DIY Pencil Case & Makeup Bag {No Sew & Sew} by ANNEORSHINE

DIY Pencil Case & Makeup Bag {No Sew & Sew} by ANNEORSHINE

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  1. Instead of Shiners, you could use like Ann Les' or something like that. It's more adaptable and personal to your channel. Great video thx. So easy!!!

  2. Wow thankyou so much! This video is very helpful. I am making a pencil case in textiles for school and this gave me so much inspiration thankyou!!

  3. Hi there, for bag no 2 I noticed that you sewed straight over the zip, do you need a special foot on the machine to be able to do that, like a zipper foot?! Or can you just use a normal foot which you'd use for straightforward sewing? Great video by the way with simple instructions Thanks x

  4. I don't have any zippers, is there anything I can use other than zippers or can I cut them off of something else?

  5. Tried the second design as a summer project and was unhappy with results as the bag was far too small for a pencil case and method gave a sloppy finnish.

  6. I did the first one but sewed it instead, and it was so easy and turned out amazing! Thank you for The tutorial❤️

  7. omg ann these pencil cases are so cute!! and they are sooo versatile! these are definitely things that i will try!

  8. so guys jf you see this, last night i was complaining on facebook about not having a nice makeup organizer, well everyone kept telling me to go to wish or the dollar store, i didnt have patients or money so i made my own diy and i was so proud of it that made a video on my channel! if you like this stuff come on over and check it out!

  9. Thanks for the simple instructions! I've never worked with zippers before, and you make it look so easy!

  10. This is such an amazing tutorial! I honestly had no idea that those awesome designs would be so easy to make! This has changed my life 😀

  11. Generally, the term 'you guys' is unpleasant! Way too many people addressing a group use 'You Guys'. Women are not guys. It's demeaning. How-to is fine. Thanks for posting

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