Do’s and Don’ts for Hooded, Downturn or Mature Eye Makeup

Do’s and Don’ts for Hooded, Downturn or Mature Eye Makeup

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  1. Hi everyone, here is a link to my blog where you can find many of my makeup products. We do make a small amount if you get something so thanks so much for that!

  2. Cute doggie. I would extend your brows towards your nose a wee bit. Add some blush and the attention is away from your eyes. Perfect!

  3. This is great having the Do and Don't eyes right next to each other. It's a very graphic lesson and really helpful for those of us who need to figure out how to put on makeup these days. Thank you!

  4. Great video 🙂 You are very fair like me and I am turning 50 in February and have been trying to find tutorials for ultra fair AND mature skin tones and types and there aren't that many out there!! If you search blonde tutorials on YT it's mostly wannabe bottle blondes who are not blonde AT ALL and have no clue what it is like to live with our struggles. My lashes/brows are naturally platinum blonde and hard to see, so I have to dye them, and I also have hooded lids these days and can't go too crazy with the eye makeup anymore so it's nice to have some relatable info online. Obviously you are a Summer and I am a Spring so mauve and purple are not good colors for me, but that's ok!! It's enough just to see your techniques. 🙂 So thanks for sharing your knowledge!!


  6. Does anyone else lose any colour put on the water line? As a teen I always put black there but a few blinks later and it smudged to the lash line.

  7. I can’t do layers. I have triple eyelashes and they get too clumpy. But I do (now) have hoods from a stoke. 🙁 my right eye is more droopy than the left.

  8. I have no clue how u came up into my news feed. but I am SO glad u did.. finally someone who knows what they're doing with make up and doing it for those of us with aged eyes… THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (p.s. I did hit the subscribe button. I dont want to loose u)

  9. HI! I realize this was posted in '17 but hey, I'm nearing the age when this information will be very helpful! I'll be 55 this year and know that our makeup looks need to evolve as we do. Thanks for the great tutorial. I look forward to more!


  11. My philosophy is less is more after 50… Using lighter colors just enough to give you a slant in the crease. Too much. If you’re out in the sunlight this is going to hag a person out…Might work for evening on a boat!

  12. More than the make-up tips, I love your tongue-in-cheek, heaven-may-care humor and ability to laugh . . . at life and yourself! Great tutorial!!

  13. Looks great! I wlll try taking a break between mascara coats. I thought it would get dry/clumpy if you added to dry mascara.

  14. Hate to be negative, all is good about the video BUT the purplish eye shadow simply looks like a bruise. Especially since it's hide-and-seek with eyeshadow with us over-50 folks, please, any color but purplish or reddish for eyeshadow!!

  15. I'm 65 and my lids are so droopy they almost cover my eyes lol. And lashes? When I was younger they were so long they used to get tangled up now, it doesn't look like I have any! I had to go through Chemo and Radiation for the past 6 months so that hasn't helped either. Close to nothing for eyebrows, no hair, just a mess. Thank you for this video, I'm going to try and work on my droopies.

  16. great job, just wish you'd done the brows, that would have been perfect…but the cutenesss factor i can do that as i have one just like that, except he's 12 now…great work…'56 indeed a great year to be born!

  17. Thanks for posting this – I'm 62 myself and was beginning to wonder if I'm doing my make-up correctly now that my eyes are becoming a little more hooded.  As it turns out I'm doing pretty much the same as the "Do" routine anyway, so I'm obviously on the right track. I have never used eyeliner on the "water line" as I do think that it makes your eyes look smaller.  Even way back in the 1960s the main aim was to make your eyes look bigger, as that was considered to be more attractive. [I've never been a fan of the "cat eye" look, so I'm glad to see that it is in the "Don't" category!!]

  18. Good morning! I am 53 years old and I find that my eye makeup techniques that I used for years no longer work for me, so I am happy to have found your video! (I will be watching your other videos too, and I have subscribed.) I have a question: is there a particular reason why you started the eye shadow over the crease, as opposed to the lid? Or is that just a personal preference? I always start with the lid and work my way up – and I have to put my mascara on last, so that any eye shadow that falls onto my lashes gets covered up by mascara. I guess I need to be more conscientious about getting rid of the excess powder in my brush! And I must say, the Cuteness Factor is amazing!

  19. Hi There, I'm starting a blog for 50+ women, and i would like to have you permission to show this video in my blog for mature Dutch women. Mature make up is my first subject and i liked you video most. For you it would be free promotion and for me a perfect chance to find out if there's an audience for a new blog for Dutch older women.

  20. I like your make up, but your right eye is much more droopier also without a make up, so it will look always a little bit more droopy no matter what !!!!!!!!

  21. Absoulutely love your video and so pleased to learn these techniques. I'd stopped wearing eyeshadow for ages but you've inspired me to try again. TFS!

  22. Thanks for this video. I am 54 and have rarely used makeup over the years but as I have gotten into my 50's and now play in a band I feel the need to do a little something to my "look" (whatever that is). Thanks for the video, it helps.

  23. Hi. You were a beautiful model. Great job on the remake but I wonder if you had thought of darkening your brows a bit. Never heard of a waterline before but I've tried brown there and it gets washed away within a half hour. Do you have any tricks for concealing dark circles and dry undereyes? Thanks Heather. I'm 72 and have hooding already bilaterally. Girls at work had it covered under their insurance. I'm staying tuned. Missy

  24. Hey gorgeous lady! Great job. U look like yourself, just enhanced and more vibrant. Less is more, but SOME, goes a long way. So many ladies who are married , older or not in the market for a bf/ husband or lover, just give up on taking pride in their looks. Even without makeup it looks like you care for yourself as in good lifestyle habits. U probably eat well, sleep well and don't stress the small stuff. Glad u didn't use black other than mascara since you are so fair and mature.

  25. I don't really like the disappointed, sad, boohoo thing she does when showing her modeling photo from back then… vs the way she looks now. She was beautiful then and is beautiful now. I've never thought of my age lines as a negative thing. I love my age lines as I turn 62. May I add that I so love how Jane Fonda tells it like it is. Love your lines, love your wrinkles and love your age. I've never been saddened with my lines since every line has a magnificent story written on it.

  26. Loved your video on droopy eyes. I am 75 years old and still wear eye makeup if I go out even to get groceries. I always use brown/beige instead of mauve/pink and if I was going out for an evening I add mauve on top of the brown on the outside corner to brighten things up. I never wear eyeliner at the bottom but I do on the top to open up my eye and I use it like you do and of course mascara is the finishing touch. I will look into using hilighter in the future. Thank you for being down to earth and showing the before and the after.

  27. Love this video. Have I been wrong in putting shadow on before the liner, mascara and brow shadow color? I have been putting the eye shadow on my eyelids first and then applying everything else. Thank you.

  28. Good tips for make up but that irritating whistling soundtrack drove me crazy. Your voice is interesting enough – no need to add a soundtrack. Keep it simple sweetie!

  29. Great info!! Thanks for the tips. I'm 58 so I've been wanting to learn what to do with this new kind of skin LOL

  30. Wow a tutorial that I actually think I can duplicate. I've been struggling with application as I've gotten older (62 YRS OLD NOW) THANKS!

  31. Just seeing this …is over a year ago!! You look Amazing at 61-62…any new tips for maturing eyes …hair ..anything I am all eyes n ears! I am 52 young here!! So it's time to lighten up on my 💄!!

  32. Don't think either eye is flattering!!! You usually do so well but I don't think this is for me.

  33. I'm 54. My eyes have been hooded since I was born. But I get complimants about my "bedroom eyes"😂.
    I never use eye shadow. Will try this. Thank you. You are so cute.

  34. I LOVE watching you, perhaps because you validate the way I do my make-up. I do powder my lashes, curl and mascara with lashes that are naturally long and a big lid. Shadows that can be used wet or dry are a fav of mine and I lay the side of my eyeliner brush at the end of my eyeliner line for a flare. At 62 that gives me a nice "cat". For all the women who say they don't like make-up or using It, they NEED to watch your videos. Always thorough and well done, growing older gracefully, not agefully lolol😙👌
    Make-up at our age makes us look younger, evens out skin tone, our skin looks brighter, and it's a good thing to take pride in the way we look!

  35. Heather, I love your ideas and showing Hurricane, he’s a blast! Keep up the good work. Gina at 56!

  36. Why don't you do a Dua on the other eye because it seems to be put it more. So your right eye seems to be holding more than your left eye. Can you please reverse the makeup look

  37. Hi Heather, it's my first time to see you and your cutie, Hurricane . This is a recent pic. of me at age 74, I'll be 75 in 1&1 half mo. Time sure fly's lol. Enjoyed your video and subscribed . Looking forward to your next vid . You look fantastic and never give up. Give Hurricane a tummy rub for me .

  38. Don't ever pump your mascara bottle! Your pumping air into it and dry it out before it's time. Good technique for hooded eyes!

  39. I like the way you did your hooded eye. We use some of the same colors. I try not to use highlighter where the wrinkles are as they reallly make them stand out. I'm 66 and it a real challenge! haha love me some yorkies, I have 4

  40. Thank you for the tips to improve the looks of a mature eye. I’ve been told pumping mascara dries it out faster.

  41. Great tips! Thank you so much. My eyelashes are so short that doing mascara is almost impossible.😢

  42. “And now a little swoosh” draws in one motion the perfect flick, something I can’t even manage with a stamp-on-eyeliner 😂

  43. I've had hooded eyes my whole life and have never used eyeliner on my upper lids – makes my eyes look smaller and the liner transfers to above the crease.

  44. At age 45, I saw a photo of my face & knew… I had become, too old, for purple. I miss it. It was fun when I was young, it doesn't go well with wrinkles. Stick to Browns. Purple Enhances wrinkles, in a bad way- up close. Im sorry, its Fact. I like the needles, Beauty suffers pain – old saying.63 now.

  45. Any suggestions for colors of eye shadows for dark brown eyes? What is the white stick? Did you apply it right on the below inner lid? I wear contact lenses and that could be a problem.

  46. You are beautiful and I love your cheerful attitude. You have helped to make me feel more positive about my own droopy eyes!

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