Dragon Skin Nail using the Bubble Technique

Dragon Skin Nail using the Bubble Technique

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Kirsty: Hi, everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin, and welcome to Naio Nails. Today, I’m going to be doing my favourite, most favourite nail art I have ever done in my life. Kirsty: Okay, maybe that’s exaggeration.
Adam: Because you just mess around that’s why because you get to like be a sort of scientist. Kirsty: Yes, I love to play with products. So yeah, I mean, I love free hands nail art. That’s probably always gonna be, you know, my number one but this technique, I love because it’s so easy and you can do so many things with it. We’re gonna go and do bubbles but like we haven’t done them before. So, we’ve got Vanessa’s nail here, it’s been prepped already. So, we’ve removed the surface shine, we’ve done the cuticle work. I am gonna wipe it over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution because I want to make sure there’s no oils on there because time has passed since I actually prepped it and I don’t want Vanessa’s natural oils to be on there. She could have basically been touching her face. Adam: With her bum.
Kirsty: Or…yeah, she could have been picking her bum, picking her nose and all sorts. Vanessa: You make me out for such a great person. Kirsty: So, we’ve just cleaned that off. We are going to use Sculpting Forms today, we’re not gonna tip. Kirsty: Now, we have quite a wide finger. We’ll just… Kirsty: …have a little look at that. I can’t be one to criticise because if you look at these nails, they’re horrific and this is what anxiety looks like. We’ll talk about that in another video but yeah, please, don’t judge me for my nails. So, I’m gonna pop the tab on the back. I’m gonna close this in because we’re gonna do a ballerina nail. It’s gonna be a short ballerina. You could…might want to call it a coffin if you wanna call it a coffin, and actually, that doesn’t fit too bad. I thought that was actually gonna be really difficult. It fits quite nice, however, I want to relieve the pressure from the skin at the sides. So, right now, I’m gonna put a few snips, which is gonna be here …and here, and those two little cuts will relieve the pressure from the side of Vanessa’s slightly wide finger. Making sure I’m fastening those tabs as close to being perfect as I can. I’m gonna close down to a number two, so it’s nice and narrow. Now, can you see that pressure from the skin at the side is now not pressing on that sculpting form, which is lovely. Let’s just turn your hand over, let’s check if it’s straight. We’re gonna dehydrate with the Nail Prep Dehydrator, and then, we’re gonna use the Ultra Bond Acid Primer, which is my favourite. Kirsty: I like it because…
Adam: It’s smells like bum. Kirsty: It’s got a strange smell. Because it’s an acid primer, it covers everything. So, it doesn’t matter what kind of nail that you get in front of you in the salon, it’s gonna cover, if somebody’s got an oily nail bed or you know, if they… the only thing that you want to be careful is, if somebody walks in and they quite clearly have got sensitive skin, and when you’ve done your client consultation, you’ve done your client card, you’ll have known this. So, if somebody’s gotta hyper sensitive…. hyper-sensitive skin, then you want to use an Acid-free Primer, and that’s the only reason I would use an Acid-free Primer because I just love an Acid Primer because it makes everything stick so well to any nail. So, everybody’s nails are different, but that’s why I love an Acid Primer. But like I say, if somebody’s got hyper-sensitive skin, then go with the acid-free. We’re gonna do a one-bead application. Kirsty: So, you see how I’ve tilted that in…
Adam: Why? Kirsty: …the lid. So, I can really get into the pot and get a nice big bead because I can make more contact with the powder because it’s more level and it’s now a wider surface area. Couldn’t quite think what I was on about there, but yeah, it’s a wider surface area than just being round. Going in with the wet side of the brush, tap, tap, so walk forward three times. Place the bead, tip the finger down, clean the brush. Cleaning the brush makes that brush into the perfect shape. So, you can then get that cuticle area nice and neat. See that gorgeous point at the end of the brush, that’s how, and that’s the perfect shape. And you can see the product just rolling down, and then we can start to straighten out the finger, we don’t need this to go down anymore. And at this point, it’s polymerising. So, wherever I put this product now, it will stay, it won’t move, it won’t run, and now it’s your job to boss around the product and put it exactly where you want it. Aright! So, check the length, I’m good with that. We’re gonna let that set up a little bit and we’ll give it a little bit of a pinch. So, shall we monitor this so you can see? So, it’s nice and shiny at the moment. And Adam will speed this up and we will watch it go matte. Adam: I can already see… Kirsty: Hmm!
Adam: The change. Kirsty: Yeah, see it, it’s changing now. It’s going to like…more like a satin finish, isn’t it at the minute? Still not ready to pinch, too shiny. We’re almost there. So, can you see how it’s going matte now. Gonna touch it and you see when I touch it, I can see my fingerprint. So, do you think it’s too early? It’s too early to pinch. And once I touch it now, I’m not leaving any dents. It’s a little bit floppy at the minute though because it will… it’s a bit spongy and it will move. I’m gonna put the tool here, just so it pinches on the actual nail bed. It’s not touching this very edges, can you see the gap? Yeah, you see the gap there. So, it’s just pinching the part that’s attached to the actual finger, which will set up quicker because of the heat. The heat from the finger will allow the product to polymerise and set quicker. So, we can pinch that part. I can touch and pinch it but it does bounce out a bit, so it’s not quite time to pinch the very tip of it. So, we’re just gonna leave that tool on that part still and just hold the pinch because if you haven’t left the pinching tool on long enough, then the product will want to bounce back out and naturally go flat. So, we’ll hold in the pinch. Now, we can pinch the end. see how it’s holding it more, and you can feel that with your finger as well that it’s sort of holding that shape. So, we get a nice C-curve and it’s all nice and slim, and we’re still gonna pop that back on. So, you wouldn’t do one at a time obviously, but today I’m showing you in greater detail, so we’re just doing one at a time. You would be doing the other nail at this point, you would be putting the acrylic on while that’s doing all that business. You do have to multitask. Shall I say that again? You do have to multitask a little bit. Now we’re gonna test. We’ve got a high-pitched sound throughout the nail we have, so we can now take this sculpting form off. Open the tabs at the back. Gonna give it a little wiggle just to release and then I could come away and down. Take that off. I’ve got a 180-grit file. Let’s get those sides done. Looking down the barrel of the nail so I can actually see the heights of each of those sides, and then we’re gonna come round that cuticle. Work the sides, check the barrel. Then we’re going to… Adam: Blitz it?
Kirsty: Yeah! Kirsty: Contour and marry those sides together so there are perfectly, seamlessly joined and gorgeous contours all of the sexy curves. Check the barrel, do the free edge a little bit more on that side, a little on bit more on this side. I’m filing towards me now because I don’t want file out the apex, as this will stop you from filing the apex. This is not a competition nail, this is a salon nail, so you want it to be as thin as a credit card. You can be ever so slightly thicker if you want, that’s fine, but that’s what you sort of aiming to. You don’t wanna go no thinner than that. That’s the important part. Now, I’m gonna buff. Get that cuticle nice and smooth. Serious Black on all of the nails. Yes, we’re going black. It’s winter time, it’s black like my soul. And we’re gonna bounce back to the cuticle. I’m gonna do two coats of Serious Black. Stratosphere! So, we’re gonna put this on, in like a little slither round the nail and up to this corner. This does not need to be neat, that’s why I love. Pop the magnet over the top, check it and we’re gonna go in the lamp as soon as you can. Kirsty: Ready?
Adam: Don’t say quick to Vanessa. Kirsty: Are you ready?
Vanessa: Once Adam, it happened once. Kirsty: Are you ready?
Vanessa: Yes! Kirsty: Go! And then what we’re gonna do next is, we’re gonna use the matte topcoat and we’re gonna go around the edge of the Cat’s Eye. So, * I will have to put a little bit onto there. So, I’ll pop some down because obviously when I come up near this cuticle area, it’s gonna be difficult to use the brush from the bottle to get nice and close. We’re just gonna use a my brush up there. I’m just gonna cap the edge and pop that in the lamp. Now, I’m going to use Mega Gloss. Now, we can get away with using Mega Gloss on a small section on top of Gel polish, but don’t do a full nail because it will chip and peel. So, we’re gonna use the Mega Gloss to go on top of the Cat Eye and we’re gonna slither. And then in this bottle, I’m have water, dish soap and some Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. We’re going to squeeze. Gonna get the bubbles, squeeze them on. Then we go in the lamp. So, in in the bottle, we’ve sort of got one part dish soap, one part water and about a tablespoon of Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. Now, this soap, this dish soap is… it says it says care something. It’s more for sensitive skin. Then we will need Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on a pad. Bring me that out and we’re going to pop the bubbles, and wipe and we have some Dragon skin. Don’t know why I have to do that…bit So, we’re gonna clean that off. How cool is that? Adam: It sort of looks like, you’ve sort a ripped a bit of the matte black off and that’s what’s underneath.
Kirsty: Yeah! Kirsty: But I’m gonna do this on here and on the thumb as well. So, we’re gonna repeat what we’ve just done. Gonna do the thumb slightly different make them a bit individual. It looks so cool, and don’t be thinking that because we’ve done this bubble effect, that you see these little pockets here, don’t be thinking they don’t have top coat on, they do. It’s just formed in a shape of the bubbles. They are sealed. You haven’t got to put anything on top, we want these to be textured. So, now, I want to add a little bit more. I am going to do full matte on these two because I just love black matte. Looks so nice. Do you know what they need to do? They need to bring back the iPhone and make…the iPhone black, like a really black one and make it matte, matte black. Adam: I’ve just got one.
Kirsty: Matte black iPhone? Adam: You know my 7 Plus?
Kirsty: Yeah. Adam: I’ve just got it delivered today. Kirsty: The
Adam: Like a refurbished one. Kirsty: Yeah because it was dead nice that one, wasn’t it. Adam: Hmm! Cos you had the gloss one.
Kirsty: yeah, I got the gloss one, yeah. Kirsty: But that colour would be so nice, and I was gonna say stupid green one that Adam’s got Adam: It’s very nice!
Kirsty: Pop that in the lamp. Kirsty: So now, what I’m gonna do is, I’m going to use the Urban Graffiti Top Coat. Let’s put a bit of that on. We’re gonna use a small brush, so I’ve got the 0002. We’re gonna go around the edge of our little slither of Dragon skin. This does not need to be super neat. I think that line is too neat. I want to make it like a bit of a wiggle going on. I think it really adds to the effect. And I need this shiny because we’re gonna use some Metallics, and if you put the Metallics onto a matte background they will have a high shine. Cure that. So, we’re gonna use the Silver Metallic. Haven’t got a clue what it’s called. I should know. I sellotaped my tongue. Can you see it? Vanessa: Mmm! Kirsty: Gonna pop that there, and I’m gonna pick it up with my brush, and we’re just gonna go over what we’ve done. You don’t need to worry about it going onto the matte black section too much. The aim is not really to get it onto that Dragon skin. Vanessa: Did I say about the woman in Asda a few weeks ago. Vanessa: I was getting some stuff for Halloween, she’s saying about my nails..
Kirsty: Mm! Vanessa: And I said that you’d.. I can’t remember what she was on about bit I said it was you that did them and she was like Aren’t you lucky. I’m like, ok, wasn’t expecting that. Cool. Kirsty: Thank you. Alright! We want them to dry, so you’re gonna pop them into the lamp to encourage them to dry. So, if we put it straight onto the matte, we’ll get this high shine we’ve got now, we do need to seal it, and we’re gonna go back over. So, we’re going back over what we’ve done to seal. Pop me that in the lamp. And I’ve got Pure Acetone and I’m gonna rub that and that’ll just make sure that any bits that aren’t sealed will actually come off. It kind of sharpen it up a bit. So, you see how some bits here, that little bit there, not sealed, so that just comes off and it kind of sharpens the edge. I am gonna matte them a little. Give them one more coat of matte because as you rub it with the Acetone, you just sort of get rid of it in tiny places. Kirsty: So, if you look at this one, the little spot there.
Adam: Mm-hmm. Adam: So, that’s taking the matte away.
Kirsty: Mm-hmm! Adam: Mmm!
Kirsty: So, you don’t wanna rub it for long because you’ll start to sort of remove the matte top coat. Kirsty: You don’t wanna do that. You need a little brush for this. You don’t want to just put the matte on where those spots are because you’ll still see the edges of the new matte top coat that you’ve put on. Pop me that in. That is so cool! I love it! I am gonna put a bit of bling on these two nails because you know… So, because I’m using the Acrygel… pop my stones on… and it’s a matte nail, it’ll stick really well. It sticks lovely to matte. It doesn’t gonna slide around. See what I mean. And we’re not gonna go too crazy berserk because I don’t want to take away from the design and we also need to go over the top of that with matte top coat. First of all, we’re just gonna move this around and just arrange it so it’s nice and neat. We’re gonna go over the top with the matte top coat. Press that into the gel. Pop me that in the lamp. And you can see that they go back matte and they hold firmly. And then, we’re gonna put some Cuticle Oil on. I’m not gonna drag it over the nail though because I don’t want to take away from that matte effect. Beautiful Cat’s Eye/Dragon Skin Bubble nails. There you are, guys. I hope you enjoy this video. Don’t forget, check us out on Facebook and Instagram and everything I’ve used today will be listed below. If you recreate this design, don’t forget to hashtag us and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye-bye! Smells like Adam’s bum. Adam: You didn’t specify my bum, you’ve just said it smells like bum.
Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: We’ll speed your voice up as well.
Kirsty: No, not my voice. Kirsty: You’re never gonna live that down now because you really made a right mess. Adam: It was funny.
Kirsty: She botched it up once really bad it was on camera. This is the exciting part.


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