’t just slap it on and hope for the
best make sure you are covering all of the colour Because this product is the one
that is gonna adhere the holographic chrome powder If you miss a bit say i just went like this oh we’ll just slap it on like that you can see i’ve missed the sides so it would not sit or adhere to that side So if you did a design in the top and base that is exactly what will happen and we will
do that not today I’m gonna do exactly the same on the blue so on this Bayside Kiss were doing exactly
the same So the next stage is to get a lint free pad and i like these ones for doing this technique These paper lint free pads and what you are gonna do, with nothing on the pad just a dry pad you’re gonna remove the sticky layer the reason we use a lint free pad is because if i tried to use cotton wool on
this it would just be covered in little particles
of cotton wool and we don’t want that So we are just dragging off the sticky layer Next stage gonna get your pigment just gonna tap a little bit into the lid then we are gonna use a makeup sponge make up sponge applicator, like for your eyes
shadows and we are just gonna pop some onto there and then we’re gonna start by tapping it over and then we are gonna rub it into the nail You’re not rubbing really hard you’re just gently rubbing over the top which
will sit all of the particles nice and flat Damn that looks good That looks really nice in the green doesn’t
it okay so i’m gonna continue and do this on
all five nails What i’m gonna do now is take a soft make
up brush with no make up on and just dust over, just to remove any of
the excess pigment This is just gonna help it not to stick in
your top coat when you put the top coat on so we are gonna take of the sticky layer on the other hand with the blue on Bayside Kiss We are not using any gel residue wipe off
solution, just a dry lint free pad So we are gonna do exactly the same again just gonna pat it on, and then i’m gonna rub
it in you need the tiniest amount, you don’t need
a lot So you can see that, that’s taken on a bit
of a green colour and that a blue colour what i’m gonna do now is to seal those with
the top and base from the urban graffiti range you could use the mega gloss as well but the reason i’m going to use top and base
is because i’m gonna wipe off the sticky layer which means i’ll also clean all of the skin
at the same time how clever’s that. Does that make sense yeah, even i could understand it So i’m sealing all of this in make sure you go, from the cuticle right to
the tip If you don’t seal any of this, when you come
to wipe it off then you’ll take all of the pigment off aswell and you don’t want that you want it to be all nice and shiny and sparkly Again doing exactly the same on the blue sealing all of that in with the top and base so we are gonna use the gel residue wipe off
solution and i’m gonna wipe over
give it a nice good scrubbing so it’s all nice and clean and you can see how that has just cleaned
all of that excess off the cuticle as well So that’s why i used it gonna do the same on all of the nails so i’m gonna finish those off by popping a
bit of cuticle oil on and we rub that in all around the nail, all
around the finger So that’s your green and lets have a look at the blue so you can see that i does shine through, the colour does so you could put it over the top of any colour
that you wanted to so lets compare them with the black and the
nude a little ring for you, how about that So thats what the holographic looks like over
a nude and then that’s what it looks like over black blue and green so that’s that design finished HoloChrome nails don’t forget to subscribe to this channel by pressing subscribe also press the little
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miss anything and don’t forget to like us on facebook and instagram like like like, share share share See you next time if you were stuck on a desert island, what
three things would you take and why? class, i like that, that’s good iPhone a camel for water a nail file a camel for water? yeah they carry tons of water stick a straw in their hump and a lemon an iPhone and a lemon so i could charge the iPhonein the lemon because you can charge phones from citric
things i’d take a swiss army knif, and iPhone, a
swiss army knife would i find a lemon on the island lemon seeds and apple seeds then you can eat apples and charge your phone fruit seeds so i can grow fruit trees and
i’ll charge me phone hopefully there’ll be bit of wifi knocking
about plant a wifi tree oh that would be good wouldn’t it can you do wifi tress?

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