DIY OPPA MAKEUP [EN cc] แต่งหน้าผู้ชายสไตล์อปป้า

DIY OPPA MAKEUP [EN cc] แต่งหน้าผู้ชายสไตล์อปป้า

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Today I’m gonna transform my friend to Oppa. because I’ve been obsessed with K-series lately. First, I’m gonna use Bioderma’s Sensibio to remove any dirt and oil residue from his face. Next, apply lip mask before makeup. Pucker up your lips to not waste the product. I’m gonna prime his face using this Nivea Men all over except T-zone and nose area to hydrate and extend makeup’s wear. Follow with a pore-minimizing primer on the nose area and T-zone by patting it into the skin Next, I’m going in with the BB cream Blending it to the skin with your fingers Make sure it’s the same shade as the rest of your body. For concealer apply it under the eyes to cover those panda eyes Again, tap it in with your fingers. The warmth of your hand will help in the blending process. His nose bridge between his eyes is quite low, so I’m gonna apply the concealer on that area as well. Powder on top of the concealed area This Beauty and The Beast’s setting spray is a very fine mist. It helps remove the powder look on your skin. For highlighter, I’m using the cream type for more natural effect. It makes the nose bridge look much higher that you can see it from across the street. Don’t forget the cupid’s bow the chin and the cheekbones as well I’m sorry, but the makeup artist didn’t intend to stick out her middle finger like that. lol *Show the glowww* For brows, I’m going in with the deep brown shade You don’t have to draw the shape of the top brow since it will look to girly Just draw the bottom line and blend it up Make sure to powder before this Use a lighter shade for the front part. Next, I’m going in with the clear brow gel It’s super cheap just $1 Make the brows more textured like cockroach’s legs 8D, 9D, whatever Repeat on the other side Remember not to make it look like a girl’s Apply the same brown shade on the crease to contour the eyes Don’t make it too obvious or it’ll look too makeuppy This will create depth on the eyes The model has monolid, so I’ve applied double eyelid tape for a softer look Contour the side of his nose and the tip to make it slimmer Don’t leave any harsh lines You can see the difference This is a technique to make the eyes appear longer like a shadow of your lashes Just like that It’s suitable for this eye shape. Apply a brown liner as close to the lash line as much as possible. Make sure it’s on the lash line. It will accentuate roots of the eyelashes. Wow! he looks better. Next up is bronzer. It will give you the sun-kissed glow, so the skin doesn’t look flat and has more dimension. like that Contour the jawline as well Although he looks so young, he’s actually 24 this year You see the bald? His hairline is too high for this look, so we’re gonna fix it. Apply black eyeshadow on the hairline to create the shadow. If you face the same problem, you can use this technique as well. This is the result. This Nivea’s lip is very moisturizing and not so sticky. Like you have healthy lips. Contour the philtrum for more dimension and under the tip of your nose.


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  6. Este chico si que disfruta su transformación como c sonríe, ohhh sera x la voz chillona :), ya c ve muchioooo mejor solo con lo de la piel y el cabello hacia un lado. Ya lo demás claro es un cambio de 360 grados…todo un artista de k-pop o un actor de doramas.

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  8. She sure is talented, but please stop talking in constant falsetto, try to talk down one pitch or two for everybody's sake. Its unpleasant for the people around you when you speak/scream like that. Saying this out of love <3

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