Earthquake Recovery Christchurch, New Zealand Rebuilding After Earthquake

Earthquake Recovery Christchurch, New Zealand Rebuilding After Earthquake

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rebuilding after Earthquake creative rebuilding in Christchurch New Zealand after the earthquake earthquake preparedness how to reuse building supplies hi it’s AlaskaGranny I’m in Christchurch
New Zealand and is just amazing to see the devastation in the central business
district their blocks and blocks of devastated buildings and areas and what
they’ve done is created these space fillers gap fillers so they’ve taken
here a double-decker bus and turn it into a chocolate shop they’ve taken a
shipping container and turned it into a little store look there’s even a little
outdoor sink then over here they’ve taken just some of the leftovers from
the fallen down buildings and they’ve made little tiny shops and offices
they’re just adorable and they’ve done all this because of their resources
their resourcefulness their ingenuity and their creative ability to see
positively forward and rebuild their city and make it the best it can be
again and here’s a little memorial shrine they’ve built is wonderful over
here they have a pallet pavilion and they have a community garden and little
coffee shop it’s just amazing to see what the power of positive thinking and
the reusing the resources that you have can build things after devastation and
make your life be good again let’s try to remember these things in our own
lives so we have a positive outlook and think about what we can do no matter
what happens to make sure we’re all going to be okay have a wonderful day learn more at
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