Drugstore makeup tutorial: Cheap makeup brands VS high end brands (half face comparison)

Drugstore makeup tutorial: Cheap makeup brands VS high end brands (half face comparison)

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High end? Drug Store? Which side of my face
did I use Chanel on and which side of my face did I use L’oreal on? I bet you can’t
tell the difference. Stay tuned to find out. Hey fashion sisters! I normally use quite
expensive makeup like Dior, Chanel and MAC. Recently I did a huge drugstore haul which
I’ll include the link to below this video because a few of you asked me to use affordable
drugstore makeup in my tutorials. So for my first drugstore makeup tutorial,
I thought I would show you a video doing half my face with expensive high-end makeup and
the other half with drugstore makeup. I even went out and got some cheap makeup brushes
to apply to the drugstore side of my face. So to get started I’m going to prime my
face and for the expensive high end side of my face I’m going to use the MAC prep and
prime skin base visage and for the drugstore side I’m going to use the Nude Magic L’oreal
BB Cream. They’re both illumating. The MAC one is very much like a moisturizer so it’s
very thick and it goes on very smoothly. You rub that in. I’m not going to draw a line
down my face or anything like that I want it to look presentable. And the L’oreal
BB cream, it’s also illuminating but it’s a little more liquidy but quite runny and
it’s got like a different finish to it. It blends in with your skin and it changes
color a little bit. It’s got this smart pigment capture that kind of mimics your skin
tone as well. But it gives you a dewy finish rather than a bright illuminating glow. You
can see the difference. The L’oreal one’s got a little bit of color to it which I actually
quite like. I do find the MAC, it can be a little bit too glittery during the day.
For foundation, for the expensive high-end side of my face I’m going to use my Chanel
Lift Lumiere Foundation. I’m in number 30 which is cendre and I’m going to apply that
today with my MAC 195 flat foundation brush. I also use an Urban Decay Optical blurring
brush for my foundation application. Today I also bought a cheap Urban Beauty United
foundation brush. So I wanted to show you the difference with the same finish on the
brushes because they do different things. So I’m just gonna pop a little bit of foundation
on the back of my hand, just one pump and I’m just gonna apply outwards from my nose.
This is a really light weight foundation, it’s great for everday. It’s not a long
wear so I wouldn’t wear it to like, a wedding or anything like that or going out dancing.
I’d normally wear MAC studio fix because it lasts really long and photographs really
well. I like using a flat brush foundation for more of a medium heavy coverage. I find
that the round brush goes on more smoothly, more of a natural finish, looks a little bit
more softer than caking it on with a flat brush but out properly and pat it in as well.
For the drugstore side of my face I’m going to use the L’oreal Nude Magic Foundation.
You gotta give it a shake before you open it just to mix it all in. It is a really good
foundation. I am loving it for a drugstore foundation, it is just a little bit runny
but it’s very workable. I need a tissue, you just see if I turn my hand you’ll just
see it’s just dripped down but it’s water-based and it’s really fresh and it’s almost
like you have no makeup on. I’m loving it for a drugstore makeup. I’m going to use
the Urban Beauty United Foundation brush. It’s a cheap brush, it’s number 20. So
I’m just also gonna apply that over my nose, outwards. And this foundation it just glides
right on. I’m loving it, it’s like an everyday “I’m not wearing makeup” makeup
which I will do on my “no makeup” makeup video as well. I am finding this brush just
a little bit harder to blend with I feel it’s like it’s patting it on. It’s not really
like pushing it into my skin. So you just have to work it in a little bit longer, that’s
all it’s not a really big deal breaker. The bristles are really flexible too so you
can actually work it in really fast. So it does
look like L’oreal foundation is a little
bit too dark for me and it’s not. I actually always think that this Chanel foundation which
I bought, which I wanted a really natural foundation just for the days when I want to
look like I’m not wearing makeup, I think the Department Store’s lighting are so bright
that they color matched me wrong. I think I should be a bit darker in Chanel. But still
this does work on me, I think you can tell the difference especially on my forehead the
L’oreal might look a little bit darker but it’s not.
So Chanel, L’oreal, very similar on my face. The consistency is just a little bit different
but they are both made in France and I think the French really know what they’re doing
when it comes to makeup. Well anything really, perfume, pastries.
So for concealer, I’m going to use the Dior Nude concealer on my high-end expensive side.
I’m just going to pop a bit on the back of my hand and apply that with my MAC 286
brush. So just dab a little bit on the tip of the brush and then just make a triangle
underneath my eye just like that. I might take a little bit more and just dab it in
the middle and I’m just gonna blend it all in, in circular motions. I like this Dior
concealer it works really well with the Chanel concealer. I just wanted to try a different
concealer. I like to sometimes buy concealer that goes with the foundation, I do that with
my MAC products, and I also had a Dior foundation as well that’s why I think I ended up buying
the Chanel concealer because I think I may have already have had it. But I just kept
buying it because I really like it. It’s nude, it’s almost like you’re not wearing
anything. And for the drugstore side of my face I’m
going to use the Rimmel wake me up concealer. It is an anti-fatigue effect and radiant glow.
I always get sold on these things, I love that whole “wake me up effect”. Who doesn’t
love to look awake? So I’m just gonna apply that at the tip of the wand. I’m just gonna
dot it donw, press it down while I’m doing it and then put a couple of spots in the middle,
and right down here as well. I didn’t get a cheap concealer brush, I bought some sponges.
I got some (?) sponges, and I’m just gonna pat that in and buff it out which actually
works out a little bit when you’ve got dark circles. I did a video of getting rid of dark
circles under your eyes, so patting it in really gets the concealer to grab on your
skin more. Blending it in is just a softer more natural effect.
Now I’m going to set my foundation and concealer in with powder and on my high-end side, I’m
going to use my Dior Skin Loose Powder, I’m 002 which is transparent medium. I’m just
going to keep a little bit on the lid and just apply that with my MAC 150 brush. And
for the drugstore side of my face I’m going to use the L’oreal Nude Magic BB powder.
This has up to 8 hour matte complexion. So yeah, basically it lasts 8 hours. I only got
a kabuki brush from Urban Beauty United. You can still apply powder with it if you want.
It’s good for like liquid powdery foundations but you can still apply powder with it, some
people don’t. But you can work with any brush, really so I’m just putting that.
For blush, I’m going to use my Dior blush in Rose which is number 939, it’s my absolute
favorite color and I think they stopped making it. I’m going to apply that with an angled
brush from MAC which is number 168. So I’m just gonna run that down my cheek bones and
then a little bit with the apples on my cheeks. I’m just going with my signature look today.
My neutral natural makeup. And for the drugstore side of my face I’m going to use the Bourjois
number 34 in golden rose. I’m not a huge fan of this blush. It smells like really bad
perfume it almost gives me a headache but it does work really well so I’m gonna with
the Beauty united angled blush brush, it’s number 11 and I’m just gonna apply that
the same way. So just up my cheek bones. Yeah, the smell is just really off-putting for me.
I love that it’s got a bit of gold to it and it just gives you that, a little bit of
sun-kissed kind of look, a little bit of extra glow. I actually look like I have more makeup
on this side of my face than I do on the other side. It is really highly pigmented. I think
I may have put a little bit too much on, so I’ll be right back as soon as I fix that.
So I’m back and I fixed that, and I also put a little bit more blush on my high-end
side because I didn’t put enough on before. And now I’m gonna do my eyebrows. I didn’t
get a matte brown eyeshadow from the drugstore so I’m just gonna do my eyebrows as I normally
would using my MAC matte eyeshadow in Espresso and my Angled Urban Decay perversion brush.
So on to eyeshadow now I’m going to prime my eyes. I couldn’t actually find a cheap
drugstore eyeshadow primer so if you do know one, please leave a comment below and do let
me know, I’d love to try it out. But I’m going to use my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
Potion. I think Urban Decay is actually quite well priced. I actually got two of these online
because I had like a two for one deal. So I paid $20 for two. This one’s the anti-aging
one, which still, you know is fine you can use it. I probably do need anti-aging with
all my fine lines, but they do the job. So, going to prime my eyes with the eyeshadow
primer potion. Just popping a bit on my fingers and rubbing them together and then just going
over my eyes. So for the high-end side of my eyeshadow,
I’m going to use my Urban Decay Naked Palette and I’m just going to use my MAC 227 brush
and I’m just going to take a bit of the color Naked, which is the third one here.
I’m then gonna take my MAC 217 brush and the color Sidecar. I’m just going to put
that through my crease. I’m also just gonna take a really dark color and I’m going to
use dark horse which is this one here and I’m gonna take my MAC 213 brush and just
a little bit on the outer corner of my eye and underneath as well. And also just take
my MAC 217 brush again and just blend that in a little bit.
So for the drugstore eyeshadow, I’m going to use the Rimmel glam eyes quad. This is
really good, it’s 002 smokey. If you’re not confident putting on eyeshadow, you can
just see here, they’ve got little instructions on the back. Maybelline do this as well, most
of the brands do so just check because you can kind of get a guide of what colors go
where. So I’m just going to take the first color. I’m just gonna take this color here
and I’m going to use an applicator that I got from the United Beauty brands and I’m
just gonna pat that across my eye. I sometimes like using these applicators to put the base
on because you can really like get that on if you want a bit of a heavier look. And I’m
gonna use just the smaller side of the applicator and I’m going to take the gold color here
and I’m just gonna put a little bit to my crease, just kind of dab that on, and then
I’m gonna take my United Beauty brand brush and just blend that in a little bit. Just
an eyeshadow brush, it’s number 30. So you can see applying an applicator and then just
using a brush you just get a little bit of extra definition. So I’m also using the
smaller tip of the applicator again and I’m taking the darkest color on the palette and
just applying that to the outer corner of my eye. Just a little bit roughly because
I’m going to blend that in with a brush. Underneath as well, a little bit and then
again, taking that eyeshadow brush. So for mascara, for my high-end side I’m
going to use my Dior show Mascara. This is probably my favorite high-end brand mascara.
I’ve been using it for years since it came out and I’ve just never found anything better.
Even MAC don’t do anything better I think. I’ve used all of MAC’s mascara, they’re
great, but I just have a long love of Dior. So for my drugstore mascara I did buy two
drugstore mascaras. I got the Max Factor one which is a two step process and I also got
the Maybelline one by one. I am loving the Maybelline one by one for everyday, it’s
in a brownish-black color so it’s not black. I use it everyday just for like, normal makeup.
To show you something similar to the Dior, it’s the Max Factor Excess Volume and it’s
a two step process and I’m going to use that today because they’re very similar.
The only thing I don’t love about this, is it’s really hard to get off. I use Dermalogica
precleanser to take off my makeup off which is an oil and I even struggle with that. It
kind of really grabs on to your lashes, it’s not a waterproof mascara so I just find it
a little bit difficult to get off but it still does a really good job. So you start with
step one, you apply the extreme volume first. But you can see already it’s got a similar
effect with the Dior. And then on step two you’ve got the dark lacquer. So you can
see that it’s even more dramatic than the Dior show. The Dior Show, I use this sometimes
like during the day, I even use this at night I just put more on when I’m doing a smokey
eye but this is a really good dupe for that. And now for lipstick. I don’t have lipsticks
that are the same color in a high-end and a drugstore so I’m just gonna use drugstore
lipstick today. I’m going to use Maybelline Color Sensational in Pink pop. I’m actually
going to make it pop even more just by putting on a little bit of concealer on my lips so
I’m using the Rimmel Wake Me Up. I’m just gonna pop a little bit on the back of my hand
and then dab some on my pinky and then just dab it on my lips. It’s just a little bit
you don’t need to cake it on. You just kind of like want to take the pinky redness off
your lips and create a base for the color to like pop. So pink, it just looks so good
with the concealer, so I’m just gonna let that kind of set for a second, I think that’s
good. So that was my high-end expensive makeup versus
drugstore affordable makeup look. As you can see, the quality isn’t really that much
different. You can’t even tell which side is cheap and which side is the expensive.
I think L’oreal is a really affordable makeup and you can definitely use that as the base
of your foundation and things like that and you can go with a really cheap mascara and
eyeshadow and lipsticks. The lipstick I’m using today Maybelline, it reminds me so much
of the MAC lipsticks and it’s really close the one Nicki Minaj had on with MAC. I wear
it and I feel like I’m just becoming Nicki Minaj.


  1. I really want to try the loreal.. Many youtubers love that foundation.. By the way hope you know how much you inspire me on fashion and makeup.. I would feel happy if you could check my channel please and show some support! ♥♡♥

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    I preferred the lower end side…and I don't even use cheap makeup. D:

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  5. I think both sides look good and quite similar. though there is something more appealing about the left side:the bronzer is stronger and gives color to the cheek. the right side seems to be more a natural/everyday look. I love the eyes on the right side . so basically I'd wear both looks because they are both beautiful.

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