EASY 3D Pop Eye SFX Halloween Makeup Tutorial | SMASHINBEAUTY

EASY 3D Pop Eye SFX Halloween Makeup Tutorial | SMASHINBEAUTY

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on Hi guys, today I’m going to be showing you how to do you this eye which is like an eye-popping out I don’t Know if you can see it but it is 3d is popping out you’re going to see how it looks I know that this look is already
around ooooon like around the internet they have like a
face paint like many people have done and I’ve always really loved
this kinda like some ripped out my eye but you know what thing was I also okay
you know I’M not into face paint and everyone that follows my channel does know I’m not crazy about face paint it was a cool look and I really wanted
to recreate it but wanted to take it to that next level and
make a 3d so horny guys that do like this and if
you do, don’t forget to LIKE subscribe and now college game tutorial and all
its just gonna be smashinbeauty.com contact them longer be opening fall fox fine details
LET’S GO I wanted to show you how to delete the
e-mail opt out make it to trial may be taking speak up
and I’m going to you quiet where you want the II be some around here take your finger and
they have it like that until the past tacky all cotton ball media smaller than the
cotton ball what area this is where my eyes going to be now 38 million latex am going to be applying own little bit
over peacock call and I’m going to be a fine just a little
bit around how and then and I had already wrapped up a
few of my tissues make sure that the edges are not straight months to be extremely
uneven supply over like that and just push it
out been up to lose the ball say and but if I love them are lugar low-tech find I K and how did you
handle a really good latex a nerve tissue gesture and build it up
until you want two things that you want and that you’re going into stop and let
it dry and make sure to apply then-mayor
offsetting car over that mean you are happy with your outage heck kind is almost done so that
eliminated as talking to car adhere to well this is try I’m going to be are not been trying this
right here as here my eye socket have been reptile you don’t draw the entire socket well going to be drawing fake socket
reasonably people lacking this there it does not have to be any hi he calls it don’t having I thank you know your sockets missing I time you go to the state I by foundation
on the center of the call do not do that justify the
foundation shade a rather cotton ball just a blank and
the other latex hi don’t have to be in the economy doing something house around there later
I’m just make sure that this fight as white as possible now going to be taking my Sigma beauty
Asha ass and I’m going to be taking this right
here share it here which is mocha am going to
be applying it right on the lower part right there just
Empire Records I’ll iPad their shadowing be ready 3 I but i wanna give it all more shadow Sanders gonna share a pillow hope that perry also it looks even more
crucially am going to be taking I’m corrupt from a
cookie its eight black I shall the same had to
rush sleeping at up and just flying here
right there not the entire way justice let cool all-star possible just so there’s
like a really a color very well all right now to be
taking I are CMA whites I’ll cream foundation and I’m going to be
applying here on this entire heart right there affect
set on fire foundation to it because it’s going to be harder to
painted later true why and there you go back but it looks like
so hard alright I’m done with that I’m going to be big enough by Bandai
operatic cream foundation feeling too precious of relief and face
paint brush it’s called actually it’s across russia
number one and would be using my small island
Russian e10 from Sigma and see that you need really then I’m
brushes here and then where you gonna do is you’re
going to be trying like nervous like friend lives like their
blood vessels and so on to start slowly Mike making a little
room right here around make sure you fill in all the
nooks and crannies four continue onto the century I’m gonna
finish her and I’m going to be making this a
balloon I just because it’s going to look past I’m going to be using my ballooned by cream foundation pat on the back of a
hassle back I have a half three times and we’re going to be our using a little
bit of black for shading at all in a minute a bite is
red and the black my hands you want to make I along ask
realistic as possible a sense this does require some creative
skills it’s very important that you do have
some very same brush s the same IP eat at this time doin there
are better I think cautious I like Island
russia’s like news cathy’s crap precious and then search to replace the white
cream foundation is like to be making asshole 388 believe it works great the last thing he just liked the one
color now to take a smaller brush which is this is what you doin but it’s a
little bit think I’ve got smaller and shorter and I’m going to be is trying black you in the eye so that is the idea that the best you
can and the last thing is like om actually had to have it shattering on
line 32 why have to be taking a little bit the
yellow and I’m going to be mixing it with fight now listen to register and get
something I support skin tone color and I’m just gonna
shadow right there circuit on it mark-up 3d
effect and reusing I am that same treasury is a
loving mom am going to be dry and the blood vessels
Sol me using e10 down China and now I’m going to be taking a little
bit of black mixing it with the red because you feel
hot like a sure black when I get my car purplish track
you and we’re going to be again shadowing to complete this look fully if you
wanted to be a little bit Mike morning this you can take fake
blood and it could take the cake but have just I really love when it goes
like really 3d as you can see the state lot
is really like thick and sticky to be using this fresh air here it’s one of my arm
face a russia’s now the beer flying this my Kloss answer area want to look chunky because yeah just your eyes couple and now the last touch if the blood find very Lake liquidity polite but not
too much because they’re it is going to run I’m
gonna be applying it close Ron here because you do what this to look 3d you also want to know that by to
continue down so it looks like humiliating us yes I’m of they hell that’s it I’ll it three it’s really cool and tell your friends
crazy for this when they see it gonna be the coolest thing part this how
he thank you guys for Washington to
subscribe like share this Video at make sure to check out my web sites
nationally to Comber all the details are what ideas at I will
see you very soon to open it to check out my channel %ah to say is Fridays and Sundays all
the way up until Halloween that we go back to two times a week I


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  8. HI GUYS! THANKS FOR WATCHING! I LIKE THAT MOST OF YOU FIND THIS EDUCATIONAL VIDEO SCARY AND REALISTIC! However, I am slightly agitated that some people still do not read the description box or my comments below concerning the BLUE EYE COLOR. Please read before leaving the same comment, as 100 people have commented before you, "It would look a little more real if you did your actual eye color". I have no problem with the comment, however, it also means that you are not part of the community chat and are not reading the infobox. Please read comments, communicate with each other, read my infobox and go to my website for more details. Thank you! CHECK OUT MY OTHER TUTORIALS.

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