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Omg!!! Where is this? Why is it so hot? Who are you? Why do you cry? Who are you? I do not know you Do you tend to say that I don’t know you, get away from me right? That sentence is so boring! Any video you say like that Let you know, I’m a fairy Why do you cry? Really? Why do you look so young? *whisper* Looking at her very suspicious Today’s fairy must be different from the past. Because of young people just like to look a beautiful fairy But why do not you answer my question Huhu, I am so sad. Every summer my oily skin is very bad, always glossy looks very ugly Not only the oily face but the skin also gets pimples, pores expand Although I was careful skin care, even I do it more than the Emmi who is a beauty blogger But somehow my skin is still bad, huhu Do not cry, let me help you! Do not forget to click the subscribe button for Happy Skin channel And join a giveaway to gain a special gift that price is 100 million Now, let’s get started! Suggested summer skin care procedure which helps reduce oil shine and pore clogged How does your skin change in the summer? Recently, Emmi have some Korean and Japanese friends visited Vietnam And they could not stand the weather very hot and humid of Vietnam Even the Vietnamese cannot stand it Both dry and oily skin will have problems in this weather Oily skin will produce a lot of oil during summer Because when the weather is hot Sebaceous gland will work harder Then more oils are produced Leading to clogged pores and acnes Especially for who has thick layer skincare and unclean skin And the dry skin is no better than oily skin It would not be dry and peeling as the winter but still have many problems such as lack of moisture Due to different reasons such as Sunlight, exfoliate, swimming, lack of water Another obsessions of every skin type is that Sunburn, discolor, darken, pigmented skin Or even may have skin cancer Skincare mistakes in summer See? Summer is not as great as you think The first mistake we often make is that We wash our face too much We have a lot of sweat and oil during summer But don’t wash your face too much Or you will lower your natural skin moisture Making your skin drier, more sensitive and acnes In the summer, you should only wash your face twice a day At the morning and evening You can use facial cleanser for deep clean If your skin is too dirty and oily at midday You can use Micellar water to clean up By doing this Your skin would be clean without dehydration or dry Moreover, the oily skin should bring Oil absorbing sheets to deal with the oily face Emmi has a trick That is using high quality cotton makeup remover to replace oil absorbent paper Or you can use oil control powder, translucent powder The second mistake is not to use sunscreen sufficiently as recommended by a dermatologist We have to use a quantity of sunscreen equivalent to 2mg/cm2 That means you need a quarter of a teaspoon of sunscreen However, Emmi thinks that the size of a person’s face varies, so the amount of sunscreen needed varies. Moreover, no one will take the spoon to measure the amount of sunscreen needed for each time using So the way Emmi measures the amount of sunscreen needed for the first time to use and not know the dosage Emmi will use the index finger to measure the amount of sunscreen needed In the following uses, Emmi only needs to estimate the amount of sunscreen as above Not need to put sunscreen on the index finger like the first time People make a mistake when using sunscreen that is you often go to the sun right after applying sunscreen But you do not know a rule that no matter what kind of sunscreen We should wait after applying sunscreen for 20-30 minutes To sunscreen can penetrate and effectively work on the skin to fight UV rays when we go out For pure physical sunscreen, Emmi also has to wait 5-7 minutes before going to the sun Because this helps the sunscreen fixed on the skin and avoiding smudged, melted when going out in the hot weather Another mistake is that many people use foundation, cushion or cream containing SPF to replace sunscreen Omg, please do not do that!!! This will make the skin more prone to freckles and burns Because we will never use enough foundation, cushion, and cream to get enough SPF printed on the packaging The last mistake is that many people think that because the hot weather makes skin darker and more oily So they think they needed to exfoliate more than normal And the trend of using AHA, BHA to exfoliate is still hot However, our skin can not be exfoliated too often We should only use products with low levels of AHA, BHA for deep cleansing If using the product which dedicated to exfoliating, we should only use 1-2 times a week for physical exfoliating And use 1-3 times a week for chemical exfoliating with the level BHA (1-2%) and AHA (4-10%) We must always listen to and understand our skin, see what the skin condition is and how specific needed is Minimalist skin care process After a long talk, we finally return to the main theme of today’s video That is how to skin care simple but effective for summer Emmi’s skincare tips for summer is deep cleansing, moisturizing just sufficient and careful sun protection Besides, depending on the condition, needs of the skin That we should adjust the texture, the number of products used And the ingredient which should be contained to suitable for summer Having said so many times but Emmi still have to remind that it is not forgetting to remove makeup and sunscreen There is no note in this step, if you are using a suitable product then you can continue However Emmi has the adjustment that only the day has full face make up, Emmi will use cleansing oil For the day Emmi just use only sunscreen, Emmi likes to use micellar water to refresh and soothe skin The most important is still the manipulation Whatever the type of cleansing product, it should also be done properly and thoroughly on the face Do not miss any area, especially the T area After cleansing, we will go to the washing step In summer, Emmi likes to use foaming cleanser to deep cleansing the pores Especially the products contain Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid It will make we feel like we are cleaning each pore on the face Suggesting some cleanser with AHA / BHA for oily skin For dry skin, we can refer to some cleansers which has little foam, gel or milk formula Suggesting some cleanser for dry skin And we are often advised to do not use cleansers with a pH of 7 or higher To avoid losing the skin’s natural moisturizer that makes the skin more drier, flakier and more irritating. However, according to Emmi, pH is just one of the determinants of cleanser quality We need to look at what constituents of the surfactant are, whether have moisturizing and foaming or not And whether the product is deep clean or not Do not use strong surfactant cleansers such as Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate So, even if your cleanser has a pH of more than 7 but it contains natural ingredients Such as Myristic Acid, Potassium Cocoate, or Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate And this product have some desiccants and moisturizers like Glycerin, Squalen, vegetable oils and vitamin E Then if you wash your face with these products, you will not feel tight and uncomfortable But note that after cleansing 3 minutes later we should moisturize immediately Exfoliation is very important as removing and cleansing But in the summer, we often make mistakes as emmi said it is exfoliating too often We should be gentle with the skin because if the skin is damaged, it will increase the sensitivity to UV rays Suggesting some gentle chemical exfolitating Suggesting some peeling gel exfolitating If you are too lazy, can use the peeling pads for convenience In summer should use clay mask to help cleanse, purify the skin to help fresh skin Not all clay types are the same, for example Kaolin is suitable for almost skin types, especially sensitive skin But Bentonite is suitable for oily skin because it have very good oil absorption properties And Bentonite is derived from volcanic ash If you have acne and oily skin, you can use green clay. And if you have sensitive skin and want to detox for your skin, you can use pink clay Some typical clay types that you can refer to use White Clay (Kaolin) Bentonite Clay Green Clay Mask Pink Clay Mask If your skin is too dry, too sensitive and do not like to feel tight when using clay mask You can use activated carbon mask. It can help detox, purify the skin, deep cleanse but mild and less irritating Suggesting some carbon masks We can not skip the moisture step although summer is really humid And we can use some products which help brightening to avoid dark skin In winter, Emmi likes to use a lot of layers in daily skincare, but in summer, Emmi often minimizes my routine And prefers uses products with 2 in 1 function, can both moisturize and have whitening skin ingredients Such as Retinol, Vitamin C, Azelaic Acid, Arbutin and Niacinamide And do not forget to prioritize the use of lightweight texture products to avoid clogging the pores There are a lot of inboxes asking Emmi if there are any products that can whitening but have prices below 500k Frankly, Emmi rarely uses low-priced whitening products But because of your requests, Emmi also tried to find, buy and use new products to introduce to you Finally, Emmi found a whitening product that Emmi very satisfied This is Za True White Essence Lotion This product can both moisturize and whiten skin Especially, this product was introduced using 4MSK technology. That is proprietary technology of Shiseido It inhibits the production of melanin by blocking the action of the enzyme tyrosinase And remove melanin to reduce the pigmentation of dark spots and acne scars Evaluation of the ingredient, Emmi also see other whiten components Such as Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP) This is the most potent inhibitor of tyrosinase among the derivatives of vitamin C The product also contains extracts of white Lily and pearl to whiten skin And the product also contains some good moisturize component such as vitamin E, Betadine and Butylene Glycol The product has clear white color, liquid but slightly viscous texture and has small scrubs When applying, lotion quickly absorbed on the skin, not sticky, dry skin surface but still moist enough Although the product contains alcohol, the smell is very mild and does not cause discomfort After a period of use, Emmi very fond of this product because the smell is very light And the product help my skin moist enough and brightening my skin tone Do you know? Some days are too lazy to skincare so E only uses this lotion, using 2-3 layers As a result, in the morning the skin is still moist enough, without oil Do you believe Emmi can use a bottle of 150ml lotion only during 2-3 months is run out of? Because Emmi uses a lot of layer for each time use And the product also have a resonable prize, 335.000VND/150ml So you can comfortably use the face, neck, and arms without over-thinking about money Suggesting some whitening products After using serum in night routine, we should use a layer of cream has gel and milk formula, should be very thin and light Suggesting some moisture cream suitable for summer Oily skin Dry skin This is my skincare tips in summer, Sandwich skincare method! This method means that between each layer we will use a mineral spray to moist a surface Why did we do that? Because when your skin moist enough, skincare products will absorb more effective Especially, when we use AHA/BHA, we have to wait 10-15 mins to absorb and apply next layer This causes the skin to dry out and the next layer will not absorb effectively So Emmi will use spray mist to keep moisture for skin And after that, Emmi will use essence or cream If you want DIY to use some available products such as lotion, essence You can buy a empty spray to extract these products use the same as the mineral spray If you like DIY, you can mix toner, lotion and essence with pure water or bottle water at a ratio of 1: 1 or 2:1 Depending on the density of the product. We will use a spray to moist a surface between each layer About sun protection, Emmi will not say much more because he made a lot of video on this topic Please take a look at the previous video on this topic in Happy Skin channel Emmi just want to share my experience about changing the type of sunscreen products in summer Or adjust the way using sunscreen products For example, Emmi used to use Biore Kids products, but this summer Emmi can not use that products anymore Because after 1-2 hours of use, my face is spilled oil, although using oil absorption, the surface is still shiny The feeling of stickiness is very unpleasant And the next example is the product of NoTS, Emmi loves to use this product in winter, it is perfect for dry weather And in summer this product is still work, can control oil But because there is highly moisture, when using this product in morning, Emmi must skip the step cream If your skin too much oil, you should change and use pure physical products like Sempre Before using sunscreen, we should prioritize the use of serum with antioxidants Such as vitamin C, vitamin E, polyphenols, lycopene, beta-carotene, green tea and grapeseed oil To provide maximum protection against UV rays and neutralize free radicals The video is over and E has a small gift for my subs This is a travel set includes a cute mirror and a travel size skincare set of Za This set has a essence lotion that Emmi has reviewed Sorry it’s not full size but travel size still enough to try If you like it, you can buy a full size with reasonable prize The rule is really simple. You just need to click the Subscribe button for HappySkin And comment the last 3 digits of your phone number Results will be announced after 1 week and see you in the next videos! XOXO


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