DIY - Honey and Oatmeal Face mask

DIY – Honey and Oatmeal Face mask

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hi today I'm going to be doing a DIY or how to style video this is a honey and oatmeal facemask so I'm trying to show you it like all other videos we're going to need and then we'll just get straight into it first thing you're gonna need is a quarter cup of oatmeal any kind will do this is a Scottish Pardo's a quarter cup of water just plain tap water is fine two teaspoons of honey um yeah this is Brie then some type of empty containers or things storing facemask in and once it's done and that is it you will need one electrical appliance which is one of these which is a blender of the cruiser food processor that kind of thing this is just to blend up the courage OOP sorry for the banging this is just to blend up the pie dough so that they're not kind of thick and clumpy when you put the face mask on just makes it a little bit more smoother so that's everything you're going to need so let's just get started okay so the first thing you wanna do is just um put your oatmeal into the blender oh not like that try and avoid making a mess um there we go okay and then just turn it on for about Oh No 1 minute okay so that should be enough that's a look yeah that's fine just take it off the thing there we go so it should look like that if you can see it's kind of um just a little bit more fine really so I'm going to just pour that now into a bowl make sure to get all the little nooks and crannies that may get caught so you can turn that off notice we don't need it and to leave it down we can give that a wash later on okay so now we're going to move on to the next step out you want to do is you want to get your quarter cup of water and um-hum go right okay just pour a little bit at a time and to give it a mix so probably pour it in about half of that give it a little mix and pour in the rest you might need a little bit more water actually yeah so I'm going to just get a little bit more water for it another half of a quarter cup you just want to keep mixing it until the mixture becomes gloopy so I think that is getting there now once it's got to this stage you want to add your honey so you want your two M teaspoons teaspoons two teaspoons of honey I just have this Claire honey um you can get honey everywhere so so that's one probably a bit more than one actually and there's two well well that was a heaped tablespoon but trying there we go and then to give that a stir and that honey also loosens up the mixture so it's not as thick there we have it um to be honest with you that is it so now all I'm gonna do is just transfer into a nice clean top and there you have it where are you there we go um your very own homemade face mask okay so I'm just going to show you how you're going to use your face mask once you have it made so the first thing you want to do before you even open the package is you want to wash your face first so let's switch what I'm gonna do okay so once you've done that now it's time to start with your face mask so you just want to open it up and just apply it to your face so I'm going to take into my fingers and just kind of rub it in my fingers together and then just make sure all your hair is tied back because you don't want it's get into your hair and you don't want to get your eyes either oh I'm dropping it everywhere it does get quite messy so you preferably do it over a sink but it smells absolutely delicious okay so now I have the face mask on I'm going to UM wash my hands and I'll leave this on for about 10 to 15 minutes and then we'll come back and wash it off right it's been about 15 minutes since I first put it on my skin does feel a lot tighter and the face mask has dried um so that's a good sign if you don't know like if you left it on for long enough when it goes dry you know that it's time to take it off so I'm just going to wash it off and then it's done really right so there we have it um my skin feels so much smoother now and you should have this maybe once or twice a week and you'll definitely notice some really really good improvements in your skin because the honey in the UM face mask is very good for treating acne so if you have well severe acne I would suggest go into your doctor and they can give you kind of you know medication or something to get rid of it but if you have kind of just a small bit of acne or occasional breakouts or if you just want your skin to kind of um feel a little bit more healthier then this is definitely the way to go and there's no harsh chemicals there's no nothing in there that's going to harm your skin unless of course you're allergic to either oats or honey then I would suggest not doing this um but all in all I think it's a really great product and it cut didn't cost a single penny other than the honey and the oats book there they are two staple ingredients which we usually have in our house anyway but if you don't I mean they don't they're not a lot don't cost a lot of money I know you can get like a huge bag of oats for like less than 50 pence and honey honey can get a bit pricey at times but if you look around you can find a good good deal on it so that's everything really thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you found it informative and good luck in making your own oats and honey face masks bye


  1. Thank you beautiful for this amazing face mask and sharing your Technique period here in 2018 it is still helping me and I am so grateful

  2. great video! i heard that oatmeal is really good for skin so thank u for this video. have a wonderful day☺😊

  3. you can even use milk instead of water… that way you will also  get the added benefits of milk for you skin… thank you

  4. I didn't notice your accent at first, haha.
    Are you Irish? I can't detect accents very well xD
    & by the way, really helpful video ♥ 

  5. If you very lightly spray your measuring spoon with a non stick cooking spray before measuring the honey, it will slide of the soon very easily and does not affect your face.

  6. I love this masker oat n honey skin fell soft,fair n skin is exzema n dry type….i also washing my face with oat n honey.realy good for my skin

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