Dr. Julian De Silva, London Facial Cosmetic Surgeon discusses his Philosophy and Surgical Techniques

Dr. Julian De Silva, London Facial Cosmetic Surgeon discusses his Philosophy and Surgical Techniques

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My name is
Dr. Julian De Silva. I am a consultant
in facial cosmetics and Oculo-Facial Plastic surgery
in London. My area of expertise is
focused purely on the face. And the 3 commonest procedures
that I perform are; eyelid surgery
also know blepharoplasty, nose reshaping or rhinoplasty, And face and neck lift techniques in addition to others such as
stem cell fat grafting. My expertise extends from over 10 years
working in Central London hospitals, before specializing in purely
facial cosmetic surgery. My experience includes spending
time in the cosmetic centres of Beverly Hills Los Angeles,
Manhattan, New York. And many of the skills
that I use for my patients are customised innovations and surgical techniques
from my time in the US. My focus is very much on
giving patients natural looking results, that means hiding scars
using scarless techniques and wherever possible
generating techniques that result in a rapid
recovery as far as possible. I have won awards and prices
in innovation, in research, in cosmetic surgery excellence, and I am a keen advocate of teaching
and I teach internationally in facial cosmetic
and plastic surgery, and I have authorised
peer review journal got journal articles
and published book chapters. I am keen advocate for teaching
the next generation of surgeons. I would say that 10% to 20%
of the surgery that I do is complex revision surgery on patients
who have had surgery elsewhere. And this requires the use
of complex techniques, equipment and graft tissues
in order to give these patients the
best possible results. I’m very much an advocate in using
the latest in technology to give my patients the best
possible results. An example would be using hidden
scar or telescopic techniques in order to hide incisions,
as well as using techniques such as
fibre and tissue glue that can avoid stitches and
also speed up recovery times. I am very passionate
about what I do. I’m an artist.
I am a sculpture. And I use those skills everyday
and I get a great deal of satisfaction from the patients
that I treat.


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